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  1. Mmm breakfast ;)


    1. zogul


      greeeeeasy :)

    2. Yossella


      when u gonna post again


  2. Hi guys I will be uploading more pics tomorrow just giving a heads up XXX

  3. hi x x x


    1. S77


      Hi there

    2. John Smith
    3. Jakejakejake


      Haha, I don't know the exact purpose of this, as I do not expect response. But hello there!


  4. A few days of overeating and my belly is becoming flabby and my legs have definatley thickened !!! 🐷 🐷

    Another clip coming soon X X X

    123.thumb.jpg.557d63f76ba22c880ac6481b09bff664.jpg  💋 💋 💋

    1. regbill


      I like where this is going.;)

    2. zogul


      ... it's going in your fat gut :) yummy!

  5. All on me X x 🐽 🐽 🐽

    Il be uploading a pics of the results from the last 3 days of binging soon! X X X


    1. regbill


      It looks like somebody is hungry.;)

  6. Ive had a full english breakfast for lunch and im about to order MORE FOOD!!!!! 🐷 🐷

    Im definatley developing a larger appetite! I wonder how long i will remain slim at this rate...... x x

    1. John Smith

      John Smith

      It depends about your average caloric intake, energy you spend everyday, height, size, weight, genetics, metabolic speed, ecetera...

    2. regbill


      I'm sure it will only be a matter of time before you start to see results.:)

  7. Check out my new Measurements video where i introduce myself and take my starting size X X X X


    1. regbill



      I see big things in your future.;)

  8. Whaaaaat? A London feedee? This never happens! 

    1. Lana Gainer Babe

      Lana Gainer Babe

      it just did x ;) 

    2. davros


      Let's hope this trend catches on haha. Everybody is thin here! 

  9. Just uploaded my first EVER video to clip store I hope you guys enjoy and take the time to check out my clip 

    Thanks x x x 🐷 🐷 🐷

  10. Version 1.0.0

    Me taking measurements for the first time ever im aiming to become really fat but until then i will document my progress for the pleasure of my fans please support me by following or purchasing my content. Thanks x x x Thanks guys love you see you soon !!!! x x x 💗 💗 💗 - 🐷 🐷 🐷


  11. About to start my vid wish me luck!! x x x

  12. Guys i have been given the go ahead for curvage clips!! so tonight  i will aim to upload my first ever vid where you will have the first chance to check out my measurements at the beginning of my journey x x 💗 💗

  13. Just submitted my curvage model application hopfuly i will be exploding out of my panties in no time ;) 💗 

    1. fattony20


      I like how you think!  Here's to popped buttons and jelly rolls.  

  14. IMG_0539.thumb.JPG.2841d40ee176a7c6c29ee826867fa898.JPGJD and dominoes tonight people 💗💗💗  Officially saying goodbye to my thin body 🐽 🐽 🐽

    1. bigboy1858


      You look fabulous can't wait to see your body grow

  15. night people x

    1. zogul


      Nice to see more girl willing to gain weight, specially as cute as you :)

      How fat is your goal?

      How much do you weight? (and for what height)

      do you take note of your weight evolution?(like that date I weighed that ,... useful for making graphs and so)

      do you take measurements?


      So much questions to ask... :)

    2. Lana Gainer Babe

      Lana Gainer Babe

      Thanks and....

      As fat as im comfortable with however i do enjoy the feelings i have towards gaining so we will see

      im 5;5 and 60kg

      and i am planning to upload measurements videos to clip store along with progression videos

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