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    Interests? Thats easy...I love to stuff My self till I am about to POP, my biggest fetish is knowing you love my plump body as much as I do!

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  1. I think I’m adorable...that’s the end of my ted talk.


  2. Good Morning!

    im feeling really fat today. 



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. jonasctba


      You look awesome today

    3. hheetac


      Belly > 10 hand fulls lol

    4. Manman91


      So glad you passed that milestone! Can’t wait to see how big you get!!

  3. Waiting for approval...

    New VIDEO!

    Vore Simulation Footage: B

    ONLY $5.99



  4. I was giving the task of making a vore simulated photoset and I wanted to action to be as real as possible. I couldnt believe how sexy I felt reenacting what my brief intailed. I had to share...it live. Vore Simulation Footage: A - $5.99 Description of final Vore Simulation Photoset with 55 Pics! Okay, I tried to find some poses which I've attached but only to like give you an idea, if you feel they aren't possible or you can do there differently and better, that's great! If you want to wear underwear or pants/ whatever that's fine. I would be willing to pay a bit extra for you to bloat yourself before taking the pics if it would make you bigger? A.)you teasing, rubbing belly and pointing into your open mouth B.) you eating, I would like a clean view down your throat close up, but the other two would be open mouth, chewing a mouthful of doughnuts or some other sweet thing, whatever you like, I would like to see cleavage and belly, maybe one following a gulp down your throat with your fingers? C,) would be you more relaxed, like you are relieved after gulping/ chugging something big down, like the vore girl on the beach pic, and if your mouth could be hanging open like you are sighing or something? D.) you are wiped out, lying flat on your back, bliss, and maybe some like clothes scatter around you from your prey? E.) you pretend to take a commemorating selfie of your digesting prey and then do some poses like the ones indicated to record your meal/ prey You know how best to show off your body, I would love to see you make the most of your huge breasts, big belly, chubby face and curves! And I obviously don't expect you to recreate the poses exactly, just take some inspiration and the same with the comments, I just tried to outline my favourite things I'd like to see. ALL reviews get bonus sexy pics.



    1. jonasctba


      immobile is my best fetish about you 

  6. Happy Sunday. 

    I just accidentally ate a quart of ice cream. 




    1. wolfShark


      Hopefully these happy accidents continue and your waist only continues to grow ☺️

    2. jonasctba


      What a good accident

  7. Brand NEW VIDEO!
    Only $7.99!!!




  8. Good Morning!!




    1. CarlGnarl


      Wow....good morning...! :)

    2. jonasctba


      you really know how to be bigger

  9. Brand NEW VIDEO!
    ONLY $7.99

    Waiting for approval now...



  10. I have been feeling so sick. I am constantly feeling unwell...but still my body is craving cheese cake and when I get in the mood for something to eat. I cant do anything else until I have gotten what I want. So even sick, I went to the store and got myself cheesecake, as I am still so sick, my stomach already bloated. I know this cheesecake is going to tear me apart, but I have to have it. I am addicted to the taste, and addicted to the gain.


  11. Customer Appreciation Pricing!!

    Don’t forget my latest videos are priced so reasonably!!!


  12. If ever you wanna get directly to my Curvage Clips ...you can just go ahead and go to KyraGains.com !!! It is linked to open straight to my profile with Curvage Clips open!!! Ahhhh!




    1. S77


      What a cool domain name! Very memorable. Love it!! KyraGains.com

  13. I had salad for dinner...

    loaded with ham, and blue cheese, and shredded cheese, and crispy onion straws...TONS of crispy onion straws....is it still considered healthy if it was over 2300 calories?! 🤣🤣🤣

    (pics are unrelated...just a reminder...I’m a just a tiny bit chubby) 



  14. Good Morning!!

    Last night I had a dream that I grew out of a pair of 6x leggings like I did to my 2x leggings in my newest Video..





    1. jonasctba


      Nothing is better than seeing your big belly all time

    2. xqwertxx


      Waiting for the day that you grow out of a pair of 6x leggings in real life

    3. xqwertxx


      Waiting for the day that you grow out of a pair of 6x leggings in real life

  15. Surprise! Another NEW video.

    waiting for approval...

    Showing off and discussing how tight my leggings are and how fat I’m becoming...

    ONLY $5.99





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