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  1. I can get a dozen donuts down easily!! Choc and sprinkles is way up there as a favorite!
  2. Today like many others...beautiful!!! How much do you think gained since started trying?
  3. Be nice for someone within mainland USAl to say hi?
  4. Be nice to find a woman into the fetish or gaining or losing....lol just into it. If you weigh 110 or 410, I am fine. Not gonna ask you to do a thing except be yourself! Talk and lunch or whatever. Say Hi!
  5. So beautiful.....every time I look you just look so sexy!
  6. Fantastic belly droop! I kinda like that...was afraid to add that. Some people go bonkers if attracted to it:)
  7. Beautiful! I failed to look for pics! You have gone and become a Curvage star!
  8. Wow, I can see the differences.. Belly pushing out and butt looking curvier!!! Has your family commented on it? I know as I have gotten bigger I get them all the time:) I like them because people can see your gain.LOL You look curvier...belly and butt!.. Starting to burst out!!
  9. Chubby....you have a perfect muffin top...….

  10. OMG I have to move there!
  11. Must be that time of month.....Building in Vagina
  12. Wow, you look so sexy and curvy...:) Love it...belly sticking out..Favorite pics belly profile...
  13. Blossom is blooming!!!

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