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  1. SyabLovesChub

    Geordie shore

    Gosh, that belly 😍
  2. SyabLovesChub

    I think my friend wants to get fat? oO

    Just saw this thread from beginning to the latest update. Boy, has she gotten bigger as time progressed!
  3. SyabLovesChub

    Chanelle Hayes

    You can clearly see her Mummy Tummy in the photo
  4. SyabLovesChub

    Geordie shore

    God, she'd be even hotter! 😍
  5. SyabLovesChub

    Geordie shore

    God, Charlotte was so hot when she was chubby!
  6. SyabLovesChub

    All good things...

    Ah geez. At least her Feebs is still up
  7. SyabLovesChub

    Soft and Jiggly gaining Admin Lady

    She is definitely going to be a whole lot heftier after Thanksgiving
  8. SyabLovesChub

    Soft and Jiggly gaining Admin Lady

    Geez @I-gotachubbywife, you got that magic touch! First it's your wife now it's a colleague of yours? Who's next 😏
  9. Pretty encouraging that her fiancé loves her curves. Hopefully it's more than enough convincing for her to grow them further.
  10. SyabLovesChub


    That would be an awesome concept though
  11. SyabLovesChub

    Favorite Chubby Gal Picture Pose

    Just all her hands on her belly. Shaking it
  12. SyabLovesChub

    New here

    Hello there!
  13. SyabLovesChub

    Like mother like daughter

    looking forward to the photo's. Especially of the mom, gotta love a mummy tummy 😉😂
  14. SyabLovesChub

    Am I Hypocritical?

    It's not hypocritical of you at all. As much as you want to give in to your desires, if it makes you unhappy; it's meaningless to gain weight if you feel its uncomfortable to do so