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    What a good idea for a video! It's great to see what you eat in a day, and I love to hear that you're eating like this every day, plus weight gain shakes! I really loved hearing that your belly is starting to stick out and hang down, please make a video of you standing up showing your belly hang! And also please do a weigh-in soon
    Wow Mary, great video! I love your cute chubby face . You've really packed on weight on your upper arms... look at those stretch marks near your underarms! Your thighs have gotten massive, they look so soft and jiggly. Your belly is, of course, the sexy centerpiece... so wide, so bulging, I love how your lower roll jiggles when you're doing yoga! You're becoming a mountain of a woman, like some mythical titan, that lumbers over the earth looking for more food to devour and add to your huge bulk!
    I love this video, Dee! :). I love how you're tearing into that baconator even after you've already had a bunch of nuggets... Your appetite for fast food is increasing, you should eat at least one big fast food meal every day! I love how chubby your fingers and forearms are getting. And of course, I absolutely love your belly! It looks so sexy in that tight green shirt, and I love how you jiggle it :). Your hips and butt are really straining those jeans, baby. Keep eating until you are beyond full at every meal, drink multiple shakes every day. I'm looking firward to a weigh-in soon!
    Dee, this video is great! I love your different look in this video, kind of a nerdy skater girl vibe I'm glad to hear you've been stuffing yourself regularly and drinking your shakes every day! Your thighs are starting to get some chunk on them, they look great in those shorts! Of course I love how your belly is looking, very well fed, I love how tight the shirt is on you! I also enjoy stranger things, always a twist to each episode. I know you're a hard gainer, but it's working slowly but surely... keep eating as much as you can hold at every meal, have several meals a day, with several shakes a day, and you'll start to pack some serious weight onto your hips and thighs... you will look fantastic when you reach your sexy pear shape
    Amazing video, Dana! It's incredible that a one-time conventionally hot model decided to let go and gain a huge amount of weight. And it looks soooo good on you! Your boyfriend is right, your hips / thighs / ass have just exploded... I would love to see a video of you walking around a room in a bikini so we can see all that weight jiggle! Your face is really softening, making you even more gorgeous. And I love how you're full, but still pack food away saying "we have to get Dana to 200 pounds"... that's commitment right there! Keep eating and eating, just like you said pushing your stomach's boundaries every day, and you'll be 200 very soon. And after that, the sky's the limit!
    Dee, I loved this video! It was so good to see you eat the whole plate in one sitting. I can tell you're getting used to eating more and more at each meal! Your comment about being able to eat more after the holidays is interesting... normally holidays are full of fattening food, but you're so busy you don't have time to eat it all... but now, you have the time to stuff yourself every day! And I can see some changes, your belly is looking softer and rounder, and I love how it slaps against your chunky thighs when you wobble it! Don't give up, keep eating as much as you can, as often as you can, with 3 shakes per day, and you'll get that sexy pear shape you've always wanted
    Wow, Dee! I love love love this video soooo much! I love your new hairdo and glasses, they give you a "sexy librarian" vibe. That gold dress looks fantastic on you! I love your chubby knees, your hips are looking much wider these days, and I love how your soft round belly jiggles when you pat it! The gray dress fits you better at your current weight, and you mentioned it was a 1X. I love when you leaned back on the wall and it shows how big your butt is getting! Don't worry about your belly being too big... I'm guessing that by the time you gain 20-30 more pounds, you'll be in a 2X-3X dress and your thighs will have filled out to balance out your stomach, so you'll have that "large sexy pear" look you're going for. Keep on eating as much as you can, and drinking those Mass Gainer shakes (2 or 3) every day, and you'll reach your goal! You're looking so sexy... thank you for sharing your journey with us!!
    Wow, Mary, I love this update! 100 pounds in 10 months, that's amazing! And it all looks so sexy on you :) . I love the fact that you know you're going to still grow, so you continue to squeeze into clothes that are too small for you... that shows you're really dedicated to gaining more and more weight! I love how you get out of breath just turning around for us, and those stories about college are so hot! At this rate, you'll be 300 by the summer, so keep up the gluttonous eating, you're looking fantastic!
    Dee, I love your new shorter hair style, it looks so good with your rounder face I loved to see you attack that plate of food, shoveling down forkful after forkful! I loved hearing how you are starting to eat to the point of discomfort at every meal, that's how you're going to stretch out your stomach so you can eat more and more! I love that you're going to be drinking 2-3 shakes every day! Since you like baked goods, you should start getting a dozen donuts every morning and see how many you can eat in a day... work up to all 12 every day! Like you said, summer is coming and you're going to want to be at a good solid weight to buy all new clothes... shoot for at least 220 pounds to start with... although I suspect you may end up at 240-250 to get the big sexy thighs and hips you've always dreamed of Keep up the great work, and eat eat eat!!
    So you've only gained a couple of pounds over the holidays . For the past few videos you say you need to start drinking weight gain shakes again... you should be drinking 2 to 3 shakes every day! I will say that your thighs are looking delightfully fluffy in this video, but they could be soooo much bigger. I would love to see you at 220 minimum, but I think you will reach your ultimate sexy body shape at 240-250. You've come so far, Dee, you're almost there! Please eat to capacity and drink those shakes every day to pack on the weight you've always wanted!
    Not a lot of action in this one, but I'm looking forward to your weigh-in and standing up modeling for us on Sunday!
    I liked seeing your sexy chubby belly under your shirt. And you are very cute! I think you could go far in making stuffing videos, but you're still getting the hang of it. I'd like to hear you talk more about your desire to gain, what your size/weight goals are, how it makes you feel, etc. I'd like to see you stand up so we can see how you look overall. And please eat more food! Your capacity will increase as you stuff yourself regularly. LMBB can coach you in this... you can become a star gainer!
    LMBB did warn us this was your first video, and that she would be giving you pointers for future videos What I liked: you're obviously very cute, you wore clothes that show off your stomach rolls, and you talked in your video. What I would like to see in your next video: while you eat, talk about what got you into gaining, what your goal size/weight is, how overeating makes you feel, etc. And also, eat a lot more food! Give yourself a challenge like "2 whole meals from McDonalds" or something like that, then eat it all on camera, so we can see you pushing your limits and how that makes you feel (and how it makes your belly bulge out afterwards). Welcome to Curvage, and I hope to see MORE of you!
    I love how your flabby gut flops onto your thickening thighs! And how when you move your legs, your thighs cause your belly to ripple too! Keep eating and gaining! Looking forward to a weigh-in soon!
    Dee, you are looking so sexy in this video! I love your round face with the permanent double chin. I love your soft upper arms. I love your "crazy" big belly, and how it jiggles when you bounce. I love how WIDE your butt is looking in those jeans... what size are they? Keep eating and stuffing every day with fattening holiday food... yes you're a slow gainer, but you'll eventually make your thighs nice and thick so you can be the true pear shape you've always wanted to be!
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