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  1. I mean we have seen them in a weigh in and other videos and yes they’re totally as cute as the rest of you!! Hope we could one day! Even cuter if even they started to get chubby too! That would be amazing! But love the color, purple sounds super cute too!!
  2. Definitely a good morning seeing the cutest fluffy legs ever! Can’t get enough! Glad to see you back 

  3. You look so great! Would love to see the peekaboo belly just hanging out a bit from your everyday clothes! That’s so under rated, like the older shots you took in public with your belly hanging out of your shirt! Who doesn’t love those!
  4. You are so damn cute head to toe!!! Welcome to curvage I hope you enjoy it here! Certainly look forwards to seeing you around more!
  5. Oh my gosh what a sight! And is it me or even your feet look like they're getting chubby too! So cute! You know what they say about white toes on tiktok these days lol
  6. New crush activated, beautiful figure and that face... Is so the cherry on top
  7. Bro, shes a pretty babe, but as we learned from mitch.. Time to move on and live your life, a few curvage peeps know what I am saying here
    Gorgeous head to toe is an understatement, I saw your toes in a weigh in vid a while back and had no clue they were sinfully cute. God help and feedee with a slight foot kink, feet aside too you'll love this. Quality as always, stunning babe we all have learned to adore! If you aren't into feet, you probably will after this! Keep it up!
  8. Honestly, I can’t believe how fat you’ve gotten head to toe.. the extra chins, your boobs turning into shoulder and back fat, that massive gut.. even your hands are tubby, and seriously, I doubt those workout shoes fit, look at the cute ankle rolls starting and your cute feet are getting so fat too .. holding all that up every day.. wow, you really are the cutest little lard balloon, every inch of you had blown up so much
  9. Not gonna lie your face looks gorgeous in your posts too, epic figure, and in all honesty holy crap even your feet are perfect!! I can't imagine even chubbier, total dream lady! Could we perhaps see more?!
  10. You really seem to be in a growth spurt lately! Seriously getting a standing hang.. And every inch of you is so chubby, Its amazing to see the puffy fingers and dimples of fat on your hands where your knuckles should be and that double chin! Can you even paint your toes over that belly? As a matter of fact, I bet even your feet are getting chubby too!! That might be the only part we haven't seen balloon! If you can even see them anymore, its probably been a while fatty
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