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  1. You met her back in Blue Bar several years ago right in the heart of town. She was of a slim build, with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. You asked her about her favourite kinda food.. she told you ‘Italian’ you thought you was never to see her again after that..but you was wrong! A dozen holidays, a house, two kids, and one marriage later you were delighted to finally call her yours! Your wife begins looking through old photos of herself back when she younger, skinnier and so much better looking.. she’s shocked at just how much weight she’s piled on over the last few years... Saturday 21st September. You arrive home early from work to find your fat wife stuffing herself with so much food.. she’s embarrassed you’ve caught her! She immediately starts to hide the cookies and tries to explain to you why there is so much food around! But you like it! You like it when she stuffs herself like that! So she continues to eat like a pig right in front of your eyes! Your wife begins teasing you as she scoffs her way through subway and Burger King! Her belly starts to grow rounder and her clothes start to become extremely tight..she removes her skirt.. jiggling her fat belly in front of your eyes, she asks for you to come closer..She wants for you to see how fat you’ve really made her! GS X x


  2. @Goddess shar i think it is time for a new blog

  3. 📸🐷











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    2. jim beg

      jim beg

      What a view 😍

    3. jarhead78


      Sexiest most beautiful woman alive!

    4. r3nuk


      I have never seen you look so stuffed before …. you must have really been working hard to get that bloated and swollen. It is very hot!

  4. I love you gaining weight


  5. Dearest Shar,

    according to your recent photos you're now really far behind 244 lbs, so (if I may speak for all of your admirers) we would like to see your current weight in the stats, please update, keep gaining (the more weight you gain the lovelier you look), take care,

    your fellow admirer <3

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    2. Greenfatty5


      I think this person meant far beyond not behind?  Auto correct 🤷

    3. Thesooni


      Probably no auto correct but just to stupid to type in English.



    4. Emmaaa


      Lol i hope you're right 😂

  6. I chug my midnight Gaining Shake.. my belly starts to bloat..I rub n play with my bloated belly.. I talk about my gain and show you some ass n thighs GS X x


  7. I stuff myself with pasta and pureee grated cheese.. i read out my last measurements whilst munching through a box of cakes.. I chug milk and finally take some new measurements for you! GS X x


  8. Ken has left Barbie!! And yes, I am just as shocked as you are right now! Believe me! Barbie is nothing without Ken! You and I both know this! For Barbie to ever win Ken back she knows she must make some big changes!! After having her first ever boob job she attempts to workout.. munching on KFC..she really struggles through her busty workout! GS X x


  9. I was once so tiny that particular shops wouldn’t always stock clothes for my tiny waist. At my very skinniest, I weighed 8.7 stone. I would skip certain meals and work out on a regular basis. Times have changed! I try on a pair of my UK size 6 jeans. I pull and stretch them as much as I can. I’m determined to make them fit one last time! GS X x


  10. I'm pretty sure that you're the most popular model on this site. In celebration, please post a video at a reduced price where you completely clear out your apartment of food. I bet you'd like that.

    1. WeightGainAwesome


      If she's worth it to you, it shouldn't matter if you have to pay what her videos usually are cost 😕

  11. I absolutely am in love with Goddess shar!

  12. You looking beautyful im in love.!😍

  13. You lok amazing just keep going

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