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    It was a fun adorable vlog. Kayla is truly the most gorgeous bbw on curvage. The belly play was sexy I would love to play the soft plush and squishy belly. The stuck content was short but nonetheless very hot. More focused stuck content around your hips and big butt!!! Please reply to me on snapchat.
    Very well done. 😊 The stuffing in Panda Express was fantastic I usually get that order when I go there lol. (Except rice) I don't mean to be that person but I was the one that convinced her to do stuck content. And her stuck content never fails to impress. Please we need more stuckage content!!! 😍 It's amazing how far you have come from early days on Youtube and now a popular curvage model. The BEST BBW no doubt. Your man is truly blessed to have you I know I would. Please reply to my Snapchat. This video was worth it. 💗
    Great video, out of context Your voice is soft and soothing I would highly recommend a soft spoken Asmr video of you playing your belly and how hungry you are 🥴
    The best stuck video I've seen this year 2021 even tho it was released last December. How could have I missed it! The belly play, the giggles are outstanding! My favorite part in the video is where you get stuck through the table. We get to see your perfect wide ass struggling to get through while your belly drags on the floor. I would love to see a whole video of you going through the table again. Especially like Winnie the Pooh. I loved hearing you talk like saying you're too wide and it's tight that is so hot. Your jiggly big butt jiggling. A word of advice remove the wheels off the table I think it makes it more harder. Overall I'd love to see more stuck videos from you love. I would devour dat big butt while your stuck 🥴
    I am more interested in the stuck portion of the video, I loved when you got stuck seeing your round butt in tight clothes. I only wished it was longer and instead of you taking a nap, you tried to leave and indefinitely got stuck and complain about your weight gain belly, hips, thighs, and booty but overall the video was spectacular. Your cameraman did film the angles of you really well. You playing with your jiggly round belly makes it up. You are beautifully adorable. I hope you make more longer stuck content. 😘
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