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  1. Such a difficult decision, but if I have to choose I'd probably go with @acdc34434 @AGirlWhoLikesToEat and @Mochii Babii, these piggies are so greedy! Also, honorable mentions to @ChubbieBunnie, @LisaLouSSBBWand @DoubleDenise
    I only have one thing to say: this is gonna be your year, Laura 🤩 Wow, it's just crazy how much you achieved to put on in only a few months, please keep going, you are so close to your goal weight!! And by the way, you will definetely need a new scale next time
    This is, without a doubt, one of the videos I enjoyed the most from Laura for 3 reasons: 1) She's fatter than ever, no discussion. From her round face and puffy cheeks to her massive belly and wide thighs and ass, everything is fat and lard. Watching all her fat rolls jiggling and bulging out from her tight lingerie is extremely hot 2) You will be mesmerized by the body size difference between Laura and his boyfriend. She must be by far more than twice his size now, but she's clearly heading towards her weight goal of 200 kgs at cruise speed, so this difference is only getting bigger at every new video she releases. 3) I really loved seeing Laura moaning and struggling to finish all the gain shake. She's putting an extreme effort to achieve her goal and judging by all the mass powder packs stored at the kitchen she's not gonna stop anytime soon. That is so hot! All in all, an excellent video. Can't wait to see the figures at the scales soon!
  2. Uno más aquí de España 🙋‍♂️ Y por cierto, ojalá acaben siendo más de 3 quilos estas Navidades
    Laura, you are the GOAT feedee 😍 Truly amazing that you managed to gain this amount of weight since you started gaining intentionally, but you will not stop now, won't you? You're sexier than ever and closer to your goal weights for this year and for the 200kgs milestone than you can imagine, and seeing your excitement and commitment I'm sure you will be there in no time! We are looking forward to the new incoming weight!
    Amazing transformation in just 3 years Laura, thanks for sharing with us your ride. But I saw that it is also your 6th anniversay since you first appeared on Curvage! Do you remember? You were only 75kg at that time and your goal weight was just 80kg, but here you are 3 years later doubling that size. Since you ask how big we want to see you, how about you try to go 3x the size of your first appearance here? That would mean going beyond 200kg, but why not? You look better with every new kg and at the pace you are gaining weight recently I'm sure that would take not too much time 😉 I leave it here for your inspiration. And thank you again!
    Just imagine how will your t-shirt look like with another 50kg on your body, once you have reached your goal weight. Can't wait to see it! 🤩
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