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  1. Shar is on vacation. She stops at 3 restaurants for ice-cream, kebabs and more ice-cream. Cramming food into her mouth.. Shar starts to moan about her denim shorts becoming too tight and unbuttons them in public. One week later.. Shar returns home. She shows you how big and hanging her belly has gotten. Shar begins stuffing a large pizza.. she talks to you about how much of a fat greedy pig she has turned into whilst constantly cramming more food into her mouth. GS X x


  2. 📸



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    2. Tankazoid
    3. Emmaaa


      Love to stand behind u and grab your soft lower belly 🧁💜

    4. chri50m2



  3. Shar is a big fat tanned pig. Her belly has grown enormous. Shar stuffs cake and more cake. She shows you just how much her belly can grow in one sitting. GS


  4. So I had an embarrassing moment whilst on vacation.. I split my dress.. in public🙈🙄



















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    2. Nixs555


      I like your dress, you have in my opinion a very good taste as far as fashion is concerned😉!

      And I also think you have a good taste when it comes to eating😜😋

    3. Antpant


      Omg your getting big now your looking so amazing!! 😍

    4. Residentsteven


      I have a feeling that niro639 and nixs555 really like your dress shar 😂.

  5. 📸🐷







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    2. chubbygirl99


      I don’t think anyone has given me so much inspiration to gain as this beautiful girl has. Following your footsteps to be big and beautiful :) #muchlove 

    3. Goddess shar
    4. BiancaBlonde


      Yassss girl, work it 💗💗

  6. Version 1.0.0

    Shar loves cream! She starts by oiling up her body.. she squirts cream into her mouth and all over her fattening desserts and scoffs them like the real fatty she’s now become. From all different positions, Shar jiggles and wobbles her fatness for you. She wants to show you just how fat you’ve really got her. GS


  7. You are beautiful! 😍

  8. Version 1.0.0

    23months ago, Shar wore a silver bodysuit and a matching hair scrunchie as she ate ice cream and showed off her growing petite body. Today Shar puts the exact bodysuit back on and shows you how it looks on her now. Shar eats cream cakes and further talks to you about how much she’s grown since then. GS X x Filmed in portrait.


  9. Goddess Shar, just keep getting fat, Ok.  Dont stop, por favor !!!


    1. jarhead78


      It is mind-bending that this once-slender (and already stunning “conventionally attractive”) lady appeared on the scene so recently, with the singleminded mission to purposefully grow into a BBW goddess has now reached a huge 17-Stone and is still bingeing to grow ever curvier! 😍

    2. degek2001


      Wow, your curves are so sexy! ❤️ Henk

  10. Hi Goddess, everyday you looks perfect😍 your weight gain is incredible. Please do another blog!

  11. Version 1.0.0

    Shar has just been told she’s got the job. She’s over the moon! But little does Shar know that there is somebody else in her apartment wanting to celebrate with her.. Shar is tied and forcefed. She’s forced to stuff pasta, pizza and tiramisu... just when she thinks it’s all over.. she’s forced to chug heavy cream.. followed by milkshake and fanta. Shar begins to moan in pain. GS X x


  12.  By far, the best video I’ve ever seen of you is your most recent weight gain and weigh in video...  it’s unbelievably perfect. If anyone hasn’t bought it you’re missing out. Might actually be the best video on this site to date. I’d buy it today and twice on Sunday. Thank you for the post. It’s perfect. Can’t wait to see you get bigger.

  13. Version 1.0.0

    Shar is already fat n stuffed.. but she’s about to see how big and swollen she can really go! Shar chugs coke and mentos.. she moans about her already stuffed belly, but she keeps going TIL she’s about to burst. GS X x


  14. Version 1.0.0

    Shar chugs beer. She burps and talks to you about her weight gain..she shows you her fat growing belly from all different angles. Shar talks about where she would like to gain more weight on her body and shows you how her belly hangs. Shar makes up a gaining shake.. she chugs, rubs and plays with her belly. Shar wants more! She scoffs ice cream and shows off more of her big fat bloated belly! Finally, Shar steps on the scales. GS X x


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