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  1. Hi!  Curvage model!!!!  Like the growing....have you had that moment when you look at yourself and think "damn" I am getting fat!! :)  Look fantastic!

    1. Deesweightgain


      Thanks I for sure have haha

  2. loppy2154

    lonely for bbw/ssbbw

    I want me a fatty female friend!!
  3. loppy2154

    lonely for bbw/ssbbw

    Outside Cleveland...hoping to have bbw/ssbbw friend to chat and just talk...:)
  4. loppy2154

    Have You Missed Me?

    Yeppers....missed you a lot!!!
  5. Love to fill up before bed too!

    curvy baby

  6. loppy2154

    The Weigh In #2

    Beautiful as ever...I eat a big old bowl of ice cream before bed....helps nuture the belly growth:) Your belly is freaking sexy!!
  7. Well Hi!  Hope you are still out there!  Round and sound!!! lol

  8. loppy2154

    Doughnut Diet

    You have a fantastic butt:) Whether coming or going …….beautiful:)
  9. Oh, if I got something wrong...my apologies.  Trying to figure it out

  10. Ok...so we cant say tum**&& here?  Also read that Mama Horker had spoken to reporter or something?  I am not a report but a fat guy....please edify me!!

    1. S77
    2. loppy2154


      Hey S77, thank you.  I didn't see the article as anti Curvage.  She focused on herself and the "business"  Wonder how much she does make a month:)  If I missed something please let me know

  11. loppy2154

    Northeast Ohio

    Love to chat with a bbw or ssbbw about weight gaining. Seems like a lot of the fetish of weight gain has changed. like someone to chat with about it I guess
  12. loppy2154

    When did you find out about your fetish?

    I noticed this fetish when an early teen. Went to beach with friend for week. Naturally, we spent some time checking out the bathing beauties. I just kept getting worked up and interested in the heavy ones.....no set weight just curves.. My friends kept teasing me about that so I shut up They were very pleasing.. Have been madly attracted to curvy women since.
  13. loppy2154

    Feedee in Ohio?

    Love to chat...any messaging would be nice?