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    Interests? Thats easy...I love to stuff My self till I am about to POP, my biggest fetish is knowing you love my plump body as much as I do!

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  1. Good Morning!

    I have had a lot of comments and I am wondering do y’all prefer when I’m wearing makeup in the videos or fresh faces? 



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. xandercroft


      Enjoyable without but I prefer make up myself...Not on myself but....ohhhh english et tu?  (Or Greek.)  Possiblt french.....  I vote a nice made up Kyra.

    3. nocturnal3


      You are exquisite either way.

    4. jonasctba


      You're perfect with or without make up

  2. HI!


    Thank you so much for always being here for me yall!


  3. I am starving!!! Again, just a few hours before I helped myself to not one but two heaping bowls of cereal. Here I am getting ready to eat a breakfast bowl and a random left over burrito. I show how puffy my stomach is after it has had sometime to settle and digest the food. Poor belly, I let it relax and then need to fill it to the brim again. I eat my food, It is so good, I cant help but rub and massage my belly while I do this. Once I have finished eating, I show my stomach off yet again. This time full, plump and tight, feeling like I could burst at any moment.


  4. Hey! Do these bangs make me look chunky?!



  5. GoodNight! 

    Today was crazy. My bed time was an hour ago and I still have like 15 things on the to do list!!! Ahhhhh!



    1. Dudebro2092


      I didn't know you owned overalls... Will we see more of them in future? 😍

  6. Good Morning you beautiful amazing people!!!

    Not sure what to upload today but in the mean time...can we just appreciate these screenshots?





  7. GoodNight! 

    Today I gave myself bangs!!!!





  8. Goodnight!

    Uploaded a NEW video again!

    I honestly can NOT, I repeat CAN NOT believe how fat and heavy my un-pregnant tummy is!!! I kept it on!

    Be sure you do not forget to check out the full preview for this video by clicking here.


    1. GodBless22


      Hands down the most attractive girl on curvage

  9. I sit on the couch my huge gut stretched not only from just having a baby but from all the consuming I am doing. I made myself a stack of pancakes, slabbed butter on both sides of each one, and then added tonnns of delicious syrup. The short, sweet, gooey, stickiness keeps me starving and wanting more as I take bite by bite. Mouthful after mouthful I manage to continue to find room for each pancake inside my ever expanding tummy. Giant Belly, Stretch Marks and Rolls also included


  10. GoodNight! 

    I just uploaded a new video! 
    I love you all and appreciate you so much!


  11. Everyone who is anyone knows that I craved chocolate frosted donuts more then anything else while I was pregnant...well, I still crave them lol However, I didnt just want donuts, I wanted everything, I was hungry all the time. I went to dunkin donuts and gots several doughnuts, breakfast sandwiches, and potato tots...I demolish them(they fucked up the eggs...and I was NOT happy). Once I have finished eating I cant believe how full I am. I could literally pop!


  12. GoodNight. No upload today!

    I think a new $2.99 photoset for tomorrow. Get your lunch money ready!

     In the meantime. Take care of your teeth...lol



  13. Good MORNING!!
    Waiting on APPROVAL!

    Over 20 MINUTES of STUFFING!

    Live preview available on video page. Click here.


  14. I have to prep and take notes for the customs I am filming today. I decide to make myself a huge plate of nachos. I cant stop craving them. I sit down ready to eat as much of this plate as I possibly can. My huge 38 week pregnant gut is hanging over my shorts. My shorts that are cutting into my widening hips. It is so uncomfortable...in the best way. Knowing my body is out growing my clothes. The nachos are so spicy and good. I even need to add extra sour cream. Every bite is a mouthful of crunchy cheesy yumminess. Do you think I can finish the whole plate?


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