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  1. Fuckedupteen

    Steph Pacca

    Probably still in denial about it
  2. Fuckedupteen

    Steph Pacca

    Is she actually getting chubby? Her in the middle, wearing red Stretch marks? Grey bikini in the background
  3. Four days ago, big difference from when she was in Fifth Harmony: Here is a revealing video of her from 2016 from Fith Harmony-era for comparison (intro especially):
  4. Hi! I'm searching for a particular thread here on curvage that I can't seem to find anymore. The thread was about a very fit blonde amateur model who slowly gains weight. She is often wearing a green bikini in many of the photos posted, and there is also alot of videos of her. One of the videos is her getting interviewed. This is veryvery breif annd far-fetched, but I hope somebody can help me find the thread
  5. Where is the bikini pics from?
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