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  1. Final Chapter Its fair to say after my wedding, the days and months began to blur together in a nonstop gluttonous binge. The wedding was great and there was no doubt a few people were quite surprised at my size these days as I waddled down the Aisle. Em and Amanda didn’t even bother to ask about my size now and just looked on. Mum stressed as usual and couldn’t help to plead for me to try and go on a diet. But overall it was great! Since then though I’ve managed to spend most of my time in bed or on the couch stuffing myself into oblivion all the time. Nick decided for me that my work was taking up to much important eating time and relived me of my duties, which means the days don’t really change from day to day much at all now! I don’t think gotten out of bed before 10:30 am for a couple of months now. Once I do I park myself on the couch, grab my huge uber eats breakfast fire up the Netflix or Xbox and started eating. Its funny to think now I don’t really stop either, breakfast rolls into lunch, then I graze all afternoon till Nick returns with whatever humungous dinner he has planed for his fattening princess. Its fucking crazy how much I can eat these days! Needless to say I’ve been growing more than ever. I’m such a huge blob these days a butterball of fat that has engulfed my once small figure. My belly feels like an ocean of blubber and now jiggles like of when I rub it which I do all, the time these days as I digest my last feast. So big, so white, so pale. I spread my legs these days as it flops between my huge thighs and rests of the bed or the couch. I cant even pleasure myself really anymore my guts just got too bloody big. So I end up getting horny and stuffed all day till Nick comes home and manhandles me. I’m pretty useless at sex these days hell even moving round the house gets me super tired and out of breath. I now just lay there as Nicks pounds me my whole body bouncing and jiggling. I’ve only talked to Mom and Dad on the phone recently. While they are happy for me they keep telling me I need to get help and loose weight, mum even suggested I should leave Nick, as by now they can clearly see he is enabling my huge gain. But I told them they could get stuffed and if they wanted to keep in contact with me the should drop that idea completely. I Skyped them a few months later and I noticed a mum’s look of shock again as she laid eyes on her now massive. out of shape, blob of daughter, but to her credit she didn’t bring it up once. After we finished I was feeling ravenous so I hauled myself off the couch and slowly trudged to the kitchen, feeling the immense weight I had to carry now was not such an easy task as my whole body felt super unwieldy as it jiggled and bounced and my knees groaned from my bulk. Once seated back down though I began to stuff myself again the bliss from the food outweighing anything else. Its hard to believe that only four years ago or so I was running around on a netball court and trying to count calories, now I'm a completely different woman so huge, so helplessly obese. I guess people probably think that Nick did this to me, but in the end I did this to myself and there’s no turning back now, I thought as I ordered my second order of Uber eats KFC for the day.
  2. Welcome to Curvage, look forward to seeing that hot little bod grow nice an big!
  3. Girl who was on one of those bachelor shows put on a few pounds and has joined the body positivity movement.
  4. The New Year came and went and not surprisingly I continued to gain more and more. Nick continued help keep my belly constantly stuffed with greasy, fattening, sugary delights. I honestly didn’t notice how much I ate these days it just seemed normal to binge day after day by now! Mum tagged me in some Christmas photos on Facebook. I hadn’t updated any social media since I moved in with Nick and no doubt a few a few people were quite surprised. I think mum purposely chose unflattering photos of me took get back at my lack of care at my huge gain. Jesus I looked fat though! Sitting next to my cousins I looked about twice the size of them. My gut looked massive and so did my soft tits and arms and my fleshy face. I looked slightly red and out of breath due to the three plates of food I had already consumed with another one stacked up in front of me. Adam’s feeding sessions continued to become even more intense and I now was being funneled two times a day as well three huge meals and constant snacking. I seemed constantly out of energy these days needing all my energy to digest my huge constant intake of food. Nick had bought me a new car as I was finding my old one difficult to use as my belly was resting on the steering wheel and my fat chunky legs struggled to use the pedals. My new larger car was more accommodating of morbidly obese women like myself! More soft pale fat added itself to my frame all the time it seemed now. My arms, carves, and neck were becoming increasingly fat causing absolutely everything to jiggle with any slight movement. I thought that my gain would slow down once I reached the 300-pound mark but I only seemed to be gaining quicker now. Bigger, heavier, fatter, softer. I was now Nicks pig, totally obedient, to his desires to supersize me. It now turned me on so much now knowing how much of a gluttonous piggy I had become. All for Nick. When he funneled that sweet thick liquid down my throat me or I stuffed me to the absolute limit. A few months later my friends from home Em and Amanda were nagging me to come see them we eventually agreed to meet at a local café in my home town. On the day I made my