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    Bella is a gluttonous piggy who just wants more and more!🥵This is the perfect sequel! I have never seen a woman embody my fantasies so perfectly! She stuffs and chugs and burps throughout the entire clip and still leaves us wanting more 😉 a thousand thank you’s Bella! Your fans adore you 🥰
    Unbelievable, a true feedee, this clip is so hot, the way Bella eats and moans and belchs is everything I have ever dreamed over!
    Your clips just get better and better! I just wanna see you eat more and more! So excited too see how gluttonous you really are 🐷
    Love watching you pig out, I only wish I got too see you eat more! That belly is incredible and those tits are out of this world! If you make another stuffing like this one I will buy it for sure.
    I love everything about this clip! Shar is so imaginative and really has awesome ideas for clips! I love the day dream sequences of her absolutely forging herself on cakes and more cakes whilst telling us she wants too be 300 pounds!! I can’t even imagine what a 300 pound goddess will look like but I hope it happens!! And heck! If she keeps eating like such a little glutton it won’t be much longer! Always love Shar’s clips! But this is an absolute must have for your collection!
    Such a greedy Girl! Love this clip. I love how eager you are too really stuff yourself. Enjoyed every little moment as you roll around on your bed getting rounder and rounder 🥵
  1. I was extremely young, I like to think I was born with it.. if I picked it up somewhere I must have locked that memory away from myself: I enjoy masterbating too it daily but for the gainer everyday is not always so practical for everyday practice tho I love it and can’t get enough of it. I also find myself worrying about my partners health and mentally what I am doing to her.
    Shar is a fat spoiled glutton and I seriously just wanna see her get even greedier! She should have it all. Thanks so much for providing this amazing content Shar you look amazing and watching you eat like the fat piggy you have become is my all time favourite thing in the world 🌎
    Again this girl is incredibly sexy and I cannot wait too see bigger greedier stuffings from her, she’s just getting started!! I docked a star because I didnt enjoy the sped up parts nearly as much as the rest of Clip. The sound kinda threw me off and I enjoy all the little details and it kinda took away for that from me. But everything else was magic 🤪
  2. My favourite fantasy is a hottie all done up and outfor dinner and she totally slobs out and just shoves food in her mouth making a mess and giving away what a greedy little glutton she is. I’d watch her swell up like a human food ballon burping and belching as she consumed everything insight.🥵🐷❤️
    So much friggin potential, I cannot wait too see this girl really eat! Her body type is my absolute favourite, she looks fantastic as she gobbles down a small snack. Leaving me and I’m sure herself wanting more😍🐷 those stretch marks tell all, this girl is a greedy piggy who needs to be fed. 😉
  3. Miss you!! Come back soon 😉 


    She looks so good in this clip, what a massive glutton. Her belly is getting bigger u can see stretch marks forming l. Her clothes barely fit her. 5 stars too the pig I wanna see more off!!
    Seriously the most amazing clip, worth every dollar! This growing girl has a look of gluttony in her eye as she devours doughnuts in the sexiest way possible. I watched this clip last night and I seriously haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Kitty is a true feedee 🐷
    This is my legit favourite clip Shar has ever done it’s got it all. Shar has only gotten better through the years since she came on the scene... and now she is probably the hottest she has ever been. Such a fat cow she can’t even go home from vacation cause she ate her plane fair... perfect. Shar please don’t stop I wanna support your gluttonous ways. Let’s keep you on vacation so you never have to stop 😉😂🐷
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