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  1. Wow 🤩! Your belly looks even more beautiful without the piercing 🥰😍!
  2. No matter of wich stage of your gaining journey you posted pics, you are always veeery sexy und really beautiful 🥰!
  3. You always look fantastic 😍😍😍, but you lost quite some weight, right?
  4. Wow, am I blind or did you lose a lot of weight 😱?
  5. Beautiful body and your face... sooo cute and beautiful as well 🥰😍.
  6. It‘s not just your body (especially your belly is the sexiest on the internet) your face is sooo pretty!!! You‘ve NEVER looked that great before. Magical Transformation 🥰!
  7. You are beautiful and you look 99% perfect. The -1% is because of your bellybutton piercing. — Would you do some pics without it from time to time for those who also think, the best belly on the internet doesn‘t need a piercing 😁🥰😉?
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