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    Just a pervy feedee 🐷
    Former fit girl and professional submissive 😈
    Started gaining from 115lbs (5'6", BMI 18.2) 🤰🏼

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  1. Hey guys 👋🏻 super excited to announce Phase 2 of My Gain: the Thickening 🍑❤️🤰🏼It’s been really helpful to take a break from gaining the last couple months, and I am ready and excited to gain more! I’ll be doing my initial weigh in and measurements on Saturday! 🥳 

    1. >_< 0_0

      >_< 0_0

      There’s a phase two!? What is your final form!?

    2. Hulkedout


      Haha! You crazy girl! 

    3. extra_m13


      yes, great times ! thanks for sharing

    4. drpop


      I cant wait to hear and see more. take care.

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