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  1. Hi Goddess, everyday you looks perfect😍 your weight gain is incredible. Please do another blog!

  2. Kitty, your weight gain is incredible 😍 all your meals, your belly... It' unic. Please continue gain weight!!


  3. Hi GoddessGoddess, your weight gain is incredible 😍😍 please do a weigh in video and show uour incredible belly. Continue please!

  4. Goddess, you are the best and your gain are incredible 😍😍 please continue!!

    1. rotwang


      I love to imagine how much the floorboards creak under your stupendous weight gain as you walk across the room. Louder and louder with every pound of your growth.  And to think you're going to gain another 40 pounds just drives me over the brink of orgasm.  THANKS  !!!

    2. Jayt369


      Everyday you are more and more beautiful congratulations on everything coming your way you earn it

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