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  1. I’m guessing a lot less because you are short but I might be missing something. 234lbs
  2. BBW island, a brief introduction Hey, This is my first go at this. It’s a series of short stories that are all set on an island after a plane crash lands. The plane was heading from London to LA and was carrying the contestants of a BBW beauty pageant and their significant others and fans and a few members of staff. . . The main characters are a young married couple. The wife has known that the husband was into Feederism for quite some time and after an accidental gain of a few lbs and seeing her husbands reaction she decided to become a feedee for a short time. She took a plus size modelling contract in London and it was through her modelling agency that she was sponsored to enter a light weight category of the beauty pageant. She has got really into Feederism and enjoys the whole experience but for the last couple of months she has tried to maintain her weight and not gain any more. You will meet other characters in the stories but for now that’s all you need to know. ;-) BBW island part 3, chapter 1 (Leila) Niall Warner was sat two rows behind Nicola and Mark. Accompanying his bbw model and former escort girlfriend Leila. Niall was an wealthy property developer from London and a celeb within the BBW community. He had brought a BBW night twice a month to his nightclub in Soho, and was very honest about preferring bigger women. His relationship with Leila was at this time less well documented. She was naturally gorgeous and despite this had had a huge amount of plastic surgery. Most notably 3 Brazilian butt lifts. Niall had been a former client of hers and had fallen in love. Neither one of the couple really knew wether he had fallen in love with her or her body but both were having a lot of fun in the relationship and weren’t questioning things. When they met Leila was 247lbs and had had just 2 of her surgeries. Her first butt lift and breast implants. She was tall at 5ft 10 and carried her weight evenly before her operation. With it she transferred 20lbs of fat from her belly to her already plump booty, she had since gained 20lbs and more back to her belly. She immediately left her job as a bar lady at Niall’s club and looked for work as a model. Things did not go as she had hoped, she made less money as a model then she had as a bar lady. She mostly had work promoting night clubs and cheap lingerie. The feedback was always the same, she was very pretty but was too lightweight for BBW modelling and far too fat for non BBW modelling. Her booty was her best feature but with B cup boobs not many photographers were interested in shooting her from the front. She had always had a BBW bimbo body type in her mind, she’d loved the look of fake boobs, big lips and big butts from young age and had that look as her goal. She had never wanted to be slim and although she hated having any belly fat she preferred the thicker thighs and ass that came with a few extra pounds. She’d been over the moon with the results of her butt lift but just 2 months on she was failing as a model and planning her next ‘upgrade’ but how to get the funds. She had cut herself off from her friends when she left the bar job. She didn’t want to admit that the dream life she left the job for wasn’t hers yet. She wasn’t active on any of her personal social media accounts and her business accounts looked like every other ‘model’s’ hundreds of similar pictures taken from behind of her enlarged ass and thick thighs, cellulite air brushed out. The occasional picture existed of her contorted in such a way to show her face in the same shot. There was no doubt she looked really good, but she wanted to look out of this world, like no other girl. She began to comfort eat, the belly that had been stripped of all its fat was coming back. The thighs thickened a little which she enjoyed but her belly really bugged her. She had it covered in every picture, airbrushed out when possible and covered with high waisted lingerie, shorts, or even a sports jumper tied across the waist. At her lowest ebb she turned to the only solution available. Escort agents specialising in BBW women were very popular in London at this time. She received messages almost everyday on her business Instagram account and premium snap chat all of them advertising £100k pa salaries. She finally, in her eyes caved. She began to search for the right company. Without knowing it she was reunited with Niall’s employment. He was a major shareholder in ‘Gloria’s BBW escorting’. A side venture that brought Niall very little profit but a lot of enjoyment. They had never met at this point and wouldn’t do for several months. He wasn’t always that hands on in the inner workings of his business ventures especially those that didn’t bring in huge amounts of cash. Leila thought she would hate the job. Although it wasn’t her dream job by any means, she did have a lot of good experiences and there was a certain element of it that she really enjoyed. Being the center of attention for that whole night, the object of desire, she felt in control, strangely in control. There was a calmness about the whole proceedings. She insisted on meeting in public and having a focal point to the date. She had to be wined and dined first. They would chat at length, and she never felt she had to go beyond that point if she didn’t want to. She wore a corset full time, for all her escort work and for what modelling work she managed to get on the side, providing the job permitted. She was eating out with clients 5 times a week and was continuing to gain as she did when she was comfort eating. Her thighs now matched her surgically enhanced booty although more and more cellulite was needed to be photoshopped out of her pictures. She didn’t care. In a corset and a thong she looked great she thought. She was eating nice food, meeting a lot of