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  1. I think her low was around 120 (that was before those ‘before’ pics above though). With her height I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s 275 in that recent video. She’s listed at 238 on her modeling profile and that weight is a couple years old and many pounds ago.
  2. Fattest she’s ever been in that video, I’m surprised they brought her back for another year of sports illustrated. She’s no longer just a curvy model, she looks obese. Maybe it’s marriage weight? 😍
  3. I submit Kether Donohue on this season if you’re the worst. She went from barely curvy in season one to bbw recently.
  4. Don’t think so, she only posts flattering Instagram photos and looks about twice the size when she’s on video.
  5. xavierpp7

    Kether Donohue

    They certainly aren’t hiding her gain, they put her in a tight leather dress for the majority of tonight’s episode. Got some great belly shots and one nice one of the cellulite completely covering her legs now.
  6. xavierpp7

    Kether Donohue

    She looked incredible again in this weeks episode, some shots of her belly button showing through her dress. Someone needs to make some more gifs. This is one of the best gains I’ve seen on TV.
  7. xavierpp7

    Kether Donohue

    Kether looked huge in this weeks episode, season 4 episode 3. People on the reddit are commenting on her weight gain, looks like maybe 30 lbs between seasons.
  8. Her belly looks so fat even when she is laying on her back now. How long until she just straight out becomes a fetish model?
  9. I didn't think the show was for me either, but I've gotta say it's now my favorite show currently on the air.
  10. Wow can't believe she revealed an updated weight. The last time she did that was just over a year ago and she was 11 stone (154 lbs). She managed to put on 35 pounds this year, no wonder it was noticeable!
  11. xavierpp7


    Cherries is back, new twitter and tumblr updates. And she made an instagram for the first time!
  12. She now sells custom videos (for a ridiculously high price), but I noticed one of the categories you can pick is BBW. These are specific categories to each model so she must have selected it. Then you put in a description of what you would like to see. http://www.customs4u.com/lucyv/customs
  13. This girl is awesome, funny that her trainer boyfriend is actually enjoying her gain too.
  14. Very interesting, I wonder who told her to put on weight..
  15. Access to all of her private content just had the price cut in half. I am looking forward to whatever she does in the future, beautiful girl with an amazing body.
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