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  1. Thickening... softer and fatter we grow, Naomi.
  2. The only way she can get away with a crop top is that frontal angle. If she turned to the side, her belly would clearly project. Not to mention that but of flab on her forearms and her thickening jaw. Naomi must be loving the (mostly) self employed lifestyle. Nothing but sitting on her ass, playing games for money, eating her favorite snacks, and letting the buttons fly.
  3. I love Hannah’s soft arms. And you can tell by how wide her body below her bust is that she’s still thick. That double chin on Kim ain’t bad either.
  4. When you build your brand off being fat, wonderful things tend to happen. Performers who do this usually only end up getting fatter out of necessity for the act.
  5. Naomi looking thick around the middle. Seems like with no IGN keeping her on a diet, she’s developimg to have a true gamer’s body.
  6. She’ll have no choice but to fight at featherweight if she’s as undisciplined as we expect her to be during this pregnancy.
  7. One of the best slow burns I’ve ever read, man.
  8. Qedrian41

    Kelly Osbourne

    Big jackets can disguise, but tight jeans don’t lie. Kelly has put on a few.
  9. Well within the limit for flyweight. She could have been 126 and officially made weight.
  10. Yeah... that’s kinda how weight cutting works. Nobody walks around at their fighting weight unless you’re Justin Gaethje or Jon Jones. 9 pounds is not that much to cut at all.
  11. Dude, you got 5/6 I’d your pictures morphed. Why are you bumping the thread 2 years later?
  12. My friend Lilly, Harleen Quinzel on DeviantArt, https://www.deviantart.com/harieyquinzel has completed a sequel to the Poison Ivy story I posted in a separate thread on this forum. Let us know what you think of it! In a comic style textbox Last time we left off, Ivy was locked up only to be broken out by no other than Harley Quinn. We now join them mid break out! “Hey, how come th’ box gets ta explain what happened an’ not moi?!” Harley explained, somehow knowing about the textbox above her. Ivy running behind her, barely able to keep up and already out of breath shouted back “What are... you... talking... about…?” “The te-..where did it go?” Harley questioned before remembering no one else could break the fourth wall. “Sorry Red… just thought I saw somethin’.” Harley said as she shot an unlucky guard who was in their way with her pop-gun. Ivy, huffing and puffing behind her, covered in sweat and face as red as a tomato, was close to giving up. “Harl, please tell me we aren't too far from the exit now?” “Oh don't worry Red! I got yer car just parked just outside here!” She shouted excitedly while pointing at a nearby door. Before long, they had both managed to make it in the car, driving away to Harley's current hideaway, with Ivy a little worse for wear. “So Red… how did that happen?” Harley quizzed, without taking her eyes off the road. “How did what happen?” Ivy said in a bad attempt to deny her recent weight gain. “That!” Harley said, taking one hand off the steering wheel to poke Ivy's belly for a second, her finger sinking in a bit, before sheepishly taking a good grip back on the wheel. “Well… you see Harl...” Ivy began to get flustered, clearly embarrassed her girlfriend had taken such a notice to her new body and couldn't seem to look past it. Red relax! I don't care! Sometimes plants gro-” Harley burst out laughing at her own terrible joke, unable to finish her sentence. “Harley!” Ivy spat out, unable to see the humor in Harley's joke. “It's not like I like being like this!” As Ivy said this, she picked up her gut and dropped it on her lap, causing her entire torso and thighs to jiggle, for emphasis. “Calm down Red!” Harley said apologetically. “I was just teasin’ ya! It's cuddle fluff! More of ya ta love!” Ivy only grumbled in response. After an hour or so, the terrible twosome had made their way to Harley's house, a big building on Coney Island. Rushing up, Harley left Ivy to make her own way up. Once again drenched in sweat, Ivy finally made her way up to the top floor where Harley stayed in. “I'm low on energy. Have you got anything to eat here Harl?” Harley shouted back where to find the food and to bring her some. While Ivy went about preparing a meal for them both, Harley was talking to her pet beaver, Bernie. “I'm so happy she's back Bern!” Harley squealed. Without moving his burnt mouth, Bernie replied, “Yeah… I heard her coming a mile away.” “Bernie! Don't talk about Ivy like that!” “Talk like what?” Ivy said in her usual seductive voice, managing to walk up behind Harley without her noticing, holding a tray with two heaping bowls of macaroni and cheese, one for each of them. “Oh nothin’, nothin’!” Harley said, suddenly a bit flustered. “So is that fer both of us..?” Ivy smiled politely, finding Harley's flustered behavior cute. “Yeah, I hope you like it.” After about an hour of eating, or in Harley's case, painful stuffing as she had eaten it all to be polite, they had both finished lunch, Harley clutching her incredibly stuffed stomach and Ivy already having gotten hungry again and eating her forth packet of chips. Moaning in pain, Harley set aside her plate before laying back, still clutching her gut, slowly drifted off to sleep, during which Ivy decided to sunbathe for a short time on Harley's roof before going back down. Noticing Harley still fast asleep, Ivy decided to make a phone call. Harley was awoken by her door being knocked on. Getting up, still feeling slightly full from her lunch, she answered it, which to her surprise was a pizza delivery guy. “So I'm guessing you're having yourself a bit of a party ma'am?” He asked while he started to pull out different goodies from his travel bag. “Urm… no? Sorry I didn't order any pizza.” Harley replied, tilting her head a little. A happy, “I did!” came from