cool people and most importantly getting paid. Within a year she had saved enough money for both breast implants and a second butt lift. She wanted to go as big as possible in both areas and get rid of her now quite prominent party belly. She attended an appointment in a London clinic but was disappointed that they wouldn’t do the operations. “The biggest that any UK company that I know of will go for your first operation is 500ccs and no one here will transfer 20lbs of fat a second time in a butt lift” the doctor told her. She began to look abroad. She was eventually put in touch with Dr Periea through Mia, an enhanced Brazilian model that Leila chatted to online. Through broken english Mia disclosed a lift of her surgeries, what she paid and the doctor’s number. She rang him right away. He spoke perfect English, explained the whole procedure and booked her in. Leila was going to Brazil, and coming back with a whole new look. She was so excited. She made the arrangements and booked a 3 week trip to Brazil. She didn’t want to waste anytime. The consultation was booked for the first day, just 2 hours after she landed. She would follow it with back to back operations, 2 weeks of after care and a week of showing off her body on the beach. When she met Dr Periea he was the same friendly informative man that she’d spoke to on the phone. She explained her dream to him. Painting the picture of a BBW bimbo. Dr Periea nodded along like this was a regular request. Leila was the first women who had ever wanted to go this big with his surgery and he was excited. At the end of the consultation he priced it all up. £58,000 in British money, it was nearly double Leila’s budget. Leila told him she couldn’t the procedures, her excitement turned to disappointment. Dr Periea thought long and hard. If we do it off the books, out of hours and skimp on some of the aftercare I could do it for £45,000. Leila still couldn’t afford it. “What about one procedure but I agree to get the second one done in a few months?” Leila counter offered. Dr Periea nodded. “Where do we start? Breasts or butt?” He propositioned. BBW island Part 4 chapter 2 (Leila and the Churros) She decided to sleep on the issue. Did she want the enormous fake boobs that would undoubtedly kick start her failing career as a model or did she want to rid herself of her ever growing gut and have all the fat poured into her ass. It was a tough decision. Her mind was racing as she left the surgery. It was 11AM and 34degrees centigrade. She felt overdressed in her dark green maxi dress and sandals. The surgery was down an alleyway just one road from the beach. She decided to cut through into the beach and walk that way back to the hotel. As she hit the beach she began to feel more and more overdressed. Men in shorts or Speedos peacocking with muscles half flexed and nearly every girl in a thong bikini. As she gazed around at dozens of bubble butts in the skimpiest of swim wear she wondered how many had had surgery. In London she often had the biggest booty wherever she was, here she felt average. She had almost decided that she needed to go bigger when she got to the hotel. ‘I’ll take the butt lift I think’ she thought to herself as she smoothed her dress over her plump behind in the elevator. She let her hands travel up her hips and onto her A cup chest, she squeezed her puffy little boobs together to create a tiny amount of cleavage, “you’ll have to wait” she spoke allowed. She had packed one bikini, it was from a photoshoot advertising a strip night at a night club in Birmingham. She never intended to wear it again, but the excitement for her holiday ahead and a confidence inherited from all the ladies she’d just witness gave her what she needed to delve into her back and find the outfit. She unzipped her dress and slid out in front of a full length mirror her belly sat over her waistband and she sucked it in as soon as she saw it. She’d eaten chocolate and sweets all the way in the aeroplane. Figuring and fat gained now would be transferred to her booty anyway. That was several hours ago now, her belly was empty and easy to suck in. Her stomach gurgled, she felt the hunger pains now as if aggravated by her trying to hide it. She threw the AA bright yellow boob tube over her head and wiggled her flabby arms through the Lycra. She stretched it over her chubby chest and let it hug her tight. Her puffy nipples stretched the material just a little, it was one size too small now. She bent over towards the mirror pinned in against the coffee table looking straight down the line of her torso at were she wished her cleavage was. She pulled her panties over her big butt and looked down, bent at 90degrees from the waist her pump belly completely covered her naked pussy, there was no sucking it in. She felt fat and in this moment she felt disgusting. She stepped one foot after another into her matching yellow thong, the Lycra gripping on to her thighs as the passed, coming to a complete halt jammed against the dimpled fat of her ass. She wiggled and fought with it. Exposing her freshly shaven pussy lips to the mirror as she leaned back. The material made it over the widest part of her enlarged ass and came to rest deep in her muffin top. Her belly sat a little above her pussy now. Standing tall in front of the mirror her waist band was hidden but below a yellow triangle of Lycra barely hid the outline of her lips. Leila looked quite good she thought. Could she really leave the apartment like this? She could maybe tie a towel Around her belly she thought ‘but then it would cover my booty too’. She’d had the same convo with every photographer for 6months. How do I show off my booty best without the world seeing my fat belly. She needed the confidence that alcohol gave her. When she was out for dinner with clients it was always the same. One large glass of wine with dinner and one large glass of wine with desert. At that point with a sugar high from the desert she’d consumed and the confidence that came with being tipsy she was ready for anything. She attacked the mini bar. She found a bottle of wine wine, screwed off the cap and drank half the bottle in one go. She returned the cap and replaced the bottle in the mini bar. As she touched up her make up she felt the wine hit. “Let’s go” she virtually screamed out loud. She grabbed her bag in one clean swoop and flew from the room. She dived into the lift without anyone seeing her. She was on the 4th floor and needed to evade 3 floors as she descended to the ground floor and out onto the safety of the beach. 