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  1. Anyone else see the blatant rip-off of this story that just appeared on fantasyfeeder? http://fantasyfeeder.com/stories/view?id=134941&rowStart=0 Got to love half-assed lazy plagiarists >.>
  2. I rarely post, but man this story is gripping. The story, for me at least, isn't like any of the other FA/ weight gain/ erotica stories I've seen here or anywhere else. It definitely started out that way but after the last few parts with the psychological torture the protagonist is going through this story has become compelling to me for a completely different reason. In many stories like this you want the protagonist to get fat or succumb to whatever the theme of the story is but I'm actually rooting for poor Lina at this point. This story was nothing like the Munchies where you had an antagonist that preyed on a weak willed protagonist and easily broke her down. This is a long drawn out torture on a strong willed character's psyche by an antagonist that takes so much pleasure in this abuse that she seems nothing short of evil. Plus, Lina is a relatable character, it's easy to put yourself in her shoes. Just imagining someone as evil as Mim torturing you for days on end knowing your chances that someone like her will keep the promise to let you go is very slim. I think I'd try to kill myself at every window at this point, though it seems like the chances of that happening or Lina somehow pulling through are slim to none. I'm definitely not getting that feeling of pleasure I get from other stories like this (except for the parts featuring the companion) but this story to me is even better because it's absolutely brilliant in ways I never thought were possible in this genre
  3. Some people can be jerks, the only thing we can do is turn the other cheek and not sink to their level
  4. Rammstein's lead singer is working on his debut solo album, he recently released this cover featuring a pretty cute girl
  5. Heya, I'm a 21 year old guy looking for someone nice around my age within driving distance ^.^ I'm a student majoring in Cultural Anthro with minors in Asian studies and Archaeology, and I love travelling anywhere. I'm turned on by larger women, but in all honesty size doesn't really matter to me. I like compassionate people with good personalities I'm looking for a relationship, but I never say no to new friends either ;D I never really know what to say about myself, so if anyone's looking for someone, or at least a friendly person to chat to feel free to message me
  6. Where in North Delaware I live in south New Jersey, and you're right, most people I know are obsessed with thinness and gym culture. Men and women included. I blame the media ;D
  7. This has only been my experience, but I've always felt that part of the problem was location. I've yet to meet someone nearby who has the same preferences that I do (barring guys, last I checked the New Jersey thread was dominated by guys )
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