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  1. Hey, just wanted to say that I think you're really gorgeous and seems like a very sweet person.
  2. Brenda

    Demi Lovato

    I'll not quote the photoshopped photo in the previous page because, honestly? I think it's almost... nasty. I mean, Demi, you're beautiful, your body is beautiful, i know you had an eating disorder, i had too, i was anorexic, but i really hope you embrace your body. Or at least hire a person who photoshops your pics better.
  3. I shared my kink with someone who i thought was a right person to share it, but it turned out they weren't,

    I'm feeling like a freak, guilty, useless, my head is heated and it's hard to even think.

    I'm sorry for venting here, there's literally no other place where i can talk about that. No place to hide, no person to talk to.

    1. Jorin85


      Relate 100% to this @Brenda

      You're not alone in this experience. 

      Over time, this experience will heal. You have nothing to be sorry for. It's cool. 

    2. wdyw


      I've been in your shoes @Brenda I wish there was real comfort I could give you - but when you've laid out your deepest secrets to someone and they've spurned them, it's a dark place. Just remember there are friends here who understand and who know what your going through.

  4. this is me btw

    i made this pic (and others) for a friend of mine, but i think it fits here


  5. Brenda

    Billie Eilish

    No one is forcing you to click on the thread. Stop being a bitch.
  6. Brenda

    Lauren Jauregui

    I definitely need to see some phat asses to cope with the quarantine stress. xD
  7. Brenda

    Lauren Jauregui

    What a gorgeous woman.
  8. She looks amazing, but poor girl! At least the bullies get their comeuppance in the end. xD
  9. Brenda

    Gia Paige

    Is she still doing videos? I wish i could watch some of 'em, she's sporting such a yummy body.
  10. 89818892_514947412776741_5097854377806629003_n.jpg

    1. Bellylover777


      Sweet belly-rolls - looking very sexy - keep on - love it😍

    2. John Smith

      John Smith

      Who is she?

    3. Brenda


      @John Smith a girl from Instagram

  11. Brenda

    Billie Eilish

    uh okay first off, don't get me wrong, im totally wet rn BUT that's weird, going from insanely baggy clothes to... that??? i don't know, it's almost unnerving lol
  12. She looks very soft, thanks!
  13. Brenda

    Trans Forum

    That discussion AGAIN? All the trans gals who i see posting here state in the title that they're trans, you can't go wrong.
  14. Could you send me a PM with links to these mods? I'm considering the idea of getting Sims 4.
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