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  1. Hi! What happened to the thread about your fiance?

  2. Kika0119

    Jorja Smith

    She kills me man. It's not fair 😍😭
  3. Here’s a pic of her butt from at least a year ago. It’s a bit fatter now
  4. I think she weighs a little more now, but last we checked, she weighs around 175 and she’s 5’2”. The weight spread across her body, but most of it is in her butt and thighs. Sometimes when she’s walking up a staircase, I’ll be behind her and I’ll lift her butt up and she tells me how much lighter she feels and how much easier it feels to walk up the stairs when i do that lol
  5. Kika0119


    This man's face. That's how I would look too if Rihanna took my hand.
  6. She's sucking that gut in so hard. And that orange bikini top is definitely not the right size
  7. My fiance does the same exact thing, she makes a comment every single time I happen to park just a little too far away from the building entrance. Even today we were in a building and we were gonna head up to just the second floor and she was like "is there an elevator or do we have to take the stairs?" I told her idk if there's an elevator, so we took the stairs. Then on the second floor, we found out we actually had to be on the third floor, but I found an elevator and when we got in, she was like "you're telling me this elevator is here and you had me use the stairs?" I'm telling, she's gotten so lazy.
  8. Omg you got me hella excited for a sec lol I thought I was going to finally see pregnant Shar. But thanks for making a video like this!
  9. Kika0119


    God, I pray her boyfriend gets her pregnant
  10. Kika0119

    Bebe Rexha

    Yeah those are some legit fat back rolls
  11. Kika0119


    It kills me that they edit her body in her photo shoots so much. She may not be huge, but she is definitely thicker than these photos. You can tell just by looking at her fuller face, bigger boobs, and flabbier arms in paparazzi photos
  12. Kika0119


    Her face is looking so soft and plump. I love it
  13. Kika0119


    Peep the belly pushing on those buttons in the denim dress
  14. Kika0119

    Jorja Smith

    Absolute Goddess.
  15. Kika0119

    Jorja Smith

    I'm trying to fix it. Do I need to change the 'HTML' option to something else when embedding an instagram post?
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