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  1. gggggggg

    Trans Forum

    So how exactly are these things decided? is it at your discretion, the poll, or the comments?
  2. gggggggg

    Trans Forum

    Listen, if you want to continue the confusion for the majority of the forum's community by all means, Just make it clear. But currently it is an issue For a plurality of people on this forum to see that in full effect go read the "Update" topic on the Main Sub. It Even puts Trans-User's at a disservice because their topics always become about their sexuality. Its not about as you said taking away their rights. Its about trying to give them a place they can properly express themselves without the intolerance they receive on the main forum.
  3. gggggggg

    Trans Forum

    Personally I think it would be better for them and the rest of the community because they can get a more specialized experience from a site that can't currently accommodate them as well as it should, and it betters the rest of the Curvage Community by clearing up the lines of what will be found in each sub-forum, And it will help alleviate the types of situations that inevitably happen on every Trans thread when somebody finds out:
  4. gggggggg

    Trans Forum

    Curvage needs a Pictures/Videos forum for Trans Users. The current M/F system puts everybody at a disadvantage
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