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  1. So did you get your student debt erased by getting a letter of disability from your doctor? Just wondering how your finances changed so radically all of a sudden.
  2. This is so hot!! There are some gaining girls who are more foodies than feedees, in that they want to enjoy how their food tastes and eat it slowly, and are picky about what they eat. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that. But with Casey, food is simply a means to an end, to pack in as many calories as she can to get as big as she can as fast as she can. I'm guessing that nasal feeding tubes and machines are not out of the question here, if it would blow you up into a helpless obese piggy that exists only to grow larger on a bed, becoming mostly a huge GUT with short stumpy arms, legs, and a head poking out at various angles from it. Or am I misunderstanding you? :)
    I loved this video, Dee!! I always like seeing you in clothes that you've outgrown. The tight shirt looks so small on you, with your big jiggly gut hanging out... so sexy! The swimsuit is comically small on you, it does look uncomfortably tight, but your soft pillowy thighs sticking out either side are so sexy! And that dress, it does look like a sausage casing on you, you look like you could be pregnant! I love your thick upper arms, your huge boobs, and your double chin too... you're becoming a big sexy thick woman! Yes, please post a weekly video of trying on old clothes, I would love to see that! And keep eating and gaining, the bigger you get, the sexier you look
    Wow, what a fantastic video, Mochii!! I love seeing you out in public, it really shows just how BIG you've become! You're a land whale. Your face is huge. Your arms are huge. Your thighs are huge. Your belly is huge. You waddle when you "walk" because your upper thighs are too fat to let your legs stand vertically. You're carrying around more than the weight of 2 people, in one short fat body. And still you scarf down those donuts! I look forward to seeing more videos of you "out on the town"! And of course don't stop gaining, 300 will be here soon!
  3. brcyllr


    She just posted a weigh-in video. She's gained 1.5kg over the past 5 weeks, but she's still 4kg below her highest weight.
  4. Bellymon called it in his May 30 post.
  5. I just think it's amazing how you still have a defined jawline... no one would guess you're almost 250 pounds and sporting an enormous gut!
  6. Absolutely! Myfatnesspal is a great way to track how many calories you're packing into that huge growing gut of yours... I'd love to know how much goes into you every day!
    Nice compilation video, Mochii! I especially loved the first minute in which you show videos of you chowing down at restaurants last year when you were still skinny... is that just something you normally did back then, video yourself eating out? Or did you know even then you wanted to have a record of your gain? You were conventionally skinny/hot back then, and you're BBW fat/hot now!! Can't wait to see where your journey takes you next...
  7. She just weighed in... she's up 10 pounds in 2 weeks
  8. I would think that Mochii Dadii could blur out your family's faces pretty easily, right? We'd still get their body language (arms waving, grabbing your chub to make sure it's real, leaning forward or back, etc) without seeing their faces. They ARE going to be shocked!!
    WOW what a video!!! I don't want to give away any numbers, but this is the 3rd time that I underestimated how much weight Mochii has gained... she always goes above and beyond when it comes to gluttony!! Her belly is just huge, and sags and sways as she lumbers onto the scale. That scene in which she jiggles her bra and sets her sideboobs in motion is unbelievably sexy... only a super fat body reacts in that way!! As always, your face remains super cute and is oh so wide and chubby now. Fantastic job, Mochii Babii and Mochii Dadii
  9. You're getting to a size that can't be ignored, you noticeably take up more space, and your huge gut demands special attention and accommodation from you and those around you! So you're ready to settle down with a feeder husband, raise some kids (from your bed of course, you won't be able to walk let alone run after them!), and get huge for your man? Is that the dream?
  10. Dang, that is so hot! And when you stand, does your back hurt from your gut pulling down on you so hard? 🐖
  11. What were some comments, specifically? Did your higher weight make your surgery more difficult? (anesthesia, etc)?
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