behind Harley, from Ivy, who was now wearing an ill-fitting dressing gown she had left at Harley's for whenever she was over. “To pay you back for getting me out, don't worry I'll pay....” She said before grabbing the delivery guy by his shirt and slowly kissing him, causing him to fall under her control. “So uhhh… wh-... what can I do for you miss...?” “Ivy will do and you can start by giving us all the food you have in that bag and any more you have outside, as well as the money.” She said, winking at the guy before he walked off in a drunk like fashion, only to return minutes later with more food and a little over $125 in cash. After getting everything set out, there was a total of: 4 pizzas, 1 large bottle of Coke, a tub of ice cream, 2 small boxes of brownies and some garlic bread. Having somehow forgotten the previous lunch, Harley and Ivy dug in. “Ahh, a girl can get used ta this!” Harley exclaimed happily just before taking a bite out of her pizza. After some time, both Harley and Ivy had managed to pass out into a food coma, stuffed beyond their limitations. A couple weeks later “Ivy! Come quick!” Could be heard panicky through the building, before heavy footsteps followed them. “Wha… what… is it… petal?” Ivy asked, bright faced and exhausted from having moved at such a quick pace. “What do ya mean what is it?! My clothes won't come on!” This was true, she was just standing in a very tight bra and panties, with her shorts about half way up her thighs, looking a little stuck and her corset was laying on her bed, the zip broken from being unable to contain Harley's heavy chest. Much to Harley's surprise, Ivy could only smirk. “Red, why are ya smirkin’...? This ain't good!” “Well, maybe not but why not view it like you do with me, cuddle fluff. Being thicker kind of suits you anyway Harl.” “R-really…?” “Yes, peanut.” Ivy said as she walked up to Harley, giving her a hug before placing a hand firmly on her huge ass and jiggling it a bit, causing Harley to blush. “It'll take a lil gettin’ used to if ya want me ta stay like this.” “Well it's not like you'll be catching up to me any time soon.” After this, they both shared a quick kiss before Harley managed to find some more stretchy clothing which still remained a little tight on her. After a little while, Harley decided to take some rubbish out, heading up towards her roof planing to launch it away in her giant catapult she had named the scatapult, but once she got up, she heard a feminine but disguised voice boom from atop the roof entry door. “My my, haven't we been treating ourselves lately.” Turning around to face the voice. “Bratgirl! What are ya doin’ here? Did daddy bat command you?” Making a child like impression of a moody bosses face as she said so. Raising her hands up, Batgirl replied. “Now now Harley, I'm not here to fight…” she jumped down off the entry and began to walk up to Harley. “...yet, we know you're the one who broke out Ivy from Arkham and that you're now harbouring her.” Batgirl jabbed her finger into Harley's chubby chest. “We’re going easy on you for now, if we hear about you or Ivy doing anything else, you. Will. Be. Brought. In!” “Oh will I babybat? Well why don't ya just flllyyyyy awaaaaay back ta yer mucky cave and wait fer me then?!” “This was just a warning Harley, for things to come.” After that, Batgirl grapples directly upwards, entering the batjet, before darting off back towards Gotham. Imminently after this, Harley dashed back towards Ivy, her cleavage bouncing uncontrollably. “Ivy!” She panted. “Batgirl knows I got ya! She said if we do anythin’ she'll take us both in!” Before Ivy could speak, a sound could be heard that was similar to a rope going taunt and then a slightly loud bang as something heavy hit on the wall beside them. “Oh, that's only if we don't get to her first”
  13. My friend Lilly wrote a story about one of her favorite DC characters, Poison Ivy. She doesn't have very much of a following since this is her first story, so I got her permission to signal boost this. Here's a link to her DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/harieyquinzel Here's the story. Enjoy. It was day 3 of a heat wave in Gotham City, a strange anomaly but of all the Gothamites, Poison Ivy, was the most able to take advantage of this. She was spending another day on the rooftop of her latest hideout in nothing but a leaf bikini and a pair of sunglasses which Harley had jokingly given her the last time they met. Slightly bored, she picked up her phone that she had left by her side, checking the latest news reports in case of anything she might be able to use, but alas there was nothing. “I could use another lazy day anyway.” She remarked, smirking a little. After awhile, she drifted into a nap. Waking up a few hours later, Ivy decided to tend to her plants she had inside the building, but decided to get into her normal leafly corset but after taking off her bikini panties, Ivy notices some red marks where they had been digging into her, running a finger over the marks, she muttered. “Better stop getting as much sun..” After a second, she smirked and said “photosynthesis does have its cons.” After putting her regular corset on, having loosened it a little to allow for the past couple days, she began to tend to her plants, whispering to them all, “You'll all have your day soon, something will come up soon b**s… momma promises.” After a couple of more days pass, Ivy's phone went off from a news alert. The Gotham City Botanical gardens would be hosting a fundraiser where they would be holding for one night only, a rare plant only found naturally in South America called the zombie root. Put together with this was a weather report saying that today would be the last day in the heatwave. “Better make the most of it.” Ivy thought to herself before going up to the building’s roof, her ass jiggling slightly. Ivy spent the rest of the