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  1. I have a post I'd like removed please.
  2. etae


    you are a hero. been looking for her vids for a long time
  3. etae

    Etae's honest opinion

    lol at angry responses. Sorry for shitting on this thread I guess. I've been wanting to say something for a long time but didn't because I figured there'd be an uproar. Maybe she was predisposed to gaining and so forth but then there are these posts: And remember how they wasted her doctor's time after purposefully gaining weight. That's some really immature bullshit if you ask me. Maybe some of you here really get off on that, but not me. I just see a lot of disturbing things going on in here.
  4. etae

    Etae's honest opinion

    I've followed the thread from the beginning and know that she's taken ownership of it. But, go back to the beginning and you'll see she was ambivalent about getting fat yet James kept pushing her into it. Sure, she seems enthusiastic now, but it seems more to me like she's doing this for his approval.
  5. Honestly I prefer the before, and honestly the way that her boyfriend manipulated her into gaining weight seems wrong.
  6. etae

    Full Vid?

    who are the models in this video? I love this one.
  7. I'm happy to see that you aren't just gorging yourself on fast food and are actually eating healthy. You have my full support and I sincerely wish you the best.
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