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  1. superbacon7

    Habituating my wife to weight gain [updates]

    Yeah I've questioned it myself but I believe and this thread is always amazingly written and a great read, so if you do ever want to post a pic that'd be great but even if it stays text only this is a great thread, thanks for keeping us updated
  2. superbacon7

    Livia May - skinny to fat

    Lol i thought the same thing, usually when a tiny girl gains she goes from small to slightly fatter than normal but then people see the contrast and say she got fat. This girl though, she got fat and it looks great
  3. superbacon7

    Habituating my wife to weight gain [updates]

    Will you ever post a pic?
  4. superbacon7

    Beauty with Wide Thighs

    Try to get a pic of her sitting
  5. superbacon7

    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    Because you sound like a freaky creep while describing it
  6. Belly pics on insta. 

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      der Pummelchenliebhaber

      My account is secretlyfeeder 

    3. der Pummelchenliebhaber

      der Pummelchenliebhaber

      Send me your insta name, not everybody is welcome on my private insta.

    4. superbacon7
  7. Good lord, her arms, and you can see some exposed rolls, its amazing, and not to mention her round belly