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  1. as a fellow 5'10 girl i just wanna say your gain is so inspiring! you look great💖
  2. hi there! thanks to a little liquid courage i think it's finally time to say hello. my name is imogen and for as long as i remember i've found fat sexy. sadly due to fatphobia i've always been afraid to gain weight and let myself go. i've also had a fast metabolism. this has always kept it at a fantasy level. but thanks to quarantine and a slowing metabolism i'm finally starting to gain some weight. it's only been a little gain but i can't get enough. i know now i definitely wanna completely let myself go and maybe find somebody who wants to help me fatten up. my kink is fully submitting myself to becoming someone's dream fat girl whatever that means. i don't have a goal weight so much as for bare minimum i wanna pass the wall test hehe for full disclosure i am pretty tall at 5'10 pretty thin still (boooo) and i am trans. anyway, hello! and don't hesitate to DM if you wanna help the cause :3
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