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  1. I really thought that was fake or a lense effect! But you’re really going for it now!! Whoever got to help you take those is a lucky sumbitch for sure! I can’t even imagine how any fa would feel walking into a room and seeing that, the huge double shirted belly rising high above you like a little mountain!! I’m amazed
  2. She’s on here too, very happy with all the positivity! Only two weeks ago nobody really saw her full body, it’s kind words like the guys on this forum that really helps her feel beautiful! Have an update! She’s really looking forwards to getting bigger, and modeling soon! Any suggestions are welcome too
  3. Hey folks of curvage, I have a treat for the lovers of pretty babes with great curves. A friend of mine has recently gotten into the lifestyle of eating what you want and enjoying the results! She’s debating becoming a model and really wants to know what you all think, feedback is welcome!
  4. I know her personally, she’s gained another 150lbs since then and has a feeder bf with massive goals for her.
  5. Always liked her, about time she got a thread!
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