way to home stopping on the way for a quick Maccas stop. When I reached the café I couldn’t find a close parking spot out the front and had to park down the next street. After parking I hauled myself out of the car and began waddling to the café. My friends had already messaged me informing me that they were already there. Walking to the café I could feel just how immensely out of shaped I was these days. Wiping the sweat of my brow I tried to focus on reaching the café as my huge lard filled thighs fought for room and my gut bounced with every lagging step. Finally entering the outdoor garden café I saw my friends and waddled towards them. I’m sure from their perspective, seeing their close high school friend blow up into the morbidly obese Ella who waddled in might be quick shocking but I was only thinking of getting off my feet as I lowered my ass into the chair. I felt the sides rub against my well padded behind, as I hoped the chair wouldn’t give out on me. Regaining my breath we awkwardly hugged across the table. “Jesus Ella, whats happened to you?” Your fucking massive these days” exclaimed Em. “Yeah your looking pretty large these days El” Amanda chimed in. “Oh I’ve just been so busy with work and with Nick its just crept up” I told them dismissively. I could see Em the fitness nut looked. Just as trim and as high school maybe even fitter. It appeared that Amanda had chunked up a bit recently I thought. “Girl you looked like you were going to pass out as you walked in here. You can’t be healthy at that weight, do you even do anything but sit on your huge ass and eat?” said Em. Taken aback by here bluntness I quite coldly told here I didn’t care what she thought and that I didn’t come here to be lectured. That shut here right up! We once we got that over the conversation improved. Em ordered as small salad as to try and prove a point to me? So I ordered the biggest fried breakfast on the menu to show her I didn’t give a fuck. After clearing my plate I went to get up to pay but found the low chair and a large greasy meal made it much more of an effort than I thought. The first time I only succeeded in rising halfway before I flopped back down. Em and Amanda shot me concerned looks as I regained my breath. “You all good Ella?” asked Amanda. “Yeah all good just gimmie a sec” I told them as I. I then rocked forward hauled myself onto my feet grunting from the effort. I then waddled to the counter to pay. After we said good by and hugged neither of them could get close to reaching around my now huge circumference. After saying goodbye I slowly ambled back to my car thinking of what takeaway I was having on the drive home.
  5. She is super attractive and has thicken up a little since she started! 2012/2014
  6. I’m not totally surprised as how my parents reacted to my arrival to be honest. When I arrived on their doorstep looking like an over stuffed turkey, with fat bulging from me nearly everywhere. It had only been 9 months since they had laid eyes on me, but I now was over 60 pounds heavier than that time. Mom didn’t hold back at all! “Ella my god? What’s happened to you? You look huge!” mom exclaimed, looking over my now extremely corpulent figure. Dad just stood there looking worried. I could see his eyes darting all over me though. I just stood there wishing I could get off my feet as the questions kept coming from mom. “Have you been feeling mentally alright? Are you pregnant? Did you know unhealthy you must be at this new weight?” She remarked. “Jeez! How lovely to see you!” I remarked sarcastically. Eventually they calmed down and I was able to sit down and we chatted, although there was still an obvious tension between mom and me. I noticed that she did look like as slim as I had seen her recently. Dinner was a sad affair; the small healthy portions certainly did not satisfy my huge stomach needs these days. Later I went for a drive explaining that I was catching up with friends, when instead I was about to eat my second much larger dinner. With no drive thrus in town I was forced to order from the local takeaway. After ordering my feast over the phone I hauled my self out of the car and waddled in to collect my food. Entering the small shop I glanced around hoping not see anyone I knew. Collecting my order I headed for the door. As I reached to open the door someone entered from outside. I quickly tried to exit as I recognized one of my former high school hook ups. Although we ended up bumping into each other nearly sending me over. “Watch it Fatty!” he muttered, as he passed without even recognizing me. Sighing as I sat myself down in drivers seat, I began to work through my large pizza, fries and coke. I felt that pleasant feeling of fullness overcome me I as I grabbed the last few chips with my chubby fingers. ‘God I couldn’t even go one meal without stuffing myself’ I thought as I rubbed my bellys smooth soft warm expanse. ‘Damn I’ve gotten so big Adam didn’t recognize me before in the shop. “Not sure how keen he would be on king sized Ella now” I chuckled aloud as I pulled out of the car park and headed home. I stuffed myself silly on Christmas day. We had the extended family over so there was heaps of food. It was certainly quite awkward with some of my relatives, especially the ones around my age, as many hadn’t seen me since I was over 100 pounds lighter. I kept myself busy eating through most of the day, much to moms dismay. By the time desert rolled around I had almost eaten as much as everyone else it felt like. After my first plate pudding, cake and other yummy deserts I struggled to my feet and made my way back for more. I could feel everyone watching