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  1. brcyllr

    Weigh in and measurements

    Great video, Dee! Your belly is getting wonderfully round, and your upper thighs are getting so soft and wide now. I agree, you may not want to stop at 200, you will probably need to go higher to look really thick... but the extra weight looks sooooo sexy on you!
  2. brcyllr

    Food, chub, and weekly goals

    I love to see you eating, I love to hear you talking about your weight gain this week. But, contrary to the pics you posted, you don't stand up or walk around in this video... so I had to remove 1 star.
  3. brcyllr

    Weight gain shake chugging

    FINALLY a standing-up video from you, Dee I love how you chug the whole 1000 calorie shake, and then you talk about how you're going to start drinking 2-3 shakes a day (while also eating 4 meals a day) to really pack on more weight onto your thighs! The high quality camera shows how soft you're getting, you're looking really sexy. However, I wish you would have walked around the room after you finished your shake, the thumbnail of you standing in the middle of the room isn't part of the video.
  4. brcyllr

    Kait Parker

    Kait is showing quite a belly bulge in those stretchy jeans! https://weather.com/news/trending/video/how-divers-rescued-thailand-boys-stuck-in-cave