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  1. My ben and jerry's binge is awaiting approval!

    The video is too big even compressed, so to work around that, I'll be sending the full video manually via Dropbox links!

    PLUS my "Schoolgirl slut gets fat" photo set for FREE!

    ben and jerrys 14.gif

    ben and jerrys 7.gif

    ben and jerrys 8.gif

    ben and jerrys 11.gif

    ben and jerrys 13.gif

    1. Rebeljoe


      You are so fucking hot.. Damn.

    2. StuffitInn


      U look so good with that stretch marked gut! I can’t wait too see you get even bigger! 

    3. sweetzombiejesus


      You are *so* *so* worthy of adoration. :) Poor babe... your top looks tight. Hopefully it wasn't too uncomfortable during this photo shoot. Recap - Gifs 1-4 me: like "you are the sexiest, cutest thing ever". Gif 5 me: the only non overly explicit thing I can say, "your soft body is ravaging".

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