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  1. Indeed. If I remember correctly, sometime last year, she said a doctor said she hadn't developed any metabolic disorders. However, the message "I can't" would seem to suggest she might not be comfortable continuing to gain 150 pounds a year. It's not hard to imagine that she found the limit of physiological endurance. She also said that it's time to move on, so her future is currently none of our business. She also removed previous content, so maybe she has also decided her past is none of our business. People often make brief returns from time to time, but for now, let her be; personally, I think other people who feel invested in her should move on, too. (Discussion of the Internet's [lack of] understanding of the principle of consensual kink is left as a flame war for another thread.) TL;DR: She's gone. Time for us to move on. For the curious, here's the weights she posted. She said she's 5'8" and was born in December 1993, making her 22 at her last posted weight. I did a math and found a rate of 0.41 lbs/day. Date Weight 2016 02 13 661 2015 09 25 635 2015 08 16 604 2015 06 13 572 2015 05 06 558 2015 04 02 546 2015 03 03 530 2015 01 24 512 2014 12 29 502 2014 12 13 494 2014 11 11 478 2014 10 22 467 2014 08 27 445 2014 08 06 435 2014 07 04 427 2014 06 14 415 2014 05 27 405 2014 05 18 401 2014 05 12 394 2014 05 01 389 2013 12 29 370
  2. That's not a contradiction. It does, however, suggest a serious logistical problem for people who advocate outlawing GMOs. Starving is absolutely possible, just undesirable (especially here). Similarly, keeping food costs low is desirable, but possibly not doable if you want it "organic".
  3. YouTube does indeed offer it. Unfortunately, YouTube is in error. It thinks the left half of the 2D video frame is the left eye, and the right half is the right eye.
  4. spamhamandeggs

    3D Images

    We all like size, and 3D images are particularly good at representing it. I would have figured that 3D images would be more commonplace, especially given that 3D cameras and monitors are becoming cheap. (I even dabbled in 3D photography. It's actually quite a different experience, artistically and technically.) You don't even need expensive 3D monitors to view 3D images; anaglyph and even cross-eyed/wall-eyed viewing can do the trick. (Also see http://stereo.jpn.org/eng/stphmkr/ for a program that can transform images in one format into others, so you always have your pick.) But I don't recall ever seeing even a single 3D picture on any site. Does anybody have any 3D BBW images?
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