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  1. Tornald

    Aria Giovanni

    Thank you very much for the recent photo. I indeed was wondering how Aria is looking now and how chubby she is. She is looking well fed, just like I imagined. Do you have any other recent pictures of the voluptuous Aria? BTW: I like your profile photo! 😉
  2. Big ass and a hint of a double-chin.
  3. Ana Cheri Garcia - Blue Lingerie - OF (Nov/20) nice booty
  4. I just discovered these pics from a stocking video 2020: Melissa with a great ass:
  5. Tornald

    Aria Giovanni

    I wonder how Aria Giovanni is looking now and how chubby she is now? Because there are no newer pics on the internet of Aria and because it is christmas time I searched for older x-mas pics. I found some from different years with different sizes of Aria`s booty and collected three examples for your pleasure and to documate her weight-gain over the years. Have fun with my created wallpaper: 😁
  6. Tornald

    Kelly Brook

    Kelly is such a beauty! 😃
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