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  1. What's hotter than a chubby girl lotioning her curves? (The correct answer is nothing, duh) Wearing an adorable lavender babydoll I explore my plump body, showing you just how jiggly my soft belly is. Soon I pull back my lingerie to rub lotion all over my big tummy, making it shiny and even SOFTER. I can't help but finger my belly button a little bit, easily sliding in and out now that I'm all slick with lotion. Playing with fat just feels SO good.


  2. Going to be adding this extremely hot video of me lotioning my fat belly today! 




    1. regbill


      Damn,your belly looks gorgeous!:wub:

  3. Curvage I'm still alive! Just riding the wave of chaos that is moving halfway across the country. Anyway, here's my gut && bum

    Photo on 6-14-19 at 6.01 PM #3.jpg

    Photo on 6-14-19 at 6.02 PM #2.jpg

  4. Hey babe, I found something on your computer and I wanted to talk to you about it... You forgot to close a tab on your laptop yesterday,I saw it when I was trying to watch Netflix. I found pictures you posted online of your belly. I didn't know you have a belly fetish! And I'm not judging you at all, I mean look at my chubby belly. But I also noticed that you've gained a little weight recently, and I didn't know how to tell you that I actually think it's really cute. I never told you that I have a weight gain fetish, but now that I know you're into it I'm going to worship that little belly. I've definitely thought about feeding you and fattening you up and now I want to do it for real. Let me feed you, take care of you, and make your little belly grow and grow. Are you into that? In this girlfriend experience clip I slowly escalate my feeder desires, slowly revealing to you that now only do I love your pudgy little belly, but that I want to make you REALLY FAT. I assure you that there's no need to be embarrassed for posting pictures online without telling me. We all use the internet to share some secrets. But I'm so glad that I know what you're into now, because I've been harboring the fantasy of making you fat for SO LONG and now I can finally do it. tags: female feeder ffa female fat admirer feederism feedee bbw bhm weight gain gfe girlfriend experience gentle femdom kink fetish belly roleplay feederism feedism


  5. Love finding vintage lingerie at the thrift store!

    Photo on 5-28-19 at 5.44 PM.jpg

    Photo on 5-28-19 at 5.45 PM #2.jpg

    1. regbill


      Your beautiful curves make the lingerie look damn good.❤️

  6. I've put on a lil weight since I last posted 😏



    1. degek2001


      Wow, there is growing a tummy! NIce. ❤️ Henk

    2. thetingtangdude


      This is what i like to read about😜 let’s keep that gaining going 😍

  7. Version 1.0.0

    This is my first video in a couple weeks and since I last uploaded I've gained a lil WEIGHT. I'm feeling so plump and well fed that I just had to show off my pudgy belly in a tank top that's wayyy to small to cover it up. I start by talking about all the yummy foods I've been eating at home and on vacation (hint: Las Vegas casino buffet). As I talk about eating and gaining while touching my gut I get increasingly turned on and it becomes increasingly clear that I'm losing control of my appetite. I share with you how I want you to put your hands on all my soft parts and make me jiggle and shake. I even tell you how I want you to make me wobble all OVER while you fuck me. I need you to feed, fatten, and fuck me. I need you to see how wet I get just from being fed until I'm stuffed, and then to fill me with your hard cock. this clip contains: BBW, feederism, feedee, feedism, big belly, fat fetish, weight gain, gaining weight, fat talk, dirty talk, chubby, thick, curvy


  8. Oh fuck yeah, keep this gut nice n FULL


    1. regbill
    2. upsized


       OMG you're really fattening up!!!!! I'm so jealous.😍

  9. This is a pretty good view, right?


    1. regbill


      Personally,I think that view is freaking awesome.;)

  10. Not to toot my own horn but I'm the QUEEN of fat talk.


    Smash like if you've ever fantasized about boning someone && making them fatter with each thrust.


    1. Becca Crush

      Becca Crush

      I am still trying to get comfortable talking about it.  It's a brand new zone for me.  I'd love to hear how a queen does it 😍🖤

  11. Version 1.0.0

    Wouldn't it be hot if you could fuck me fatter? I want you to add pounds to my chubby little body with every thrust. Wearing tight thigh highs and a tiny crop top I beg you to fill my plump tight pussy with your thick dick, imagining my body ballooning up every time you fuck me. I want to be your dumb little fucktoy, getting so big and soft, lazy and weak every time you fill me up with your big hard cock. Watch my fat belly and tits bounce as I fantasize about gaining weight before your very eyes while I ride you. I can't keep my hands off of my jiggly soft body, and I need you to fuck me til I'm nice and big and round.


  12. Back on youtube baby!!


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    2. degek2001


      Wow, welcome back at YouTube! ❤️ Henk

    3. Rebeljoe


      So fucking hot

  13. Should I make a youtube channel again???

  14. Hi cuties! I just put a bunch of my recent videos on sale. Treat yourself!


  15. Craving some good old fashioned belly worship ❤️

    ezgif.com-gif-maker (2).gif

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    2. Mystical887


      Hot is right! 😍

    3. Rebeljoe


      I'd worship every inch of it.

    4. regbill


      I would love to worship that beautiful belly of yours.

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