4 to 3, 3 to 2, then 1…. the lift came to a stop. In stepped a grey haired gentleman in his early 50s with the body of a 25yo, thin grey chest hair covering a male model’s physique. He was holding hands with a young lady less than half his age. Leila folded her hands over her belly and backed her ass into the back of the lift with a soft bump. The girl was stunning. She possessed the type of body that Leila would have died for. Her breast implants must be in excess of 2000ccs she thought, the reef of flowers below a mutilated belly button and above a light pink micro bikini no doubt concealing a tummy tuck. Her thighs were far thicker than Leila’s rubbing against each other as she took a confident step towards Leila. As she turned to face the front of the elevator Leila gasped out loud. Leila’s eyes followed the tiny band of pink string that transverse the girls narrow waist line and dived into what must be in excess of 65inches of over enlarged bronzed booty meat. The girl turned her head at the gasp and caught Leila looking. She looked to Leila’s flat chest, then her gut then smirked. The lift doors opened and Leila stood still, contemplating going back to the room. The girl’s gaze kept Leila’s preventing her from watching her perfect behind walk away. The doors began to close and Leila jutted out a hand stopping them. She regained a little confidence and existed the lift. Marching past a crowded reception not caring who was starring. Within a few meters she was on the beach and trying to lose herself in amongst the other Brazilian butt lifts. She stopped holding her belly in and let it wobble a little, safe in the knowledge no one was looking. Gripped with hunger she stopped in her tracks. Could she smell donuts? She looked around and saw an unmarked white van. The outline of a vest clad athletic looking man visible behind the van’s counter in front of a chrome machine. Donuts had played a big part in how quickly Leila had regained her belly weight and she knew it was her weakness. Despite this and the self loathing she had felt for how big she had let herself become she was drawn to the smell like a moth to a flame. She drew close her eyes catching those of the salesman. She looked away to the small sign next to the man……. ‘Churros!!!!’ She mouthed the word “Churros” and then “oh my god”. She’d forgotten they were even Brazilian. She’d eaten them in a world food market back in London. She’d been on a first date with her ex and had after trying one returned for more. Several minutes later the sugar rush flowing through her veins she was riding him in a public toilet. The memory was interrupted by the mans soft voice, perfect English projected though what was Leila thought a very sexy accent. “And how many can I get you?” He asked, “one please” her nervous reply. He laughed, “nobody has one” he looked down at her belly. She automatically folded her arms across it, then she realised it wasn’t the judgemental look she’d revived from the bimbo in the lift. This couldn’t be lust though. As he waited for her to reply she unfolded her arms and looked at the board, she had already memorised its content but wanted to allow him the freedom to look at her body without being caught. She quickly looked back and startled him, his eyes were buried in her gut, she know men well enough to see that he liked what he saw. Leila smiled at him giving the approval he needed to remove the guilt of being caught. “I’ll have 5” she said softly. “You can have 5, but you’ll be back for more” he threatened playfully. The creamy donut dough slid out of the machine and he laid them out next to each other on a white plastic board. Each one 7inches in length with a narrow girth. He dropped them into hot oil with a flick of his wrist, the oil adding calories to the delicious snack. Leila felt her pussy becoming wet, as if drooling at the thought of the feast, her mind taken back to her last encounter with Churros. The man had his broad muscular back turned to Leila, carefully wiping the remaining mixture from the tip of the nozzle. “How did you know I was English” she suddenly asked, her voice cracking the tense silence. “I didn’t know you were English but I could tell you weren’t Brazilian, you have such a pale complexion” Leila looked insulted. He added, “I prefer a pale complexion” she felt like she should be offended anyway, but she wasn’t. She watched him work he was still setting up and looked busy, Leila had been his first customer of the day. With another swish of his skilled had he fished all 5 Churros out of the oil and into a paper bag. Now much thicker and swollen, he penetrated each in turn with a second pump, the machine delivering a thick viscous milk chocolate into the center of each snack. The long thin treats transformed into thick filling rolls of batter and chocolate. Leila felt an electric static move through her body, she was more horny than she’d ever been. Watching this man work had got her so wound up. He insisted she try them in front of him. She raised the paper bag to her mouth, one Churros extended beyond the rest. She tested the temperature with her bottom lip then satisfied it had cooled enough she opened her lips wide and pushed 2/3rds of it deep into her mouth, withdrawing it a little seductively and let her teeth break the batter and the chocolate squirt