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  1. I've Been a Fan of yours since I wanna say since about 2014 one of your Video's helped me to Discover that I had a Love for Big soft Growing Bellies Glad to see you're still making content and Growing please keep up the good work this Video is Definitely one of the Hottest Yet so Please keep that Belly Growing 😍
  2. Italian Feeder aiming to please, Looking to Fatten up a chubby Princess into a beautiful Immobile queen 😍😁🤗

  3. Yes! So glad to have you back and showing off your jiggly belly again! Can't wait for your next video and show us all what a Real Piggy looks like 😍
  4. Alright How about a little scenario for fun? Lets say I'm cooking You a Huge Meal of your favorite food, You eat Until You feel like you're gonna burst out of your shirt but before you give Up I tell you I'll Make your Favorite dessert if you finish. Do you call it quits or Do you make me force you to eat it like a greedy piggy?

    Also what dessert do you love the best if you actually want More?

  5. Nothing worse than being a Foodie/Feeder when you're used to cooking huge meals for other people to enjoy, Then you realize it has to go to Waste cause You made too much for just yourself.... it's like losing family when you lose good food 😭 RIP Chicken Carbonara

  6. As an Italian I Honestly Don't know which Feels Better Cooking Enough Food for 3 people or having the 1 person you cooked for Beg for more 😋

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