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  1. There is a story of two female lawyers. One is thin and the other is heavier. The thin one is having all kinds of success so the heavier one challenges her that her success is because of how she looks. The thin one gains weight and actually gets taken off of the big cases. The heavier one loses weight and becomes a partner. Anyone know what story This is?
  2. Has anyone else experienced this. My gf used to be very fit and trim. She worked out 5 times per week. A few things happened in the last year two years and her diet dramatically changed. None of this was my doing. That being said, she has put on over 60 pounds. I like it but have noticed her having severe mood swings. She gets extremely angry when hungry and is hungry a lot of the times. She actually eats about 4 regular meals a day now because of this. Anyway, the gain is great but the mood swings are confusing. Is this normal with weight gain?
  3. Looking for a story about two women who I think are lawyers. One starts off thin and has the favor of the firm the other starts off heavy and is not as popular. The heavier woman convinces the thinner one that the only reason she has favor and is succeeding is because of her looks. The thin woman winds up gaining a lot of weight. What story is this?
  4. Surely someone has photos of this....Let's go Curvage you can do it
  5. Thank you for the recommendation. Any other ideas? Would absolutely love to see Beyonce put on about 40 pounds.
  6. Buehler....Buehler. ...anyone? .Ferris Buehler.
  7. Does anyone have any stories / photos of gorgeous black women gaining weight? I am thinking along the lines of beauty of Tyra Banks (I am well aware of her photos). What I would love to see is someone like Alicia Keys put on 50 plus pounds. Anyone have documentation of this?
  8. Looking for before and afters of fit to fat professionals in their 20's. Ideally would be women who stayed thin in college but blew up before having kids.
  9. I knew her as well and she was nice. However, she used to totally be a snob before she started gaining some weight. Once she quit working out during her sophomore year and started studying, partying more the weight came on. slowly the first semester and that was when she started hanging out with our group from the dorm. I still think my friend Stephanie played a part in fattening her up. Steph would encourage her to eat by bringing cookies from her mom's house, brownies, and alcohol. Anyway, the next thing you knew her studying, partying, (and Steph) in my opinion had conspired to really cause her to gain weight. This is still one of the sad cases for me because she is so unhappy with the weight, but feels powerless. anyway, sorry to ruin the partybut I guess not all weight gain is created equal(?).
  10. Obviously I am aware of the ones that have happened lol. Just wondering if there is anything in real time
  11. Any chance someone could track the legendary brooke down for an interview? It would be great to see what she looks like now (i heard a couple years ago that she had lost the weight, but once you go fat....its hard to go back).
  12. Could someone with computer skills put together a best of all time before and after picture thread? Not one with multiple progress pictures, but where each woman has a before a during and an after shot.
  13. Does anyone know if there are any active gainers documenting their gain starting when they were thin and now being heavier? I dont like nudity, or stuffing videos, but more along the lines of the lovemycurves type of thing. Also, if they were traditionally hot that is good also. I like it when a college soroity girl type gets heavier.
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