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    She just keeps getting hotter 🥵 Always amazing to watch you stuff that gut so full it barely even jiggles and red lingerie looks fantastic on you 😍😍😍
  1. Starting with a belly packed in a corset and eating till she bursts out and can’t stuff anymore in her growing hedonistic belly? The queen clearly knows what we want to see 🥵
  2. Would love to see a weigh in and measurement update! You’ve been sooo greedy all year would love to see how big you can get stuffing that gut 🥵🥵
    Another fantastic video from CouchQueen! It’s absolutely stunning to see her shove her growing curves into old clothes, suck in her gut for a second only to have it spill back out a moment later! Love seeing these videos, really shows off how much you’ve grown and how all your curves have blossomed 😍😍😍
  3. Would love a weight/measurement update, you’ve been so greedy lately would love to see just how big you are getting 😍
  4. Love every growing inch of your body! Cant wait for the next weigh in and measure to see just how massive you are now 😍😍😍
  5. So excited to see you on here! Always love seeing your content!
  6. And I’m sure it gets more and more difficult to keep the belly full as you’ve gotten bigger
  7. Definitely will throw my vote for tight clothes, make up, and booty. Confidence can also be key sometimes, in the ass worship clip just talking like you knew people love to see it and you are the hottest thing makes the clips even better.
    Snowed in eating a good meal with a sexy girl? Sounds like a perfect scenario! Definitely one to pick up!
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