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  1. Not to mention doubled in size! Best model on the site!
    Hoo Lee Shit that After part 😫 damn your packing it on. You have some capacity now considering the amount of donuts you packed away you should swap them for some weight gain shakes and heavy cream! Then your talking.
    Wow great work! Your getting huge very fast keep up the progress you'll be a ssbbw by the end of the year at this rate!
    Another great video! I love how much you look to enjoy your gaining also it really adds to the excitement!
    Damn this is some next level gaining. Cannot wait to see the results. You should ditch the milk for heavy cream I've seen other models do it and they just ballooned at a crazy rate.
    Great video great work! Loved the cliffhanger at the end! 😂 Quarantine has been working wonders on that gut.
    Stunning just so gorgoues every bit of you! Nice weigh in aswell will be great to see if we can swell that belly and rear end up some more before the isolation ends.
    I missed this girl so much great so see her back. I doubt if there is anyone here who could take down the amount of food she can. A true gaining legend! Also where the hell did those boobs come from? 😍 they're looking huge!
  2. Belly is looking bigger! 😍 Ever think of going on a gaining spree just pig out for a week or so see what happens?
  3. Happy birthday! Your looking better then ever! So good to see you happy 😁
    Lost it straight away when I seen you sitting in the chair. Love how your belly is really starting to fill out your lap now so so hot 😍 cannot get enough!
  4. Super fudge chunk is a good way to describe you I think 😂
  5. Looks like a perfect fit 😂 you look beautiful here. I'm in awe still over how fat your face is getting!
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