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  1. Hope soon you'll be as big as luscious and we could see a comparison ♥️
  2. All over your beautiful body ♥️ Your round chubby cheeks, fat arms, thick thighs, hot belly and fat butt 😍😍
    You look so good 😍 Such a sexy fat whale 😍😍😍 Really looking forward to your body getting so much fatter
    Your looking even softer all over babe 😍😍 Literally packed on so much weight in just a few months 😍😍😍
    You look amazing you should just keep laying there and eat more 😍 You might say your fullied but I know you could eat 10 cheese cakes
    I definitely can say I'd love to take care of you 😚, I really am looking forward to the day your laying around all the time an just getting fatter!!! Unable to lift a finger
    Still wondering how to help you get fatter faster love
  3. I really enjoy any video you take love you gotta get bigger fatter and so much rounder and soft 😍😍😍😍
  4. I personally can say is love to see you go to 400, 500, 600,700, and 800+ Then hopefully you still feel up to it love an put on more
  5. I'd love to feed you more an more. Beautiful casey
    Looking great!! Still really would love to see you not able to fit through your door or bed
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