onto her tongue and fill her mouth. She giggled as she chewed. “Yummy”. A figure cut in front of Leila and broke their gaze. The salesman took the order and turned his back. Leila walked a few steps to a bench and sat facing away from the Churros van towards the sea and greedily tucked into her loot. Now that she wasn’t being watched she ate quickly stuffing each mouthful in before she finished the last. Without knowing she had taken 2000kcal into her stomach and only half filled it. She sighed as the sugar hit her. She started at the remaining nub of batter and chocolate, her hands sticky and brown with yummy goo. She remembered his words. She stood up with the remains of the feast in her hand and turned back to the van. His business in full flow he had 3 customers waiting in front of him and a basket full of Churros bubbling away in the oil. The customers parted to let her make her second order of the day. She dropped the last morsel into her mouth and approached the counter a large dollop of chocolate flowed from the paper in her hand as she took it from her lips. It missed her top, and sailed down, caught above the sand by her protruding belly. She stood in front of her brand new crush, grubby hands and a swollen chocolate belly. “I’m back” she chirped flirtatiously through a smile. “5 more”. He smiled back “give me 2 minutes”. He hurriedly served his existing customers and they all vanished. He turned back to her and held out a paper towel, thrusting it toward her. Leila looked confused as she took it. He pointed at her flabby belly. As she looked down her heart sank, a huge splodge of chocolate stained her pale white overstuffed gut. She looked up as she wiped it wishing the ground would swallow her up. Again she caught a lustful stare, a stare normally reserved for her booty. Her confidence returned but before she could speak. “I’m Davide” “Leila” she replied as she stuck out a sticky hand. “My sister takes over at 2pm, would you like to take a walk on the beach with me then?”. She nodded enthusiastically then stopped herself “I’ll see you then Davide”. She took her second helping and left giving him the most perfect view of her fat ass as she walked away…. BBW island part 5, Chapter 3 (a very x-rated end to Leila’s introduction) Leila found a good spot halfway between the Churros stand and the sea and immediately buried her overfilled belly and underdeveloped chest into the soft warm sand. She arched her back a little to flaunt her creamy white lightly dimpled unnaturally round booty to anyone who cared to look. She held her phone in front of her and scrolled through social media searching for inspiration for her own holiday post. She had unknowingly consumed 4000kcal of fat and sugar and her body was in the process of storing it as body fat. She was high on sugar and felt a little groggy. The clock on her phone said 1pm, she set an alarm for 1:55pm and drifted into a sugar induced sleep. She had been laying in a slither of shade formed by the side of a lifeguard tower. Within minutes of her drifting off the shade had grown as the sun moved across the sky. She slept in relative darkness preserving her plump pale tanless body. Her alarm woke her on time and she rose with ease. The sugar high vanished and her belly a little less swollen. She felt enormously fat but far less groggy and excited to meet with Davide. She walked slowly but with purpose knowing she had 5minutes to complete a 1 minute journey. Davide was stood at the front of the van speaking to a short round figure. As Leila draw closer she was able to explore the figure with her eyes. The round heavily tanned body belonged to a girl in her late teens. She had thick thighs, wide hips but a modest protrusion from her butt, clad in tight shorts not by intention but severely outgrown. The waistband was not even nearly visible, the most enormous belly hung over it. The belly broke the thin material of her vest top 4 inches above her waist line and forced it’s golden brown swollen bulk out of the vest prematurely, and engulfed the first 2 inches of her neon pink shorts. Leila thought her pregnant for a moment until she transferred her weight from one leg to the other as she spoke to Davide, the movement sent a cascade through her torso, a blubbery wave followed. Satisfied that Leila was suitably grossed out by the enormous mess of a belly she had been staring at for far longer than she should Leila moved her eyes past the Chubby poorly endowed chest and caught the girl’s facial features. She was gorgeous, such a pretty thing Leila thought. What a shame she had let herself swell to this size. She must be Davide’s best customer. She remembered how Davide had looked at her own belly when they had met earlier, as strange as it seemed maybe this was what he enjoyed in a woman. Maybe Davide had got his timings wrong and had allowed her to bump into his girlfriend by mistake. She briefly thought about turning round and taking her fat ass back to the sea front, but instead she sped up. She stopped a few meters away from the pair and waited her turn. Davide acknowledged her presence shamelessly. Leila relaxed, he wasn’t trying to deceive anyone. The girl gave her a small smile but even this small offering lit up her gorgeous features superbly. She had long dark brown hair and wide eyes, a hint of eyeshadow and tinted blusher softening her golden brown complexion, thin dark eyebrows framing her face, whenever she glanced at the sand beneath her chubby toes a double chin broke her jawline, the rest of the time she was a perfect beauty Leila thought. “Hey Leila” Davide shouted, “come and meet my sister, Maria” the relief was plainly visible and noted by both Brazilians. Leila put her hand out, the girl swerved it and gave Leila a huge hug. Their Bellies met long before the girl’s arms had wrapped around Leila’s back. Leila allowed herself to be lost in the corpulent mass. “Pleased to meet you” the girl said in