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  1. Kika0119


    God, I hope she's pregnant.
  2. Easily one of the best photoshoots she's done
  3. this whole video you can see how chubby her face is and her waist spilling over the sides
  4. Oof, I would be extremely disappointed and annoyed if I paid for her OF, and these were the posts. Another thing that annoys me about some accounts on OF, is they'll charge like $20 for a sub, but then have paywalls for everything and then just post 2-3 second clips of upcoming videos. There's this one girl I subbed to before for at least $15 and then she DM'd me the option of paying $10 for TWO PHOTOS. No idea what the photos were going to be.
  5. It's an abdominal sweat band. Some people wear them while working out
  6. Jeez, she's fuckin perfect 😍😭
  7. She is beyond sexy. All of her recent photos with the short hair have been 🔥
  8. This one right here is probably my favorite of her recent photos. That belly is ROUND and she is showing it all off.
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