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  1. Omgggg I'm so excited to upload this!!


  2. 🧁Stuffing 🍰Pastries 🍩

    Filling my chubby cheeks with tarts, cupcakes, and petit fours while you watch



  3. I've been plumping UP and decided to treat myself to decadent little pastries. It feels soo good to fill my chubby cheeks with tarts, cupcakes, and petit fours while you watch. I jiggle my big rotund belly, lick icing and pastry from my fingers, chug milk while I chow down and talk about how BIG I'm getting. I just love to eat and it feels so good to show off my piggy appetite. I even let out a few satisfied burps as I get more and more full. After stuffing myself I rub my bare swollen belly for you, showing you just how soft and fat this little piglet is getting. this clip contains: eating stuffing bbw feederism feedee weight gain gaining weight belly play fat talk fat fetish chubby tummy jiggle plumper brunette glasses leda lavandula


  4. 🐷Your fat girlfriend wants to make YOU fat 🐷


    Night In With Your Feeder GF


    Lets stay in and stuff you silly


    1. SodamFat



    2. butterballgurl


      such a hottie, perfect lady

  5. You thought you and your girl were going to go out for dinner, but it turns out she has other plans for you... You come home to find her not even dressed, only wearing lingerie. She beckons you to come sit with her on the couch and get cozy cause it's so cold and wet outside. You seem a little annoyed and she teases you for being hangry. She wants to order in and cuddle because she knows you'll eat much much more when you're alone together. And she wants to see you EAT. That little belly you're growing is getting sooo chubby but it's not enough for her. She wants to make the pounds pile on, starting by ordering more pizza and sides than you think you can eat. But your gf is insistent, she even wants to stroke your cock while she orders to get you ready to stuff your face for her. Cozy nights in with your feeder girlfriend is guaranteed to make you GAIN. this clip contains: bbw feederism bhm feedee female feeder weight gain gaining weight fat fetish belly gentle femdom female fat admirer ffa weight gain encouragement


  6. Your girl certainly isn't missing any meals


  7. Just a short sexy n cute video of me dancing around to one of my favorite songs and slowly slipping out of my lavender babydoll. Lots of belly shaking and jiggling, and a few cute views of my chubby butt.


  8. moving from a punk house into your own space will make you fucking fat



  9. Honestly, I turned my own damn self on editing this clip Night In With Your Horny Lazy Feedee All your girl wants to do is EAT and have her huge gut touched (oh, and make turn you on)





    1. quinnlane


      I spy a cutie! 😍

    2. sweetheartlou


      youuu!!! very happy to see you here

  10. You and your girlfriend planned to go out on a date, but when you get to her place she's in bed in her sweats. She coyly apologizes for not getting dressed and explains that she's just been so comfy in bed all day and doesn't want to go out into the cold. She starts pushing your buttons right away, trying to get you hard by showing how tight her sweatpants are getting around her growing gut and asking if you want to stay in and order pizza. Once she gets you in bed with your pants off she starts talking about how much weight she's put on since you've started dating, begging you to feel how big her belly and tits are getting. All she wants to do is stay comfy in bed and pig out while you watch. She's such a horny little piggy, showing off her swollen gut and describing how soft and flabby it's getting. Soon she's telling you how hungry she is and begging you to order that XL pizza. She even wants to stroke your cock while you order! She's so greedy for bloating her belly with pizza and soda and needs it now. Your girlfriend really is turning into a huge piggy slut for you. this clip contains: bbw feederism feedee big belly fat fetish fat talk belly play dirty talk slut slutty girlfriend gfe weight gain gaining weight


  11. An absolute classic and personal favorite: jiggling my big fat gut from a low angel and talking about how fat I've gotten. My appetite has gotten totally out of control and the result is obvious, I'm officially FAT now. Not just chubby or plump, a legit fatty. I talk about how badly I want you to touch and worship my belly. I even share one of my favorite fantasies: waking up hungry in the middle of the night and sending you to the store to get fattening snacks. I want you to press your fingers and fat into my soft chub, and encourage me to get even bigger! this clips contains: bbw weight gain gaining weight feedee feederism fat talk belly play jiggle gut tummy obese feedism feedist ass body worship belly hang brunette tattoos chubby



    New clip for the feedees of curvage

    You thought you were gonna netflix and chill, but your foxy coworker wants to make you an out of control mountain of fat ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  13. The cute plump coworker you've been eyeing for years recently broke up with her ex and asked you out! You were so shocked and pleased because your crush on her has gotten really intense recently, so you immediately agreed to take her to your favorite restaurant. After dinner she invites you to her place and you're so excited because you think you're finally going to hook up, but it turns out she has something totally different in mind. She lights some candles and sits you down in front of her. Instead of coming onto you she starts talking about your larger than average appetite, making you blush and get kind of uncomfortable. Soon she's revealing that she's really into men that can eat, and get this, she's prepared a spell for you. She lights a special candle and suddenly you start blimping up before both of your eyes. She's delighted, explaining that you're going to keep fattening up until the candle burns out and you're left immobile! She gets visibly turned on as she talks about how hugely fat you're going to get, how you're even going to be rapidly gaining at work tomorrow (In front of all your coworkers!) Your belly is going to get so big and bloated it's going to be hard for you to waddle by the end of the day. Gulp. But there's nothing you can do but let yourself endlessly fatten up, because you're under her control. this clip contains: bbw bhm extreme weight gain feederism female feeder male feedee gaining weight obesity immobility fantasy femdom witch magic spell belly fetish kink fat talk female fat admirer ffa


  14. New clip full of fat talk and ice cream 😈😈😈😈



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