friendly but carefully thought out English. Davide spoke to her in Portuguese and the girl disappeared into the van with a wave and a bouncy trot, seemingly unembarrassed by how much her torso wobbled as she moved. “Where would you like to go?” Davide asked. Never one for sightseeing Leila paused for a minute. Leila never liked to beat around the bush and her directness often got her in trouble but it was a policy she seldom broke. “Back to mine” she proposed “I have a mini bar”. Davide nodded excitedly, the forward invitation took him off guard. Without thinking her stole his hand into hers and turned her to the direction she had come from when he had first laid eyes on her. His sister smiled at the pair from across the counter as she began to deal her first Churros of the day to the queue in front of her. Leila hadn’t been on a date outside of her escort work for over a year. After letting so many men frequent her body for a living she rarely lusted for it outside of work. She had always been a difficult girl to satisfy. The thrill of the chase aroused her immensely. She enjoyed being the focus of a mans attention, she liked to be lusted over, she loved having a mans hands all over her modified body, but when it came time to thrust inside her almost every man had let her down. This excluded her first. She was young when she had had sex for the first time and her much older boyfriend had stretched her painfully as he had broken her in. The kiss of pain and pleasure had triggered a lifelong obsession with being stretched open, over filled and left gaping and broken. She had been the only one to make herself cum ever since that first sexual relationship. She owned the biggest dildos on the market and had masterbated all too regularly for many years. She loved being lusted over but she banked those feelings and gave herself the pleasure she needed in the privacy of her own bedroom, bathroom, public restroom, or even a taxi one or two times. It was an addiction that had all but ruined her dating life. Yet for some reason she craved sex now more than she ever had. She stood very close to Davide her fleshy hip against his starting at their body’s in the elevator mirror. Her stomach perpetually sucked in giving her an extra inch of height with it. She thought they made a good couple. Her eyes spending little time focusing on Davide, choosing to bounce off 2 mirrors and focus on her own butt in the self obsessed way she existed. Davide’s gaze did the same thing but having surveyed her bubble butt thoroughly for the second time that day he let his eyes rest on her gut. She was sucking it in he thought to himself. She had looked much fatter earlier. She flung open the mini bar and let Davide take a look as she laid back on the bed. Davide immediately grabbed the huge bottle of Yop. A calorific yoghurt drink that he knew went really well with rum. He opened the lid and poured in 50cl of rum. He swilled it slowly and passed it to Leila, opting for a beer himself. She looked surprised that he had chosen her drink for her but she enjoyed the control her exerted over her. Milkshakes were the second biggest reason she struggled with her weight after donuts, ‘he knows my weaknesses’ she mused to herself. Leila desired the alcohol in her system and didn’t wish to delay the consumption and extend the small talk. She tipped her head back and drank huge gulps at a time. Davide matched her pace with his beer. Within a few minutes they had both finished. Leila dropped the empty vessel in the bin having deposited the calories in her overfed stomach. She felt tipsy and full and not for the first time today. She ripped her outgrown AA cup top over her head exposing her plump fatty boobs, her puffy nipples and with it removing any doubt in Davide’s mind that he would get to fuck the drunk bimbofied tourist today. He leaped to attention and grabbed her in his arms. Leila thought that she would allow him to explore her body however he liked but she needed to cum. She would make him watch her fist herself she decided, surely he would enjoy that. After she came he could do as he wished with her, why would she care. But as he squeeze his hands into her fatty butt she felt the outline of an enormous cock forced down his right hand side perhaps breaking the line of his left leg. Surely he could be this big though. Leila changed tactics, she took control and raced to find out if it was true. Her pussy drenched itself in anticipation, she undid his trousers as he removed his shirt. She unveiled 12 inches of meat only semi erect, the girth of his beer bottle. Leila couldn’t believe her eyes. She had to see him erect. She swallowed his cock in one. The tip almost meeting her stomach and the creamy contents that was being turned into fat. No one had ever treated it this way. He was often turned down for being to big and those that tried to suck or fuck often failed. As soon as the erection filled her throat Leila slid her lips off his cock and rocked back to sit on her heels kneeling on the floor her belly sat on the sprawled flab of her thighs admiring her view. She rolled over, got into all 4s on the bed and after dragging her thong over the meat of her ass offered her pussy to him. He entered her much more cautiously than he needed to. With little resistance he realised he could go deeper and deeper. He stretched her open as he entered. He forced the inside of vagina up against the wall of her stomach and that up again her abdominal muscles from inside. The muscles strained and bulged into the flabby fat that covered them. Leila let her huge gut hang, never had she felt so full. Davide pushes all the way inside, a brand new concept for him. His thighs kissed Leila’s butt with each thrust, he had always had to stop a few inches short. It was a fantastic way to make the acquaintance of such a large amount of sculpted booty fat. He went faster and faster. Pleasure turned to pain and back again for Leila. Davide’s hands spent just moments on her ass then he delved them into her gut. He felt through the soft doughy fat and found the outside his cock was making through the distended stomach wall. This drove both of them to ecstasy. Leila came first, very hard, lubricating herself for him to finally break her, too exhausted to fight he did the damage as he too came hard. Filling her with seamen than falling exhausted onto the flabby crash mat her body had made for him. Leila thought about this moment every day, every time Niall fucked her and every time she masterbated in front of him
