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  1. Ann Wilson is thinner nowadays, but god was she fluffy in this clip

    1. bellymon


      well...i guess it's officially over now.

    2. Brenda


      what is over?

    3. bellymon


      ,,,the fat lady is singing

  2. She was actually 17-18 when she did the surgery, that was last year lol But granted, i think she should've waited more to do it.
  3. Radical feminist? Are you aware that radical feminists friggin' hate trans people, right?
  4. John being a dick, there's nothing new under the sun.
  5. Their* haircut looks hot! I mean, it doesn't have much to do with the thread, but short-haired fat girls are hot af, i wish we had more here. Well, we kinda do, Dreamy. :3 DREAMY, I LOVE YOU *not sure about the pronouns bc the thread has conflicting info, but "their" is fine for everyone, i guess
  6. omg dreamy i missed your short hair so much
  7. Ok, you're right. Incest bad, i'll go back to my cocoon.
  8. Well, neither, i'm talking about human relations, and human relations by definition shouldn't be dehumanized. I get that it's very gross and all that, i'm just trying to find a middle ground. The fact that they're both consenting adults is important because even if it's wrong, it's not as bad as pedophilia or something like that. lol And please no, don't mention Freud, psychoanalysis is full of shit, the "mechanisms" i mentioned are biological and were achieved through evolutionary process.
  9. I understand and i feel uncomfortable with these things too, but, it's good to keep in mind that they're both consenting adults. If i'm not mistaken, there are mechanisms in our brains that prevent us from feeling attracted to close relatives and vice versa, but sometimes it may not work out so well. I once had a friend who confessed to me that he had a repressed sexual attraction for his sister, they were both adults and i know it's weird and all that, but he was a human and my friend, so i tried to see things through his lens, it must have been tough.
  10. your profile pic flexing is breathtaking :wub:

  11. what the fuck John, my dear, i don't disagree with you, but.. isn't it a bit ironic to talk about morality in that way being on a forum where most of the members encourage women to like, eat to death?? I mean, of course i'm not saying "feederism BAD" but, there are some implications when you encourage a obese woman to eat even more, grow even more.. things like that.
  12. im planning to work on a WG deepfake this week

  13. the girls from this site are too hot im melting

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