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  1. Fantastic belly droop! I kinda like that...was afraid to add that. Some people go bonkers if attracted to it:)
  2. Beautiful! I failed to look for pics! You have gone and become a Curvage star!
  3. Wow, I can see the differences.. Belly pushing out and butt looking curvier!!! Has your family commented on it? I know as I have gotten bigger I get them all the time:) I like them because people can see your gain.LOL You look curvier...belly and butt!.. Starting to burst out!!
  4. Chubby....you have a perfect muffin top...….

  5. OMG I have to move there!
  6. Must be that time of month.....Building in Vagina
  7. Wow, you look so sexy and curvy...:) Love it...belly sticking out..Favorite pics belly profile...
  8. Blossom is blooming!!!

  9. Hi!!!  Welcome....!!

  10. You look fantastic as you are gaining...muffin top, belly poking out!!!!! Wonderful:)
  11. Yes, glad you are here! Everyone of your pics is my favorite:)
  12. I'd like to send a virus to your computer , so you can replace your blinds while getting your puter fixed. Just a thought
  13. Someone to talk to, lunch , friends would be nice...to start
  14. Well my innocent comment was after someone said "President Bush was old" wait for it! I said he was 92!! Can you believe I said that. WTF was my issue or major mental problem. She said with a GLO in her voice. What are you talking about. You have no idea what I am talking about or know me! I am ashamed that I said something so rude. My issue is I forget that this site was not about chatting or meeting people, but about immature, childish girls, basically saying do not talk to me unless you will buy me food, or never talk fat chat apparently with the full support of mgmt. Oh well, ever want to laugh, google their name !! My dad in one of his precious comments to me said, Son, some people are just as*holes..bingo!
  15. John Smith...you have destroyed the nail with your mighty hammer again:)
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