as I refilled with more fattening sugary delights. I certainly enjoyed putting on a show for everyone with my bottomless stomach. As I returned to my seat slightly out of breath and red in the face. I heard the chair groan as I lowered my lard ass down. Mom had been going round taking photos all day as I she usually did. Catching me off guard as I gingerly finished my plate off. Looking fat as ever. Once everyone left I went to my room to lie down I could feel my old bed creak and sag as I eased my fat overstuffed body down. Drifting off into a food coma. The next day before heading home I pulled out my old scale and stepped on. I could remember when I would freak out at gaining 10 pounds or so. Not anymore I chuckled as I tried to see the numbers past my huge belly. As I looked past my fat pale slab of belly I could see 320 pounds staring back at me! Wow no wonder everyone’s thinking I’m getting big. I looked in my old mirror and I did look like a different person almost. My old self had been swallowed by pounds and pounds of lard. Everything was meaty on me now and my neck had disappeared into fatty jowls and my face looked super plump. I wasn’t even ashamed, just excited to get back to Nick so he could continue to sculpt me into his perfect woman! As I said good by to mum and dad they pleaded with me to try loose weight and get exercising again. I told them I would try and waddled to my car.
  7. As summer ended and the weather cooled, I retreated inside. Nick was able to get me a job with his company as a secretary. One big benefit of this was I was able to work from home, which meant no commuting or annoying colleagues to put up with. Nick set up an office for me with a large sturdy office chair to accommodate my wide load. I would be constantly reaching for chocolate or cookies and slurping soda while working which continued to help me grow. On my 23rdbirthday, I now weighed 265 pounds. Which I realized meant that I was now 100 pounds heavier than I was when I finished high school! While thinking about this I rubbed my large gut, which now covered my lap and rested on my thighs whenever I sat down. Nick took me out for dinner for my birthday to a lovely fancy restaurant. After downing a couple glasses of wine and demolishing entrees I was completely blindsided when Nick pulled out a ring and got down on one knee! I said yes immediately. Of course! I couldn’t believe it at all! After a passionate embrace and long kiss. I stuffed myself more than ever that night. I don’t think the waiters could believe it as I ordered my 4thcourse and two deserts. I think I ripped my dress a bit I was so full. Stuffed, deliriously happy and super horny Nick had to help me up as we left for home. Once I was home I collapsed on the couch as Nick began to undress me. Massaging my overstuffed gut he produced a box of chocolates and began to feed me. Although the thought of more food almost made me sick, I pushed through for him, knowing that it would make me even fatter and that made Nick love me even more. Once I had finally finished I lay back on the verge of a food coma as I felt my large panties being removed as I gasped as I felt Nick enter me and began to do me. I lay there and enjoyed, as I couldn’t even move if I wanted to. With our wedding date set for next summer I continued to push my limits on my food intake everyday. Making extra effort to cram as many calories down my throat as I possibly could. I was becoming an eating machine! I had hardwired my brain with Nicks help to need food almost all the time now. My lunchtime meals were becoming feasts, as I would continue to eat while I worked into the afternoon. Of course this caused me to put on more weight at an impressive rate. I outgrew more clothes as my soft doughy belly and huge wobbly thighs were too much for smaller sizes. I spent most of my time these days in stretchy tracksuits or tights and large oversized T-shirts. Often I didn’t even where a bra when I was at home, letting my now large E cup breasts hang free. While still somewhat perky their ever-increasing mass was threatening to cause them to start to sag a bit. More time rolled by as I continued my slothful over indulgent existence, Nick was ever increasingly pampering me doing more and more household chores and cleaning. As I was finding I was getting tired and out of breathe quite easily. Plus it meant more time parked in front of the TV consuming some sort of sugary, fatty snack. He also cooked almost always for me and he wasn’t there I would just order uber eats straight to my door. No wonder I was blowing up so fast! As Christmas approached my parents bugged me to come. It was about 10 months since I had seen them and while I had talked to them on the phone a fair bit I did miss them so I agreed to come down. Nick went home to see his family so I drove myself down to home from the city. It had been a while since I had been I my car and I found my stomach nearly touched the steering wheel when I got in. I had to pull the seatbelt out further than I expected and it seemed it couldn’t go out much further at all. ‘Jeez I might need an extender soon’ I thought to myself, ‘Or a bigger car!’ After stopping for a couple snack stops I arrived at home. Sitting in the car I wondered how they would take all the changes I had undergone? Taking a deep breath I wiggled my way out of the car and climbed the 10 stairs to the front porch. That small challenge left me quite breathless and I could feel my legs burning from steps. Suddenly the door opened and my parents came out. The look of shock and disbelief on their faces was not one I will forget soon as the took in the new me.
