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  1. Hi cuties! I just put a bunch of my recent videos on sale. Treat yourself!


  2. Craving some good old fashioned belly worship ❤️

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    2. Mystical887


      Hot is right! 😍

    3. Rebeljoe


      I'd worship every inch of it.

    4. regbill


      I would love to worship that beautiful belly of yours.

  3. sweetheartlou

    Chubby Girl JOI

    Version 1.0.0

    You like chubby girls, huh? I love how hard my curves make you, it turns me on so much when you stroke your cock to me touching my bulging belly and tits. Wearing a skin tight body suit I flaunt my soft body, touching myself all over and encouraging you to stroke your hard dick to me. I slowly take the bodysuit off, revealing my plump tits and round belly. I love how much you want me, and by the end of the video I get a little bossy, telling you to cum all over my jiggling body. this clip contains: BBW, jerk off instruction, JOI, jerk off encouragement, begging for cum, chubby belly, big tits, BBW worship, fat fetish, fat talk, BBW goddess


  4. sweetheartlou

    Belly Play & Fat Talk

    Version 1.0.0

    Just a short, sweet, and cheap clip of me in fishnets and a skimpy bra touching my plump body and talking about how much I love being a big chubby princess. I describe my bouncy round belly, and imagine you putting your hands all over me, enjoying how pudgy and helpless I am.


  5. Version 1.0.0

    We haven't been dating very much, but I have to tell you something. Promise not to get mad? I stopped taking my birth control. I know that's pretty fucked up and I should have told you sooner, but I've had this fantasy for a really long time. I want you to make me pregnant. I need you to fuck me raw all night long and fill me with your cum. I need you to BREED me. I want to swell up with a big pregnant belly and milky tits. Don't you want to cum inside my tight chubby pussy over and over until you knock me up? Don't be afraid, it's going to fell so good fucking me raw. And it's going to feel so good watching me swell up big and round knowing that YOU did this to me.


  6. Impregnation fantasy videos on curvage y/n????

    I like incorporating my fat & feederism fetishes with other kinks, but idk if that's your guys' jam too


  7. Version 1.0.0

    I want to get SO much fatter for you! I want you to turn me into a big obese pig. Just stuff me with all my favorite foods and fuck me when I'm fit to burst. I need to get fatter for you, baby. I want to be your very own slutty fat fucktoy. I need you to feed me thousands of calories every day and make my tits and belly and thighs swell up. Just keep stuffing and fucking my chubby little body until I'm huge.


  8. Ugggh I fucking LOVE a belly in a striped dress


    1. regbill


      I love your belly in a striped dress.:wub:

  9. Version 1.0.0

    I love turning aggressive fit jocks into weak horny pigs.I want to turn your six pack into a nice paunch, and then keep feeding you until you're a quivering mass of fat begging for more food. No more going to the gym, instead you're going to grow lazy and weak. You're going to lose every muscle in your body and you'll gain fat for me instead. Fit aggro guys like you, I just see potential for gaining so much weight. I'm going to make you addicted to eating and gaining. Trust me, everyone will notice your weight gain, and soon you'll be a completely unrecognizable hog, so fat you can barely even move. this clip contains: female feeder, weight gain encouragement, feederism, feedism, bbw, bhm, weight humiliation, weight control, domme, femdom


  10. sweetheartlou

    BBW Belly Tease

    Version 1.0.0

    In this very sensual teasing video I start touching my chubby body in a cropped hoodie and very tight striped dress. I rub and tease my soft tits, showing you just how plump I am through my clothing before unzipping and wriggling out of my sweatshirt. It's instantly clear how round and jiggly my belly is, and I gasp a lil while playing with my own soft fat. My belly is just so perfectly big and soft, my fingers easily sink in and it jiggles so much. I lift my dress, letting my gut plop out onto my lap and slowly rub, jiggle, and shake it, thoroughly enjoying the softness myself. Soon I peel the dress off entirely to play with my full fluffy tits, chunky thighs, and yummy belly for you.


  11. Happy birthday to meeeee 💕🎂💕



    1. regbill


      H:wub:appy Birthday,gorgeous!!!

    2. Rebeljoe


      Happy birthday.

  12. It's my birthday next week and I'm fantasizing about fucking CAKE


    1. regbill


      Next week I hope you get all of the cake your heart and belly desire.

    2. Rebeljoe


      I'd love to feed that cake to you. Maybe eat some off of you. Worship that beautiful body of yours.

  13. Version 1.0.0

    **Audio Only!** "My little boy’s thighs are getting so deliciously chubby since you hardly ever use them any more. You spend all day long sitting on the couch, or at your desk. And your belly! Your belly is becoming perfectly round. Don’t you love feeling your soft, globular belly resting on your lap? Mommy is so proud of how your belly is turning into a perfect ball of fat. Doesn’t it feel good when Mommy rubs your growing belly? I bet it feels even better when I rub it after you’ve eaten." In this very devious audio clip Mommy feeds you up into an enormous porker! I love the sweetness of being a dominant mommy, gently coaxing you into eating so much that you become full and helpless. Don't you want to let mommy take care of you?


  14. Version 1.0.0

    I've never wanted something so bad before, but then I've never met someone like you. I want to gain weight and get so fat for you. You make me feel so beautiful, like a chubby princess and it makes me want to give you more. I'm not supposed to want it, am I? I'm supposed to want to be thin but you make me want to get so FAT. I know you want me to get so much bigger, and it makes me want to turn into your big lazy greedy princess. Keep me spoiled and well fed and I'll just keep gaining and gaining and gaining. I don't know if it'll ever be enough, but I know no matter how fat I get you'll take care of me and keep me growing bigger.



    I'm celebrating by embracing my erotic energy, filming clips, and admiring my yummy curves


    1. regbill


      Happy Valentines Day,Lou!!!❤️  You're looking nice and soft this evening.

    2. Rebeljoe


      My god I want to feed you.