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  1. Can't believe this girl got so fat. What a fucking hog she turned herself into. She looks like she's pregnant with triplets.

    1. bonedoc1958


      If you think that,  why are you even looking at her?  I think she is the hottest most sexy woman on  the planet.  

    2. stru


      I bet Bikerboy4 means it in a good way, that he likes that she is blowing up like a hog.


      Funny to think about, that this lazy and lard filled bbw once was a perfect 10 for the "normal guy", and now has turned into a perfect 10 in the fat fetish community 😍


    3. Bikerboy4


      She's so fat she has new stretch marks showing up every week. Her skin can't even handle the weight she's putting on.

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