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  1. I know the level of effect varies person to person that’s on BC, but my wife already has a somewhat uncontrollable appetite when it comes to sweets and some junk food. That’s why she ended up gaining about 50 pounds in 3 years. So if the BC ends up having a big effect on her appetite, I think she’s going to pack on a good amount of weight. She’s also a stress eater and she’s finishing up her university program and she’ll be working in a hospital.
  2. Weight gain on birth control is not simply due to aging. It’s a common thing for women of all ages to gain a few pounds at the start of taking birth control due to some fluid retention. Also makes some go up a couple cup sizes. Then some others that gain a considerable amount of weight is because most birth control pills increase your appetite. This combined with your age (your metabolism) and your current lifestyle (how much you already eat, what kinds of foods, if you workout or not, your stress), determines if you gain weight or not while on it. But obviously some brands of BC have stronger effects than others, especially the ones that have a lot of hormones in them. But to simply say most of the weight gain is due to aging, is wrong.
  3. Small thing today. My wife ate a ton of carb heavy food today for lunch and then followed that food with some lemon cakes and twizzlers. She was absolutely stuffed. She unbuttoned her jeans and took them off almost immediately after, then she kept complaining of how full she feels and she kept re-positioning when we were lying down watching a movie because she couldn't get comfortable with her swollen belly. Trying to lay directly on her belly was definitely not happening. So we finished watching the movie and then she was just lying there complaining about her belly and saying how she needs to stop doing this and she needs to know when to stop eating. Then we had to get up to go somewhere even with her swollen and stuffed belly, which meant putting her jeans back on. So I just stood there watching her struggle to pull her skinny jeans up her thick thighs and ass as she mutters "why did you let me get those twizzlers...." as if that candy alone was the issue. Then after she got them up, it was time for the hard part - buttoning them over her protruding belly. I'm telling you, she really stuffed herself. Her belly could not be sucked in and it was rock hard, even her upper belly was bloated. So she somehow buttoned them and the waist band was pushing into her belly, naturally. I went over to her slightly rubbing it and admiring her goddess-like body, and a second later without me even touching her, her jeans unbuttoned by themselves and her belly dropped down. Looking at these jeans, they are obviously too small of a size for her, but she is still clinging onto them and continues to wear them. This is the first time her swollen belly has made her jeans unbutton, and I don't think this will be the last time because I don't see her big appetite changing any time soon.
  4. Oh really? That’s interesting. What happened? Just had the opposite effect on her appetite?
  5. So I’ve talked about my fiancé-now wife on here before. Before marrying her recently, I’ve been with her for 3 years. She gained about 50 lbs during that time. From her last doctor appointment, she is currently 174 lbs at a height of 5’2”. To the point of the post though. She is going to be starting on a birth control pill real soon. I know birth control pills don’t cause direct weight gain, but they can increase your appetite. My wife already has a big, and sometimes hard to control, appetite. So, people who have taken birth control or have/had a wife/girlfriend on birth control, did you/they end up gaining a noticeable amount of weight while on it due to increased appetite?
  6. Kika0119

    Jorja Smith

    She's a god damn snack 😍
  7. @superbacon7 @ronnie17de Lol didn’t even think any of you guys remembered my thread
  8. Even though my wife’s weight has been hovering around the same number for months now (which is ~175 lbs at 5’2”), her belly, boobs and ass continue to look bigger, especially her belly lately. Her mid rise jeans have been pressing into her belly a lot more recently, doesn’t matter if she’s sitting down or standing. Today, when she got off work she said she was going to grab a box of pizza for us. I asked her if she should get 2 boxes instead of one because sometimes when we’re really hungry (which she was), we need more than one box. She said no because she said “I’m supposed to be watching what I’m eating. I’ll just get crazy bread with the pizza.” But then when she arrived home, she didn’t just have pizza and breadsticks, but chips, candy, soda, and a very sugary latte as well. Afterwards we were sitting on the floor of the living room and those tight jeans of hers were really pressing into her stomach. Like always, she decided to unbutton them and her fat belly just spilled out. Idk if it was just because it was turning me on, but this is the biggest her belly and boobs have ever looked. Then even she stood up, buttoned her jeans, and tucked her shirt in, those jeans were still pressing into her belly. That’s how I knew her belly really has grown, when her belly was still protruding and looking round even while standing. Can’t wait to see her gain more.
  9. She's one of my absolute favorites. I'd lose my mind if she were to get pregnant.
  10. Kika0119

    Selena Gomez

    She’s always had pretty round cheeks, but man her face is looking big
  11. Kika0119

    Jorja Smith

    This woman kills me 😍
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