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  1. looking big. lots of pulling at her dress in the beginning... and a nice view as shes walking away at the end
  2. Raven symone- This is one of my fave celeb gains. First is the first season of her show. It ran 4 seasons and by the 4th season she blew up to 180lbs. I watched the show when I was younger. That's when I realized I was into curvier chicks The comparison pic is a movie premier when she was heavy, and the pic on the other side is her at her current weight (skinny unfortunately)
  3. Sorry my mistake. I searched her and nothing came up. Thanks for letting me know
  4. MikeWill93


    I have a few published poems. This one is about my bitch of an ex. I am a spoken word performer as well. https://issuu.com/collectivereflections/docs/core_2016_-_full_copy pg 110
  5. Well that's a bit of a pan in the ass,but thanks for the info
  6. So I see an option to edit my first post in a thread. Is there a way to delete following posts I don't want... Other than reporting them
  7. I hadn't seen a thread on Nicole Sullivan, so I thought I would start it. She kind of got chubby, in my opinion in her "king of queens " days .i Was just watching "disjointed" on Netflix. She's looking heavy and looking great . According to IMDb, she has a reoccurring guest spot on the show. I'm only at episode four, which is where she first appears
  8. Hi as the title states, my name is Mike . Been lurking(for lack of of better word) for a while now. Made a profile about a month ago. Looking forward to contributing soon.
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