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  1. Laying on back and only seeing belly is very sexy!
  2. Beautiful! You get sexier and sexier as you have gained weight!
  3. You are back!! Hurray!!! I hope to stay for ever!!! Love your pics...love your growth!!!
  4. I have been told there are feedees and feeders in NE Ohio???? Anyone out there?? I am feedee….love to chat..be friends....meet for lunch if we care too?
  5. Been involved in this crazy world for a while. Hoping to find someone to be friends. Intentional eating to gain is not a easy concept to explain. Looking for someone for chat, public meeting, whatever. Whatever you are comfortable with. Touch base with me at [email protected] or Let me know another contact method to contact to leave message.
  6. I have followed Shar for a while now and I kinda thought she will stop gain and go poof! I am very happy she knows the talk and definitely walks the talk:) Her expansion has been fantastic for me and I hope for her tooooo
  7. Hi! You have such an attractive figure....Your boobs sitting on top of your belly! love it!! Hope we see more of you!
  8. A female feedee or FA or anyone who understands the fetish to talk with.....no hidden agenda...professional, too old for too much shit:)
  9. Dee? WOW...you have a nice growing butt! Your thighs.. .arms and chest are filling out nicely!! You just look fantastic!!!!
  10. I am glad you made the switch from athlete to big, sexy, beautiful woman! Everything you enlarged looks fantastic! love red dress!!
  11. I eat a lot secretly. Late night.....driving home, movies...I eat when I can:)
  12. Thank You for following. :)

    1. loppy2154


      Very Welcome:)  I am jealous of your belly:)

  13. I can get a dozen donuts down easily!! Choc and sprinkles is way up there as a favorite!
  14. Today like many others...beautiful!!! How much do you think gained since started trying?
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