  3. Nicola often felt lethargic after such a large sugary meal and the 3400kcal had knocked her out completely. They almost always had the most sexual of erotic encounters with her in this trance like euphoric state. Almost unconsciously first until she felt his thick hard cock inside her or his tongue flick across her clit. The acts bringing her to life and gifting her the energy to ride him cowgirl or reverse letting Mark view her growing body from either angle as he loved to. She’d never wanted to be this big but now that she was she conceded that the sex was out of this world. Fatty sugary foods had become erotic to her and she couldn’t so much as smell a fresh donut without getting enormously horny. The lights on the plane dimmed as Nicola slept. A little tipsy, uncomfortably full, and in desperate need of sex. Beads of sweat fell down her soft face. Pooling above her plump protruding lips for a second then accelerating over them down her chin, throat and disappearing between her cleavage. Mark watched this happen several times then just forgot to take his eyes back off her cleavage. The had been entirely flat chested when they met. She wore a UK B cup but he felt an A cup would have done. She had now crept up to a C, and he’d noticed that was tight. She had one symmetrical vein that ran across each breast. Thick and blue against a backdrop of firm pale skin. He pictured that is was supplying fat to her chest. Converting the last meal to juicy breast meat to push her up to a D cup. Mark hid his erection with the in flight food tray even though he himself had eaten nothing. Nicola had a gift for digesting huge meals very quickly and Marked wondered if he could feed her again before they landed. The thought was too much, he now fully erect had to think of something else to remove the erection, desperately not wanting to be caught like this in public. He closed his eyes and drifted off. The 2 of them sleeping peacefully but so tightly strung and longing for sex their sleep marred. Nicola awoke first. Her stomach sore from the earlier stuffing but she didn’t feel stuffed now. She straightened her dress over her plump belly. She needed to use the facilities. She was still tipsy from the Baileys and she looked across at the half full bottle next to Mark, she knew that and the 1200kcal it contained would soon be hers. She sighed, acceptingly. She couldn’t deny to her self that she wanted it. Food and sex were synonymous now when she was this horny she shared Mark’s passion for feederism. She wanted to be stuffed full again, and she desperately wanted to ride his cock. She stood up she slid her 48inch booty into the isle and began to wiggle and wobble her way down. The weight of her pale cellulite covered plump butt traveling left and right in her skin tight now almost see through white dress. She exposed all of her cellulite to every row of the plane. The only entertainment for 150 or so fat admirers. She felt the gaze of these eyes and ran her hands over her booty. Pretending to straighten her skirt but in fact checking for length self consciously. ‘Let them look’ she said to herself, at least in this company they were looks of affection and lust not judgement and disgust. She knocked on the door and entered. She stepped in to the cramped room. Stealing her body away from the onlookers. As aeroplane bathrooms go this one was really nice, but as always very small. She sorted herself out then stood facing the mirror. The full length mirror adjacent to the door looked very strange in such a small room. She turned and looked at her figure. 3 years ago she remembered feeling self conscious in a UK size 8 wedding dress. She’d gained 60lbs since then and if anything she felt slightly less self conscious. Worries about the small amount of cellulite she’d always had turned into erotic pride over the dimpled flabby fat thighs and ass she now possessed. She knew the sight of which could get her anything from Mark. Not least his thick cock deep inside her. She hitched her skirt up a bit and tried to get a look at her enormous booty. Even pressed against the opposite wall she couldn’t fit both of her wide hips into the frame. She backed her ass up a little closer to the mirror and lent forward. Her plump belly sat on her thighs. She drifted her hand over it and into her thong. Met by soaking wet cotton and plump pussy lips she instantly found her clit and doubled up her fat ass almost touching the mirror in the tiny cubicle she began to masterbate. She had come close to orgasm a few times when she got too tired to stand like this anymore. She wished her belly was still stuffed full, the sugar high would have made an orgasm come much quicker. Why didn’t she just become a full time feedee she thought. A life of food and sex really appealed right now. She decided to try seated. As she sat down, the material of her dress rolled up at the widest part of her booty, stretched the full 48inches ‘RRRRRIIIIIPPPPPP’ “oh my god” she said out loud. Her need to cum vanished. She rolled her skirt down. The hem remained intact but everything below her waist had torn wide open. The tear was along the seem and exposed a huge oval hole exposing the line of her tight red thong which itself cut into the fat of her hip all the way down her thigh chubby thigh. She starred at her self in the mirror searching for what to do next.