day up there, forgetting about her recent realisation about what happens if she spends too long out in the sun. When night fell, she rushed down back to her makeshift living room, getting a little out of breath from the effort of moving at such a speed. “I should grab something to eat.” She thought to herself, thinking being out of breath meant she needed more energy. After she fixed herself a couple of chocolate spread sandwiches, she attempted to put her iconic corset back on but was unable to. “Well I did just eat..” She thought to herself, before making new one with help from a couple of her nearby plants. The end result being a skin tight dark green dress, that showed off her newly chubby belly and empathised on her larger breasts, while also leaving her chubby arms and thunder thighs completely visible. Later that night, roughly about ten minutes before the fundraiser was due to start, Ivy made her way into the building where the plant was being held, having convinced a hired guard to tell her what room it was in, she slowly went her way to it, doing her signature strut as she did so. With surprisingly little difficulty, she managed to grab the Zombie root. “The rest of the rent-a-pigs are probably away eating donuts.” She said ironically, unaware of exactly how big she had recently gotten. Taking the opportunity of a lifetime which has taken the form of an unlocked window, she attempted to get out but got stuck. “The price I pay for protecting plant life!” She hissed under her breath before managing to free herself. Below the windowsill she found herself now on, was a large Lily pad she had gotten to wait for her arrival, jumping down, her breasts jiggled uncontrollably for a couple seconds before making her clean escape. After having succeeded in liberating the zombie root from the meatbags at the Gotham City Botanical Gardens, Ivy decided to celebrate and had grabbed herself a carrot cake, in which she had planned to have a slice that night, then use the rest to give herself energy when she couldn't get sunlight. This however had shortly changed when she took her first bite, she nearly moaned in pleasure from the taste and once Ivy finished her first slice, she cut herself another. And another. And another. She simply had to have more. “This must be what heaven is like!” She thought to herself. She kept eating more slices there was no more of the cake left, clutching her slightly swollen stomach from having just ate an entire family sized cake, she burped and drifted off into a sleep. Two months later Ivy was awoken by her phone going off, another news alert. As she went to pick her phone up, all that could be heard was the crinkling of wrappers from her midnight snack from the previous night. Pressing the power button, she quickly read what the alert said. It was about the Titan Arum, an endangered species of flower, officially being declared extinct. “What?!” Ivy shouted in outrage, sitting upright, her belly sitting itself on her lap. She got up and stormed over to her kitchen and made herself a four-cheese sandwich with a bag of chips to go with it. She scarfed it down in what she tried to tell herself was an attempt to temporarily distract herself from her anger but deep down was actually hunger for human food. After cleaning the crumbs from her meal off herself, she put on a corset she had recently made, but when she sat down to have a second breakfast, her belly ripped completely through the leaf like fabric, causing her to become slightly embarrassed with herself. “I guess I have gained a bit of weight recently....” After managing to heave her 260 pound body up once again, she begrudgingly made herself yet another outfit, just as skin tight as usual. As she went to leave however, she grabbed herself a full pack of chocolate biscuits for the trip. About half an hour later, she had made it back to Gotham’s Botanical Gardens. “Hmph… haven't been here since the heist.” But without a second thought, she walked up to the front door, her ass and boobs shaking uncontrollably with each step she took. Using a vine to break down the door and several others to tie up the different people within the gardens, Ivy strutted in, looking for someone to prey on, who might know who was responsible for the last few seedlings of the Titan Arum. Before she could, a deep voice boomed across the room from behind her. “Ivy!” Ivy turned around with a smirk on her face and opened her arms a little to help show her body off a little. “Like what you see Batman?” She teased. Batman as per usual, avoided the question and started to walk over Ivy. As Batman did so, he pulled out his custom handcuffs. “I'm giving you a chance here Ivy. Give yourself up and come wi-AGH!” Before he was able to finish his sentence, Ivy pulled a vine out of the ground and used it to trap Batman. After the vine stopped twisting and tugging at Batman’s body, it released a gas designed to slow someone down from multiple flower heads that were beginning to bloom over it. As the gas released, Ivy took her chance and ran away as fast as she could, her entire body jiggling wildly and sweat already dripping down from her head into her cleavage. However, during this time Batman slipped out a bat shaped flip knife and cut his way out of the vines. He gave chase but it didn't take him long as Ivy had ran out of breath and was lying down completely exhausted and could offer little resistance to Batman arresting her. Around half an hour after her capture, Ivy was already placed back into her cell within Arkham. As she got settled down, she rested her head in her hand, using her gut to help support her arm, she growled slightly under her breath as she swore revenge for Batman taking advantage of her new weight. After awhile though she heard a familiar giggle echo through the corridor and the source was getting closer.
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