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  1. Your step sister is a terrible tease and loves to make you blush. But today she goes even further and hits you in a sensitive spot when she starts talking about her body and asking you what you think of it! She's only wearing too small shorts and bra when you come into her room and she knows that you're into her chubby rotund body. Not only is she chubby and sexy, but she reveals that she's actually a feedee and has been gaining on purpose! Now your step sis wants you to make her FAT. this clip contains: bbw chubby belly play fat fetish feedee feederism feedist taboo step sister brother role play pov brunette glasses kink


  2. We need to have a little talk about your weight... You've been blimping up and Mommy wants to have a little chat. She asks if you get teased at school, you must since you've gotten SO big and chubby. She teases you and makes you show her your growing gut. Mommy tells you that you have to lose weight! She has to put you on a very special diet. But soon Mommy can't help but expose her true intentions. She actually has been secretly fattening you up, adding calories to every meal and enabling your laziness. All Mommy wants if for you to be a totally lazy constantly growing MINDLESS pig. this clip contains: bbw bhm weight gain encouragement weight humiliation mommy domme gaining weight femdom female feeder feederism fat fetish belly chubby ffa female fat admirer fat talk taboo


  3. Into power play? Curious about getting fed? Hot for fat talk and chubby belly jiggling??

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  4. Don't forget to take advantage of my discounted clips!

    Feedee curious? I got you, I make super sexy female feeder clips

    Love coupling feederism with other fetishes like taboo and femdom

    And, queen of fat talk





    1. regbill


      Looking gorgeous,Lou!❤️

  5. Use Curvage codes to get my videos for CHEAP this week


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  6. My newest mutual weight gain clip is on sale right now!

    Your step sis is OBSESSED with your newly budding little belly



  7. Your step sister has been piling on the pounds, but you've started to gain a lil weight yourself. One day she calls you into her room and confesses that she's always had a little crush on you, but since you've put on a few she can't contain her feelings any more! Not only has she been gaining weight on purpose, but she's turned on by the belly you're starting to grow. She wants you to gain with her under your parents' noses! Playing with her big gut she fantasizes about staying up all night eating and playing with each other's bloated bellies. She even wants to be the fattest sibling pair at school, and for everyone to notice how big you both are getting! this clip contains: feederism female feeder feedee mutual gaining weight gain gaining weight fat talk belly play taboo step sister fetish kink bbw bhm female fat admirer ffa sweetheart lou


  8. Waiting for this candid sushi eating and belly play video to be approved!

    I'm in the middle of a hotel get away and am having soooo much fun rolling around a huge bed and ordering delivery 


  9. I'm enjoying a weekend hotel get away, which means ordering delivery and wearing cute lingerie! Watch this candid clip of me stuffing my face with sushi wearing a cute lace bra and leggings. I shove piece after piece into my mouth, opening my red lipsticked lips wide, and give you plenty of views of my belly! My favorite is when I angle the camera below my gut while I eat, I look absolutely HUGE. this clip contains: eating bbw chubby feedee feederism belly play fat fetish glasses tattoos brunette weight gain gaining leda lavandula


  10. My little boy has noticed that Mommy's gained a little weight and is so mesmerized by her big round belly. She calls you into her room where she wears skimpy lingerie and has you sit right in front of her so you can't look away. Mommy comments on how you've been noticing her body, which is only natural. But it's not Mommy's tits or ass you're obsessed with, it's her tummy. She plays with my belly as she teases you, coaxing you to admit your fascination with her middle. She even coaxes you into worshipping her big tum yourself! While playing with her chubby belly she promises to gain even more for her little boy. It feels so good to explore Mommy's belly and she knows you're both so excited to watch it grow bigger! this clip contains: taboo bbw mommy momma's boy feederism feedee weight gain gaining weight fat fetish belly play chubby fat talk domme femdom


  11. Wanna watch a chubby belly babe munch, gulp, n gobble her way through a little "snack"? Into pretty fat girls BURPING? Then have I got a clip for you.



  12. Watch me devour a "little" snack of chips, pastries, and bubble water. Wearing a skin tight skirt and see through tank top I munch, gobble, gulp, and chug my way through thousands of calories, greedily stuffing my chubby face to sate my big appetite. As I eat I talk about how chubby I've been getting, read the calorie info for the chips I'm eating, and let go BIG satisfied burps. As I fill up I have to take my tight skirt off to free my growing gut and make room for more. I eat and eat and eat until I'm nice and full and round, and then sit back and rub my swollen belly and burp while telling you about how FULL I've made myself. this clip contains: feedee feederism bbw fat talk belly play eating stuffing belly rub feedism big belly fat feitsh piggy obese leda lavandula weight gain gaining weight bbw


  13. Omgggg I'm so excited to upload this!!


  14. 🧁Stuffing 🍰Pastries 🍩

    Filling my chubby cheeks with tarts, cupcakes, and petit fours while you watch



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