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    Skinny to fat, bbw, ssbbw, ussbbw. Most shapes. Feeding. Eating.

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  1. Ok I'm dumb cus I've backtracked a bit. I more than agree it's entirely awesome for women to get insanely massive. Maybe I just get a slightly depressed cus I wanna fatten one so bad from thin to ssbbw or maybe maybe ussbbw but yea that's bout it. Eat all the food and then some forreal quite awesome. Can't wait to see what some of you start looking like cus I know I ain't been there for every journey in their entirety but uhhh I've seen some of some mind breakingly hot bodies over the years (as well as seen them only get bigger and bigger) and I feel like a better person because of it. 🤠.

    1. whismic


      im a smaller bbw, new to the curvage community and wish i could find someone who would help me gain. a lot of people in my immediate life have issues with my recent weight gain and self confidence that came with it. i keep hearing them make comments about how they want me "healthy", while ignoring how my mental health has improved since i stopped dieting constantly... idk what to do about it honestly. 

  2. Wow ima lame ass, I gotta delete this shit, that's from my lushesness days. Now I am Kung Fu Meista Sifu. Also. I must poop. 🐯🐅
  3. I love being fat. I accidentally doubled my weight and now I want to get even bigger. Sw 135 hw 270 cw 260 gw 600. Will provide a before picture if necessary. Serious female feeders only. I am ready to be funnel fed and stuffed by you.
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