  8. You’d think realizing that you’d gained over 50 pounds in the last year would be a wakeup call to get my fat ass up off the couch put down the KFC and get fit gain, but I was going in the opposite direction as I continued to put on the pounds for Nick. We had just moved into a new place together in the big city away from the prying eyes of my parents and friends. The place was lovely and even had its own pool and hot tub. There were endless food options to satisfy my greedy appetite and I noticed innocently how all the doorways extra wide and furniture seemed very spacious and sturdy. I bugged nick about having a house warming party, as I was keen to show off this new place to my friends. I had to go out and buy a new dress for the night as most of my others were way to small these days. On the night Nick made sure there was plenty of food and drinks for all the guests. I was already pretty ** by the time my best friends Em and Amanda turned up. Dressed in a white tube dress, which showed off my new gut and meaty ass I hugged Amanda and Em as they walked in. They did well to hide their surprise at my recent gains as we hugged. I could feel their bony bodies sink in to my soft fat. They quickly downed a few drinks and we partied danced and ate. Em droped a couple of comments on how id obviously been enjoying myself lately, but I just laughed it off. Eventually I said goodbye to everyone before devouring most of the leftover food in a drunken state. The next day I felt the full effect of the hangover as I lay in bed. Nick brought me a large McDonalds breakfast and then cooked me a huge lunch. He did the entire cleanup for me which was nice as I just laid in bed and slept all day. As we settled into our new place together Nick stepped his feeding efforts. It seemed that every meal now was a massive feast for me to devour. Always with some kind of food in hand I seemed to always be lounging on our comfy couch all the time. Nick also introduced me to funnel feeding, he made me a nightly gainer shake which I obediently chugged until I was completely stuffed. The first time he held the funnel above me and began to pour the sticky, sweet, thick liquid down my throat I was shocked I hadn’t expected this kind of intensity towards my gaining, but I soon saw it as part of my transformation to the massive woman I was fast becoming. I could feel the weight now more profoundly as I continued to pork up. My body had lost any trace of its former slim self, as I grew bigger my thighs had become so round and soft as the fought for room when I moved causing me to adopt a waddle. Getting up off the couch was now more of an effort than it was a couple of months ago and I was becoming out of breath quite easily when a had to walk anywhere for more than 5 minutes. Summer was soon approaching and with the weather becoming warmer I spent lots of time by the private pool tanning my big fat body. I had holidays from work which meant I could literally do nothing all day but eat and lie in the sun. I would wake up late often Nick had already gone work, haul myself out of bed, put on some kind of clothes that still fit, order breakfast from, McDonalds, waddle into the door to collect my food, park myself on the couch till it warmed up then lie in the sun snacking until I was hungry for a late lunch, Nick often left me food in the fridge for lunch but I still would often order takeaway as well, I was just to much of a piggy these days. As summer went by I became fatter and more tanned as summer went by my now golden blonde hair framed my tubby face, as my ever-growing body looked now nice and golden brown. Nick couldn’t keep his hands off me these days, which drove me wild as well. My stamina in the bed room had decreased significantly and I couldn’t stay on top for long at all and often ended up lying star fished on the bed as Nick pounded my chubby pussy again and again. I couldn’t see an end point and didn’t want to. So I just kept enjoying the ride.
