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  1. Shirley Knight 60's: 70's: 1982: 1991: Sorry for the poor documentation, i almost feel like i forgot how to google things lol
  2. Not to mention that she'll probably have a shorter life so i see that as an absolute win.
  3. She is really sexy. I just understood the treadmill thing when i looked up her bio, she has no legs and they gave her a treadmill? lmao
  4. Brenda

    Ellie Warner

    Really? I'd reserve that kind of commentary to private spaces (like groups with your FA friends on Discord, Whatsapp and etc) and models who consent to that. And please, no, i'm not trying to be a SJW, but this thread is public and there's always a chance that the person in question or someone close will see this kind of comment and... that never ends well for us here in Curvage.
  5. Brenda

    Daisy Ridley

    The girl in the pic that was posted looks more like the sister on the left. The eyes size, cheeks and head shape match better imo.
  6. Brenda

    Daisy Ridley

    i think it's one of her sisters
  7. Wow, the fatsuits are actually kinda decent.
  8. Brenda


    Is she a witch or something? I mean, i don't know, it might be my distorted perception of time but it seems like she lost all that weight in a minuscule amount of time.
  9. > I predict Sarah Paulson will gain weight > Sarah Paulson is trying to gain weight for American Crime Story Not really a prediction, bro.
  10. Brenda

    Demi Lovato

    holy shit i honestly didn't know she was that curvy i can easily say that this is the most beautiful and sexy she has ever been in her entire life, and i ALWAYS had a crush on her seriously, someone please spoil this girl with lots of love and food
  11. Oh, do you mean, if i gained any weight? I haven't even watched my weight this year, but i'd say i'm steady, if i gained it was not much. And it'd not bother me at all if it was a substantial gain. What i meant is that, if anything, 1 or 2 of these girls i mentioned actually lost weight as oppose to gain, like Daisy, she was kinda bulky in The Last Jedi but slimmed down again in the course of 2019. I don't follow Ariana and Katy much.
  12. I really don't get what that means and i'm afraid of the answer lol
  13. Ok. I went for Ariana Grande, Katy Perry and Daisy Ridley last year. I think i'll keep Daisy on my deck, placing my bets on her with the upcoming Star Wars movie was a bad move, but NOW there's room for gaining, although i think it'd not be much. Scarlett Johansson maybe. I'd love to see Laura Prepon, Chloe Moretz, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Kate Winslet gaining, but these ones are just wishful thinking lol
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