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  1. smelly


    Anyone around como for lunch
  2. smelly


    Welcome. I was from nj till I got smart and left...... Best idea ever.
  3. smelly

    I drank for the first time yesterday

    try buffalo trace Bourbon... far far better and less of a hangover too.
  4. smelly

    Purchasing Anonymity

    the dollar tree has prepaid cards u can load with cash i think it 1 dollar for every 75?
  5. smelly

    Super Bowl XLVIII (Feb 02 2014) - Your Predictions...

    im gonna say the the Seahawks with a bases loaded grand slam.... o yea i don't care about football somebody wake me when pitchers and catchers report it will even be warmer then....
  6. smelly


    nobody likes me here lol
  7. smelly

    New Jersey Thread

    well, I am from North NJ (hopatcong, west orange ) currently in ND but get back a and forth a bit. I may be coming back around mar/april for a few years or for good who knows yet. But would be more than happy to have a beer with people when i am in town.
  8. smelly

    Skype anyone? (:

    be down for that
  9. smelly

    The Decline and Fall of BBW-fetish related sites...

    id like to say in some respects the internet as a whole has gone down hill. yes we have new flashy stuff and better teck but i feel as may places not just here are over teched and restricted to the point where it kills them. back in the day the internet was for all intents and purposes small and free. now it if huge commercialized and bloated, people have less free time and more places to be online. plus nickel and dimeing people every time they turn around does little to promote communication and interaction. In the long run it will kill the sites that do it.
  10. smelly

    Hey everybody :)

    welcome aboard good to have another friendly face
  11. smelly


    I would recommend staying away form bars or a drinking crowd, even your buddys when they are drinking. if they are somber sure have a great time with them but if not it might be time to leave. you will find a portion of your friends you really don't have much in common once u stop paring with them seems to be all that they where there for. the other thing is find something else good coffee and milk is great. especially now since there is pumpkin spice coffee. best of luck
  12. smelly

    2 cheese burgers shy of obesity.

    awesome this pic actually made my night. I can just here him saying that too and envision Picard and Data with a dumbfounded look.... i miss star trek..
  13. smelly

    Motorcycle incident in NYC.

    perfect case for a conceal carry, would have ended that situation fast. cops are never there when you need them, and you never need a gun till that time you need it really bad. God only knows what happened to that man and his family.
  14. smelly

    New Jersey Thread

    eh not in jersey full time anymore but im back and forth allot from hopatcong/morris/sussex counties to ND not sure where ill end up. used to live back east its a bit diffrent
  15. smelly

    Automotive repair/advice thread

    have a good reasonable tire shop, take the tire off the rim and patch it usally 1- to 15 buxs not plug patch...