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  1. My newest weigh-in is now available! Let's see how BIG I am starting this year off and how much bigger I can get by the end of it.



  2. It's a new year and I am ready to make it a BIG one. I've been working hard since my last weigh-in to pack on as many pounds as I could before the year ended. Now let's see how fat I am rolling into 2023 and let's see how much fatter I can get through the year too. New year, new goals, new pounds!


  3. New gluttonous clip up for you! Hope you enjoy it as much I did. 



  4. Comfy in bed eating like a glutton is one of my favorite things to do. Dressed in my comfy and cute pajamas, I enjoy a messy barbecue burger with a side of fries while rubbing my overgrown gut all of your enjoyment. Minimal talking and maximum enjoyment!


  5. My second Halloween clip is now available! Time for my morning stuffing. 


  6. There's one thing Isabelle looks forward to after the morning announcements every day and that is a BIG breakfast. After finishing her morning duty, she grabs a plate full of pancakes and a side of greasy bacon. She doesn't have much time before the rest of the activities for the day start, so she shoves big bite after big bite into mouth enjoying every moment. Eating so much so fast requires her to pull out her massive belly though to give it some more room and of course, some rubs to help it all go down easier. She even lets out some big burps between stuffing her face full of her morning meal. Join Isabelle for the best part of her morning!


  7. My newest clip is the first of my Halloween videos for the month.

    I think we can all agree that Car Kirby is definitely body goals. 


  8. Speaking of new content - did you see I released my first Halloween clip of the month? What other characters would you like to see me cosplay as?
  9. I thought it's about time I start a thread to keep you up on when I release new content here, but also just to chat and share some cute photos and updates with you!
  10. Finally uploading a new video for y'all! Ready to watch me get big?


  11. Your favorite pink puff ball, Kirby, is ready to get bigger. What's the best way to get as big as possible? Snacking, of course. Kirby sucks down salty snacks, sweet snacks, and even a bubbly beverage to wash it all down. Maybe this time they'll get bigger and rounder than EVER. Features big bites, belly rubbing, belly smacks, and burps.


  12. New video available now! Lots of belly and ass jiggling with oil in my first ever string bikini. 🥵



    1. Onen


      That belly and that bikini!

  13. Wearing my first ever string bikini, I decide to sit out in the sun and rub down my exposed belly and fat ass with some coconut oil. It felt so good having so much of my body out and jiggling compared to most swimsuits I've worn. I love the way the strings dig into my fat and the way it perfectly hugs my curves. The oil makes my rolls and folds shine even more in the bright sun as I rub, jiggle, and show off for you. I think I look pretty hot in this bikini and I want even more tiny suits to squeeze into! Might need a bigger size next time though. 😋 (Original sound muted due to loud background noise - but music added)


  14. New clip coming soon - but have you checked out all the ones I have available now? 👀

  15. I can't wait to be M A S S I V E. 

    1. BustyBlue


      I know the feeling 🐷

    2. Onen


      It is going to happen soon 😏

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