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    😍 I could not believe the ingredients in your “cake shake”. You are truly a goddess. Keep the videos coming, I’m sure there’s more of you come. 😍
    Great video! I felt like you were talking to me. I won’t spoil anything, but damn girl!!! Your goals and the way you play with yourself while you talk about them, I can tell you mean business. Can’t wait for more! (Videos and more you 😉
    Such a sexy video. The way you sway your hip when your eating. HOT! More like this please!
    Wow! What an awesome experiment. Beautiful results! Beautiful all around keep the content coming
    You are gorgeous! So soft. Hot hot hot.
    Beautiful. Your so gorgeous. Love the little work out. Love how you treat yourself to a snack afterwards. You look like you’ve gained a little again as well!!! Can’t wait for more
    You are stunning. Those pants can’t contain all of your soft beautiful body. I hope you revisit them in the future to see how they fit later. I’m loving your videos
  1. Wow... sounds too good to be true. Pictures or it didn’t happen.
    Love the outfit. Love your body. Love everything! You’re every feeders dream girl. Beautiful face, amazing body, and you seem to really like to eat! Keep ‘em coming. You’ve got a customer for life.
  2. Beautiful as always. You truly are a goddess as your name implies. Keep eating like that and you’ll get fat. 😂
    Yet again, I am amazed!! Your belly, your confidence and hell, I’ll admit it... even your chubby feet satisfy me to no end. And I don’t know if it was just the camera angles or the lights, but... you look like you’re gaining quite a bit since your other video. So glad I didn’t have to wait until Octover!!
    Love the too small shirt!! And your goals for gaining OMG!!! I hope you stick around and we get to see you reach them. Keep the videos coming.
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