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  1. Drytuner

    Avril Lavigne

    She sent it from her snap The size of her arms give me hope in the size of hers. It seems like she keeps on gaining.
  2. She's really starting to look huge. This is crazy!
  3. She had her baby in August. * I modified it, apparently some "know better" like to adjust your news without quoting*
  4. Drytuner

    Avril Lavigne

    So you mean that if Avril appear to be the same size as Bebe Rexha in the pics that's because they both wear that? Imagine if they weren't!
  5. Drytuner

    Avril Lavigne

    Tonight at the pre-grammy party!
  6. Kelly in few months if she keeps on gaining ...
  7. Drytuner


    Ashanti in the next few months?
  8. Look at my French Anchors topic, she's mostly all over it.
  9. I'm pretty sure Kelly from the French show tpmp will become huge this year.
  10. An Asian anchor in a video game show
  11. Drytuner


    By the end of the video, you can clearly see that she got too big for her clothes.
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