  4. Hey, This is my first go at this. It's a series of short stories that are all set on an island after a plane crash lands. The plane was heading from London to LA and was carrying the contestants of a BBW beauty pageant and their significant others and fans and a few members of staff. . . The main characters are a young married couple. The wife has known that the husband was into Feederism for quite some time and after an accidental gain of a few lbs and seeing her husbands reaction she decided to become a feedee for a short time. She took a plus size modelling contract in London and it was through her modelling agency that she was sponsored to enter a light weight category of the beauty pageant. She has got really into Feederism and enjoys the whole experience but for the last couple of months she has tried to maintain her weight and not gain any more. You will meet other characters in the stories but for now that's all you need to know. ;-) . Part 2 follows this post . Part 1 can be found further back on the forum, I’ll link it in the comments.
  5. Hotpoison

    Weight update 2

    Well done, really proud of you. Have 11 Eclairs on me to celebrate.
  6. thabk you. i dont think i can edit a reply to go in ans break it up though. think we are stuck with it in it's current form.
  7. just wrote my first story.  go check it out. 

  8. part 1 - aeroplane food . . Hand in hand Nicola turned to Mark, "I'm so nervous". He squeezed her hand "don't be, you'll do great, and it doesn't matter where you finish, I know you are the sexiest girl in the world". "It's not that, it's just all these girls have done this for years and are so confident. What if they are all so much bigger than me too?" They reach a check in point and hand over the bags to the assistant. Mark continues the conversation in a whisper "how much did you weigh this morning?" The focus on her weight and sizes bothered Nicola some times but now was not one of those times, this was what this week was all about. "183lbs babe" she reeled off. "We are so close to 200 babe, it's a nicer number don't you think". "Stop it" Nicola giggled "I'm too fat already". The assistant obviously heard a little of the conversation and gave them a strange look as she handed over the paperwork. They were on time and walked briskly towards their gate. Mark pushed further "so you started at 131lbs didn't you?" Nicola nodded as she scanned for their gate. "So that's a 52lb gain in 4months?" Nicola nodded again "it's a lot babe" she replied. "But just 17lbs more, it's not that much. We've come this far". "We'll talk on the plane, let's find the gate" Nicola said dismissively. Mark pointed ahead "we're going the right way" he said confidently. "How do you know?" She probed. Mark gesticulated at the lady in front, as wide as 2 of Nicola, tightly packed into an elasticated pair of jeans. She was holding hands with a tall slim guy making their way at a slow and steady pace towards their gate. "She isn't in your category" Mark joked with his regular dry whit Nicola smiled at him, "I know...... I do hope there are some girls my size though". "If not you'll just have to double in weight in the next 3 days" Mark joked again. Nicola smiled at him but was never 100% sure if Mark's ambitions would be to help her get that big or not. For her she couldn't imaging being that big. The came to a stop, the line of people rich with chubby, fat, bbw, and ssbbws. Their boyfriends and husbands a tapestry different body types. Nicola noted that there was a lot of skinny guys and a few muscular guys like her own Mark, there were a few fat guys too - perhaps mutual gainers. As the line came to a halt she plucked up the courage to chat to the lady in front. "Hey, are you going to LA too?" An obvious question but an ice breaker never the less. "Yes, for the pageant?" the lady replied stating she was attending and asking Nicola if she was in the same breath. She was much younger than Nicola imagined whilst she was watching her enormous hips traveling from side to side moments earlier, a very pretty girl too. "Yes, that's us too" Nicola replied. Mark let the two of them get to know each other whilst he checked into social media on his phone and busied himself with the device. They were soon ushered into the plane. Nicola prayed they would be seated near the couple she now knew as Julie and Max but alas she had to watch Julie's enormous hips squeeze through what is for most people a really spacious isle through a medium sized business class carriage. Mark hasn't sat in business class before and was very pleased with their seats for the next 6hours. Nicola worked in the travel industry and had a little more experience but was still very appreciative. Nicola had felt self conscious in her outfit all the way on their journey across London. She would never normally dress in something so revealing but Mark insisted she would be in good company and it was forecast to be hot on their arrival. He was right, as girls sat down and began to take of jumpers and jackets Nicola started to feel almost over dressed. Hot pants, crop