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  1. Honestly it's a normal thing. That some people wanted to view as a bad habit that needed fixing
  2. Hoping everyone has a wonderful Easter.

  3. Well I went to Long John silvers to get breakfast seen a very cute casher dang only wish I would keep a pen on me 

  4. The show inuyasha's end credit song is always sad to me :(

  5. I'm going to be honest be kind to your model they are people to they don't gotta be on these sites!

    Heck they could have there own Hugh Hefner at any time 

  6. So cute hope you do another workout vid when you get wider!
  7. wem0873

    My goal to 250

    Sweet I believe in you!
  8. I had a dream.

    Where I found a feedee girl that wanted to grow, an just live an amazing life!

  9. Club sandwich from browns in portersville pa 


  10. Really would love to indulge in this idea with you
  11. I would have to ask ya for your number and how much food ya would want ordered to the beach
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