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    2. Antpant


      Just love that know matter what ever you wear that fat belly always manages to break free 🥰 

    3. Hotty2fatty


      One of the skinniest little hotties to tease us with weight gain when you first joined curvage Shar. Thought for sure you would only allow 20 - 30 lbs on that sexy little body, that would have  had all the men in your life wrapped around your little finger, before dropping the weight and going back to your life as a slim hottie with all the perks that go with it. I was so wrong (or where we both wrong).

      Your one of the fat girls on the site now, such an incredible gain.  Shar is gone for good now, replaced by an incredibly greedy fatty who’s new found appetite is going to ensure you just keep getting fatter and fatter. So hot.

    4. Hungrier


      It must feel so liberating to eat anything and everything you desire without the fears that haunt us mere mortals?

      i for one desire that you keep indulging your hunger and continue to please your slaves! 

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