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    What does a guy gotta do to find a girl like this 😫 so hot your getting enormous! You should aim for a 5k cal chug next! Keep up the good work.
  1. You are looking fantastic Tay! Im so glad your back and enjoying making content! Its very much appreciated. Do you do requests I'd love to see you chugging some gain shake. You look to have gained some weight back id love to see that big belly even bigger!
    Another great video you look great. You should up the anty and try and drink a carton of heavy cream once a night for a week. That should produce some results hell a month on that stuff could see another stone on that beautiful belly 😍
    Wow you are absolutely stunning! Drop dead babe that is a serious gain in a week! Cannot wait to see what that number is at the end of the year every pound makes you look better and better. Keep up the good work ❀
  2. You've been really packing it on the last month that ass is out of control and the belly and arms are catching up!
    Great video Anna you really ballooned over the last few months can't wait to see what the future holds.
    Unbelievable video great to see you back you just fill up like a balloon! Any big belly/inflation fans should buy!
  3. Fantastic video well worth the purchase this girl is phenomenal!
    She's an eating machine her belly is really starting to get crazy big.
    Great too see you back Anna and your looking great your belly and arms have definitely gotten bigger! Hopefully you really start taking down the calories and packing on some serious poundage soon! Id love to see you really blow up now 😁
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