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  1. Kika0119

    Kate Perry

    Let those boobs groooooow
  2. Kika0119

    Kate Perry

    Holy shit, I hope its not just for the music video and she’s actually pregnant. Just waiting for her to officially announce it. Those tits are going to blow up
  3. Funny comment from my fiance. She works as a tech carrying out therapy sessions with kids of various ages. Well, today she worked with a 6 or 7 year old boy and she happened to be trying to teach him the concept of being full. So she was telling him about how when you eat or drink a lot you become full. And she told me that the kid told her "yeah like you, your big stomach and big boobs" and she told me that the kid put his hand on her belly when he said that lol. She was like "this kid just called me fat haha." We were in the car when she told me this and she looked fine af. She was wearing her tight scrub pants pulled half way up her belly with a half zip sweater tucked in - her belly was completely bulging out because of the tight waistband. That's what I love about my fiance and the way she dresses. Even though she doesn't like how much weight she's gained, she still wears her clothes exactly the same as when she was fit. She loves to wear her pants with her tops tucked in, which gives me full view of the round shape of her belly as well as her belly bulging out from the waist band. Her belly will sometimes even push her pants down a little, and then you can see the shadow of her deeper belly button, even through the sweater she wore today I was still able to see it.
  4. Kika0119

    Kate Perry

    I couldn't find photos of it, but if you watch that scene from that episode, you can see a nice belly bulge when the camera is to the side of her while standing.
  5. Kika0119

