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  1. Damn, Shahar definitely gained some weight. And most of it went straight to her tits. They’re looking fat
  2. In the short videos that she has, does she show her belly for more than just a few seconds? I'm trying to decide if I should check her onlyfans out.
  3. I'm always down for any type of Carmela update. She's beyond sexy. Those thick thighs and hips, Lord 😍
  4. Damn she’s gorgeous. Any more of her?
  5. She gained a shit ton of weight between the end of last year and now. Her tits got even more massive and that belly is sticking out and hanging way more than it did at the end of 2019.
  6. God, I hope she doesn't decide to lose weight when this quarantine is over. She's so damn fine 😭🍑
  7. That lower belly 😍
  8. She's definitely gained some weight, damn 😍
  9. Holy shit, she got a lot bigger
  10. No self control. Wife was feeling very insecure about her weight this morning because she saw new stretch marks showing up on her legs. Went into full "I need to lose weight" mode. Looking up different exercise equipment, said she wants to buy a scale today to see how much she's gained. So we went to the store, didn't find the equipment we wanted, but we bought a scale. We got back home, she was looking thick af when she was changing, so naturally we had sex. Then it was time to step on the scale. She stepped on it and it read 178 lbs. I honestly think the scale is a little off and she weighs more than that, maybe low 180s. She definitely thought it was going to show her in the 180s also because she definitely gained some noticeable weight. Then we sat in the living room watching tv and I still noticed her looking a type of way, like she was still bummed about her weight. I talked to her about it, she still wants to try and lose weight, which I fully support whatever she decides because she was still hot af when I first met her and she was fit. But then......she was like "go get me those birthday cake cupcakes." I went and got them. And now i'm at my computer typing this, while she's in the living room stuffing her face with nachos and cupcakes.
  11. We were lying on the couch and she was wearing these booty pajama shorts, which are almost looking like underwear because of her ass swallowing them up. I see her jiggling her thighs and she says "you see this jiggly puff?" That's what she calls her fat sometimes, but she usually says it about her belly and it's more of an insult. So because she called her thighs that, I said "you don't like your thighs anymore?" She said "they've gotten a lot bigger. So have my belly and arms." I told her "how do you know? Your clothes look the same on you." And she said "some clothes are feeling tighter. Like my scrub pants feel more snug than they did before." And those scrub pants are stretchy, so you know her thighs are bigger if she can notice it in those. But she has definitely gained weight. I’m really curious to see the new number on the scale. Then in the evening, she was lying on the couch on her phone and she looks at me and says “so what are you getting me for dessert?” I told her to find out what’s still open and she can decide. But then because I don’t want her getting any health issues by being inactive while she’s eating like this, I told her we should do a quick workout like we did the other night. She gave me a look. I said “What’s going on with you? you tell me how bad you want to lose weight but then you don’t do anything about it. You keep saying tomorrow tomorrow or you keep waiting for something to change.” She said “I know. I’m just discouraged.” I asked why. And she said “because I’m fat and it’s hard.” But I got her up to do a small workout, just to continue to get her in the flow of working out again. We finished the workout and she plopped herself back down on the couch, her boobs and belly somehow looking bigger post workout. And you know what she asked me? “So what are we getting for dessert?” She couldn’t find anything open that she’d want, so she went and made buttered popcorn and a tray of brownies. We ate popcorn while watching a movie and then she ate almost half the tray of brownies.
  12. Holy shit, she's sexy. Pali baby 😍
  13. God, she just keeps getting better and better
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