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  1. I’ve decided to go ahead and buy some mass gainer to help supplement calories since I can’t seem to keep my numbers up consistently, does anyone have a recommendation for brand/flavor? I’m worried about getting something that will end up tasting chalky or weird 

    1. BellyExpander69


      Best is not the cheapest stuff. In those is only tons of sugar, but hardly proteins. Basically purchase the stuff which is used for going to fitness and gaining muscles. Those can do the job very well - as long as you drink them AFTER the meals and especially before getting to bed in the evening. They are really helpful.

    2. Floralfeedee


      YES!! I tried 5 or 6 before i found one that is yummy and not chalky.

      I have serious mass in peanut butter chocolate flavor, I got it online from Walmart. It was $25 for the hugest container I've ever seen in my life, lol.

      It can be shaken or mixed or blended and it always tastes good, even if I'm lazy and leave it kind of clumpy, it still is enjoyable.

    3. ukfeedee97


      Serious Mass Gainer either Strawberry or Chocolate flavour! 

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