    Kate Perry

    She was looking thicker on American Idol
  6. Aaaaaand now I want to see you pregnant 😍
  7. So my fiance is never going to gain weight on purpose. She would never do that because she does not like being this thick. She gained all this weight and continues to gain (very slowly now) because she has an uncontrollable appetite and she stopped working out. She just loves food too much, sweets especially. So she came home from a long day at school and she was tired and hungry. So she plopped onto the couch and I told her i'll grab "food" from the kitchen for her. I say "food" because we didn't have any food in the house, just endless amount of snacks and junk food from her little friend hangout from the previous night. So I brought her chips, wafer cookies, bigger cookies that had a thick layer of frosting caked onto them, a huge bag of tortilla chips, and an unopened wide tray container of a thick 7 layer dip containing beans, sour cream, cheeses, salsa, and avocado. She sat at the edge of the couch and pulled the coffee table of junk closer to her and started with the tortilla chips and dip. She was leaned forward going at it as I laid behind her massaging her fat deep rolled back and thick love handles. Me massaging her back, is one of her favorite things. I stopped for a second to check my phone and when I turned back to her, all I see is this curvy goddess hunched forward - her fat belly being pushed up from her thighs, her rolls looking deeper, her recently grown full tits hanging over, her ever growing thick love handles and hips spilling over the waistband of her tight scrub pants - with a 7 layer dip packed tortilla chip on the way to her mouth, and she says "who said you can move your hands from my back?" So I went back to the couch and started to massage her back again while encouraging her to keep eating because she hasn't eaten all day. Probably 20 min or less pass and this woman has cleared half of the 7 layer dip tray by herself. It was like a constant attack on that dip once it was opened. I don't think I saw her pause at all, take a sip of water, nothing. Then immediately after, she opened up the left over cookies that have the frosting really caked on top. These are made from a nearby bakery that she loves. There were a few left and I told her I left them for her because I know how much she likes them. She down the first one in a second. Then for the next one, she tried getting me to have some but I told her i don't want and that they're hers because she hasn't eaten all day. She ended up eating that cookie by herself. Then she said "I need to watch what I eat, I need to fit into my wedding dress.....jk I'm too fat to watch what I eat." I told her I'm sure she looks great in the dress. She said "I look good from behind in it, but from the front I hate how much my belly shows." God, I can't wait to see how she looks in it. We have about 3 weeks left until the wedding and there is not way she is losing weight before then. Then she said she wants to lay down next to me because of how full she is. So she's lying down facing me, with her full belly pressed against me. And I don't remember the exact conversation, it might have been after I told her I like her belly, but I ended up playfully whispering in her ear "gain more weight" then immediately changed the subject and said "wait what?" She laughed and she's like "Now i'm learning more about your fetishes. You're a chubby chaser." I told her "No, I don't want you to be huge" (which is true), "is there something wrong with me liking you thicker?" and she said "no, but I don't like being thick like this." This isn't the first time she's made a joke about me being a chubby chaser, but she's known I like her thick. I always compliment her belly and thick body (her hips and ass are amazing). I don't think she will ever intentionally gain weight, but her knowing that I like her thick and me not minding if she gained more weight, I can see her continue to not be strict with her diet, eat a lot, and not work out. Which would lead to more weight gain. I already know my words have had an effect on her and made her less careful with what she eats. She told me that a close family friend told her the other day "you've gotten so fat. You used to have such a bangin body, the best one in the family." And my fiance replied with "my mans likes it." And the friend said "He's already made you too comfortable."
  8. Oh definitely. Don't get me wrong, her friends like snacking, but she goes overboard sometimes. There will be times she'll be invited to a birthday party or whatever type of friend hangout, and even if she doesn't feel like going, she'll go just because she knows there will be food and dessert. Then it's the same conversation afterwards almost every single time. She'll text me about how full she is, that she ate too much, and how she needs to stop eating like this. Then she'll start to list all of the sweets she had too many of (almost always too much of some kind of cake, her favorite dessert I'd say). But to answer your question simply. My fiance would not be this much larger than her friends if she didn't eat way more than them.
  9. Little update/observation. My fiancé has been taking BC pills for at least a month now. I can’t tell if her appetite did increase or if it’s just much of the same pre-BC. But she’s still eating a lot. We had a big lunch the other day, burgers, fries, tater tots, everything, then we laid on the couch with a bunch of snacks in front of us. This woman opened up a family size bag of ruffles right after eating and started going at it. I think this is the fastest I have ever seen her eat chips. I was just sitting there watching her pick up 6+ ruffles at a time and stuff them in her mouth at once. I was eating from it here and there too, but that family sized bag was emptied real quick. Then she had some Kit Kat’s and twizzlers. Then I was wondering if her boobs were going to grow while on these pills. Well, they did. Her boobs usually get swollen and heavier while she’s on her period. Well she’s not even close to her next period and this pill has made her boobs even bigger and heavier. When I cupped and squeezed them today, they felt really full and they looked to be filling her bra even more. And she told me that they’ve been really tender and that it feels so sore when she gets up in the morning and she feels the weight of them drop when she sits/stands up. Tomorrow night, her and her friends are having a Galentine’s day hang out. They always get food and a shit ton of snacks with their hangouts. So you best believe she will be her usual self and stuff her face - and always more than her friends. She actually used to be the most fit out of her friends. She worked out all the time and she had a natural curvy ass and hips. There was only one in the group of friends that was on the chubby side, while the other 3 were slim. Now the previous chubby one lost some weight and my fiancé is the chubby one in the group. I think she even weighs more than what the previous chubby one weighed before.
  10. What superbacon said lol. I'm still thinking about making another thread in the future. We'll see.
  11. So in another thread, I talked about how my fiance is beginning birth control pills and how i'm curious about how much weight she will gain because BC pills are known to increase your appetite and my wife already has a big sometimes uncontrollable appetite. She's been on them for almost a week now and her boobs are already noticeably bigger. Usually her boobs will swell a little right before her period, but then right when the period comes, they go back to normal. Well, her boobs have stayed big. They look fuller and they're heavier. This isn't in my head. What I'm not sure is real and may just be in my head, is that she's looking bigger in her belly area as well. I know another side effect of BC pills is that there can be some water retention in the beginning and that can make you gain a few pounds. So i'm not sure if it is that or it's just in my head. There just seems like there is a good amount more that I'm grabbing onto. She's always had big love handles, but they just felt meatier to me today when I gripped them. Her rolls also look deeper. Then she was lying on her back on the couch next to me and now the layer of fat on her belly is thick enough that it's still sticking out while lying back. I couldn't stop jiggling it and squeezing and pushing it around making it look bigger. And every time I would see it looking like it was being sucked in a little, I would tell her to stop sucking it in and then it would look even bigger when she let it relax. She also feels heavier. Like she's been feeling heavy, but when I picked her up today, I felt the strain a little more. I need to start working out more to keep up with her growing ass, thighs, and belly. Other side stuff. It's always a turn on when she demands me to pick up a burger for her and have it waiting for her when she gets home. And then she also throws in something she wants to drink as well and some other junk food. She did that today. After eating all of it, she walked around the house with her tight scrub pants pulled half way up her belly, the waist band obviously pushing into her fat, but her bloated belly full of food remaining extra round. Then I asked her about her wedding dress fitting she had early today and she was voicing her concerns because the dress is white and the midsection really shows off her fat belly. I can't wait to see her in the dress on our wedding.
  12. I know the level of effect varies person to person that’s on BC, but my wife already has a somewhat uncontrollable appetite when it comes to sweets and some junk food. That’s why she ended up gaining about 50 pounds in 3 years. So if the BC ends up having a big effect on her appetite, I think she’s going to pack on a good amount of weight. She’s also a stress eater and she’s finishing up her university program and she’ll be working in a hospital.
  13. Weight gain on birth control is not simply due to aging. It’s a common thing for women of all ages to gain a few pounds at the start of taking birth control due to some fluid retention. Also makes some go up a couple cup sizes. Then some others that gain a considerable amount of weight is because most birth control pills increase your appetite. This combined with your age (your metabolism) and your current lifestyle (how much you already eat, what kinds of foods, if you workout or not, your stress), determines if you gain weight or not while on it. But obviously some brands of BC have stronger effects than others, especially the ones that have a lot of hormones in them. But to simply say most of the weight gain is due to aging, is wrong.
  14. Small thing today. My wife ate a ton of carb heavy food today for lunch and then followed that food with some lemon cakes and twizzlers. She was absolutely stuffed. She unbuttoned her jeans and took them off almost immediately after, then she kept complaining of how full she feels and she kept re-positioning when we were lying down watching a movie because she couldn't get comfortable with her swollen belly. Trying to lay directly on her belly was definitely not happening. So we finished watching the movie and then she was just lying there complaining about her belly and saying how she needs to stop doing this and she needs to know when to stop eating. Then we had to get up to go somewhere even with her swollen and stuffed belly, which meant putting her jeans back on. So I just stood there watching her struggle to pull her skinny jeans up her thick thighs and ass as she mutters "why did you let me get those twizzlers...." as if that candy alone was the issue. Then after she got them up, it was time for the hard part - buttoning them over her protruding belly. I'm telling you, she really stuffed herself. Her belly could not be sucked in and it was rock hard, even her upper belly was bloated. So she somehow buttoned them and the waist band was pushing into her belly, naturally. I went over to her slightly rubbing it and admiring her goddess-like body, and a second later without me even touching her, her jeans unbuttoned by themselves and her belly dropped down. Looking at these jeans, they are obviously too small of a size for her, but she is still clinging onto them and continues to wear them. This is the first time her swollen belly has made her jeans unbutton, and I don't think this will be the last time because I don't see her big appetite changing any time soon.
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