tops, mini skirts, and summer dresses. Cleavage and bellies everywhere. She couldn't believe her eyes, Nicola looked around the carriage, checking out the competition. Relived that there were a small number of girls her size. Mark tried to ignore all of the fat girls who's body types he had worshiped for as long as he could remember. A slim stewardess took to the front for the safety briefing. She has never felt so tiny as she did in front of this audience. The briefing finished and she began reading from a piece of paper. "As contestants of this years body positive big beautiful women's pageant I am proud to announce that we have upgraded the food options of your meals on this flight. Please note that this only applies to those carrying contestant ID. The first meal will be served as soon as we are airborne. You will get a double cheese burger and chips which is 1200kcal and the option of a milkshake for a further 900kcals. A huge roar came from the carriage, a popular decision from all. Nicola turned to Mark and instantly knew she wasn't allowed to order the healthy option. She told herself she would go for a jog when they landed and just needed to try and keep the calories down over the week. As long as she didn't go above 190lbs she could get back down when they got home. The plane shuddered and she caught Mark staring at the flabby thighs wobbling as the plane juddered. She let the vibrations take her skirt up a bit and watched her own legs wobble. For a moment she felt huge, she took her eyes up for a second and the fleshy silk covered butt overhanging the seat of the girl in front put her own figure back in perspective. Her white dress was now at least a size too small, her cellulite covered booty clearly visible through the dress when she stood up and mesmerising when she walked the thong line visible also where it cut through her chubby love handles. Nicola's belly has stayed pretty flat for much of her gain but the last 15 pounds had made her develop a cute beginner belly. Her boobs were chubby at best, she has gained Bert little weight there this year but they both still appreciated the lightly fuller look. The food arrived as soon as the plane settled in the sky. The harmony of 80 seat belts unlocking ready for expanding bellies was an eager sound. Nicola was very hungry at this point. Ever since she started gaining her appetite was harder to control. She dived Into the burger as did row upon row of hungry fat girls. Mark was in heaven. He watched Nicola's plump lips engulf fattening bite after bite. She deliberately ate how he liked to watch. Gobbling the food up greedily in a manner she normally saved for their bedroom feeds. It was liberating to eat like this in public. The burger and chips would have been enough but she knew she would have to eat the milkshake. Mark slid her hand under her food tray and onto her flabby thighs. She took the straw in her lips and sucked hard. The seem of her dress pulled tight and cut into her expanded belly. She hoped it wouldn't split and she dragged the remains of the shake up out of her cup. As the duty free passed them Mark purchased a bottle of Bailey and Nicola new it wasn't for him. She also knew it was 2600kcalories per bottle. "I can't drink it all on here" Mark didn't say anything but refilled her milkshake cup with around 350ml of the thick creamy liquor. As she swilled it around it curdled slightly and became dimpled. It looked a lot like how she felt the fat would have looked on her legs and booty underneath the skin. The dimpled cellulite breaking up the thick creamy white fat that she'd added to her frame. She felt herself getting turned on as she gulped down a large portion of alcohol and another 1300kcals. She slowly drifted off to sleep 3400kcals in her engorged belly and her thong wet through from the eroticism of the whole experience.
  9. Hey, This is my first go at this. It's a series of short stories that are all set on an island after a plane crash lands. The plane was heading from London to LA and was carrying the contestants of a BBW beauty pageant and their significant others and fans and a few members of staff. . . The main characters are a young married couple. The wife has known that the husband was into Feederism for quite some time and after an accidental gain of a few lbs and seeing her husbands reaction she decided to become a feedee for a short time. She took a plus size modelling contract in London and it was through her modelling agency that she was sponsored to enter a light weight category of the beauty pageant. She has got really into Feederism and enjoys the whole experience but for the last couple of months she has tried to maintain her weight and not gain any more. You will meet other characters in the stories but for now that's all you need to know. ;-) . . Part 1 will be posted ASAP.
    gorgeous video. shar is fantastically pretty and her gain is stunning. cant wait to see her bigger. cellulite and stretch marks are the fav for me, and her gorgeous plump lips. keep up the good work Shar! xx
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