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  1. You are amazing.

    1. Piggyprincess


      Late reply, but thank you xoxo

  2. bellyfan19

    FatPrincess (FF)

    Last night I was browsing FF on my phone and the beauty currently posting as FatPrincess had the most amazing topless "belly & breasts" picture in her gallery. I don't save pics to my phone, and, of course, this morning the picture is gone. Please tell me someone saved this (and will share it - thanks, in advance). I'm kicking myself hard right now! I don't usually get so worked up, but this picture was REALLY special.
  3. Stretch marks are beauty marks. Really, it makes sense logically, as well, as they are a result of growing more beautiful; so, wear them proudly as a badge of honor. Plus they're just so super sexy!
  4. bellyfan19

    Saving FF vids

    Anyone know how to save vids from fantasyfeeder.com since they changed the format a week or so ago? Thanks
  5. That's Kreme, of course. Pretty sure I have a ton of pics somewhere on a flash drive from several years ago when she was active. Meanwhile, there are several pics here: http://chubbygirlmax.deviantart.com/ and a couple more here: http://www.myspace.com/148113962
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