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    Interests? Thats easy...I love to stuff My self till I am about to POP, my biggest fetish is knowing you love my plump body as much as I do!

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  1. Good Morning. 

    Just a reminder that you can get 31 plump sexy pics for the price of 2 McChickens.

    31 Pics for $1.99!!

    Thats it!!!




  2. GoodNIGHT.

    I just wanted to announce that today’s update was a photo set...it is almost my 2 year Curvags Anniversary. So, I decided to give ya one that is pretty cheap!

    31 pics for $1.99!!

    Thats it!!!




  3. Version 1.0.0

    Starting full clothed. Getting down to tiny White Top and tiny White panties. Grabbing and showing off how fat and flabby my post body is...my stretch marks REALLY stand out!


  4. KyraKane

    Who is this stuffer?

    I just saw this!!! 😫😫😫 Now I want to know what the screenshot or gif was?!? lol
  5. Good Morning My Curvage Family.

    So, do you remember how I said I was going to make another cake?!?! The first cake(chocolate) was awesome, it tasted so good...So, I decided to make another cake...lemon...it is seriously the worst cake I have ever made in my life. I’m devastated.

    Heres a picture from the Photoset I’m uploading tonight 🤗🤗


    1. Rebeljoe


      Hell yeah. Love that Ass.

  6. Good NIGHT!

    Sorry I didnt say good morning today! I think Sundays are going to start being my semi-relax day!

    I did however still upload todays video :)


  7. Version 1.0.0

    This video is the third of a three part series. Pre Measuring, Stuffing Hot Cocoa Rolls(This Video), Post Measuring, I have just finished measuring and showing off my body before I was finally able to sit down and enjoy a huge glass of milk and delicious Hot Cocoa Rolls. I only get to have them once a year, the are "limited edition" for the holidays. So, I am beyond ready. I take bite after bite. I try and put more and more in my mouth. Trying to open as wide as a possibly can to be able to fit as much as I can.


  8. Good NIGHT!

    I just uploaded a video and I am really unsure if people will like it. It was a custom and they request me because my feet are so fat and wide. So I just decided to upload it here. 

    (Another New Video tomorrow) 


    1. flyingservice


      They fit in perfectly kyra! Chubby feet are so under rated around here, I was so pleasantly surprised they’re as lovely as the rest of you. Just gorgeous hair to toe apparently! 

  9. Version 1.0.0

    Custom: 'I really like when feet are dirty and its a little bit of struggle to get them clean . I especially love your feet, they are wide and chubby. They just look so swollen and fat. Could you start with dirty feet at a really close shot. Wiggle your fat toes and show your large feet so I can see all around and let me see all of them, I want to see how dirty they are to start. After showing them off take wipes(baby wipes, makeup wipes...or something like that) and rub them and try and get them as clean as you can with the wipes." DISCLAIMER: I wasnt sure how you guys would recieve this video. However, it was requested because of how fat and wide my feet are. So, I figured "What the heck?" and I uploaded it.


  10. Good Night!!

    Ended up having chocolate cake like 5 times today...I am so good at food!



    Here is todays VIDEO upload.

    Which is the first in a 3 part series.

    PreMeasuring Before Stuffing(This Video)

    Stuffing Hot Cocoa Rolls

    PostMeasuring After Stuffing


    1. Chimaira10


      I can't see anything? Says I don't have permission to see it

  11. Version 1.0.0

    This video is the first of a three part series. Pre Measuring(This Video) Stuffing Hot Cocoa Rolls Post Measuring I am about to eat a family size portion of Hot Cocoa breakfast rolls. I am so excited. My stomach is already expanding and wide open with anticipation of these delicious rolls. I decide to measure my body before and after I stuff. I want to see what kind of difference I can attain from this.


  12. Good Morning My Curvage Family.

    I made the most delicious chocolate cake last night, and yes I’m having it for breakfast 





  13. GoodNIGHT.

    Ive decides. All the days that I do not do video uploads here. I will upload Photosets. So everyday day of the week you will be getting an update from me.

    Todays PHOTOSET.

    ONLY $3.99 for over 30 delicious and rollie belly pics!


  14. Version 1.0.0

    33 different pics. Showing off my full tight tummy from all angles, my stretch marks and rolls really take front stage in this set.


  15. Good Morning My Curvage Family.

    Hows everyone doing today?!

    Im doing really great! Thank you!!



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