  9. Nick answered the phone and I told him through tears how I was so sorry that I’d gotten even fatter with him. Before he could get a word out I began haphazardly explaining my diet plans to him. Hoping desperately he wouldn’t tell me it was over. He quickly told me to come over to his and we could work it out. He promised me he wasn’t mad or anything so I drove to his nervously. When I entered his house I could smell he had been cooking. Not that I needed to think about food now! He came into the room and hugged me a told me not to worry. Pouring us both a large glass of wine he sat me down. What he told me next flipped my whole world on its head. I couldn’t believe it at first. He told me he preferred fat girls over skinny ones and even like seeing them getting bigger!! With that bombshell I didn’t know what to think. ‘Fat wasn’t sexy? Or was it? Maybe I was looking at it the wrong way? All these questions rolled around in my head as Nick explained I shouldn’t feel pressured to get fat for him, but it would turn him on greatly. What choice did I have, a couple of extra pounds to drive him wild seemed like an easy choice. Once I declared my intention to get fat for my lover, he went to the kitchen and brought out my first meal as his feedee. My lifestyle certainly began to change from that point in time. Any intention of diets was thrown away and I cut out all unnecessary exercise from my days. I lied to my parents and friends that I had hurt my knee and that the physio was recommending lots of rest. I began driving to and from work instead of walking and swapped salads and nuts for lunch to chips and gravy from the takeaway down the street. When at Nicks I was always supplied with and endless supply of snacks to eat all the time. It didn’t take long for my body to respond to these changes as I noticed my belly and thighs grew bigger and softer and my clothes tighter as the months went by. My parents hadn’t said anything yet about my expanding body. Although I noticed mum giving me a few concerned glances as I reached for another packet of biscuits before dinner in my tight work uniform. We continued to go out to fancy restaurants although now I could truly try and sample everything! Nick was nice enough to by me new clothes when I quickly outgrew my last size. He also gave me access to his credit card so I could grab take away anytime I wanted. These were the perks of having a rich boyfriend! It seemed I was grabbing takeout almost daily now! It was just too good to resist. Salty, greasy, sweet and fattening was what I thought about now. Looking in the mirror after just a few months I should have been shocked to see how much I’d grown but it just excited me now. My double chin was ever present and along with my rosy chubby cheeks I now had the beginning of a real fatty’s face. My boobs had grown into large plump orbs. So big and sensitive! My pale gut jiggled with any movement now as red stretch marks had begun exploding across its jiggly expanse. Guess that’s what happens when your belly is always full of food and fat. I eyed off the scale in the corner of the room, grinning as I stepped onto it, bending over slightly too see the numbers. ‘Oh wow’ that’s a bit’ I thought as I peered past by belly to get a good look. 208 pounds stared back at be from the small screen. My tummy suddenly rumbled as a grabbed my phone and went and ordered a not so small snack.
  10. New story hope ya like it. Hi my names Ella and this is my story on how i became a so so fat. It’s hard to believe now that only a few years ago I was a normal sized girl. While I was a little chubby in high school, I had curves in the right places that certainly got attention. My ass and thighs were a little thick and did I have the hint of a belly, which I did my best to hide on every occasion. I’m pretty sure I weighed about 150 pounds round then. I was always trying to drop a few pounds and I always thought boys would find me to fat. Although I knew they did love my d cup breasts which I was quite proud of. After high school finished I got a job working as a secretary in town. Not the most exciting work but it paid well. Worried that I might put on weight with my new desk job I made sure I ate fairly well and continued to play netball on weekends with my girlfriends. Although I managed keep it under control for a couple of years, when the Covid 19 stopped all sport and shutdown most of life I relaxed and accidentally pilled on about 20 pounds during lockdown. Looking back now it hardly seemed like anything but back then I felt disgusted with myself that I had managed to get so fat! Once the vaccine was found life went pretty much back to normal and I was itching to get back to the bars and have a dance, get ** and maybe find a hot guy there. But now I was overweight for the first time in my life and I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to go out at all. Although my friends convinced me to go and although I was nervous at first, after throwing down a few drinks I was feeling ** and almost confident with myself. On the floor dancing away I got the surprise of my life when an absolute dream boy asked me for a dance. He was tall, strong and his smile made, ** me blush way too much. ‘What could this hot stud want with chubby me’ I thought as we danced for ages. Later after a few more drinks he took me back to his place and he gave me the best night of my life up till that point. He was even better than I imagined and much much better than the few high school hookups I’d had before. We continued to see more of him over the next few weeks as I learned more about him. His name was Nick and he was a partner in a successful business and also had inherited lots money from his parents. So he was loaded as well! We started going out on dates to fancy restaurants often. The food was so amazing and there always seemed so much food to try. Only three weeks after we met Nick asked me out. I was so over the moon. I couldn’t believe that I was dating such a hot, nice guy. While all this was going on, my focus on my waistline had declined and the pounds continued to pile up. This came to my sudden attention when I went to try on one of my larger dresses for a night out with Nick. Struggling to get it to fit I burst into tears. I couldn’t believe I had gotten fat with my dream guy! ‘He would surely dump me after he saw how big I’d gotten. Still sobbing I called him to tell him the bad news and apologize, hoping he would give me time to get slim again. Little did I know I was in for a big surprise!
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