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    AMAZING Is an understatement. I can’t believe my eyes. You look so amazing and soft. Best video yet. Keep the content coming.
  1. Amazing photo set. I love the gifs. Stunning and soft!
    Amazing belly button! I love your body. So soft and sexy. Keep the content coming:)
    Star Wars and a beautiful girl with a big soft body!! What more could a guy ask for. This photo set does not disappoint!
    Have not been active for a while. I log in and see this! Holy cow! This is epic!
    So damn hot. I love the determination. I don’t know what’s sexier, all the weight your putting on/planning to put on or the enjoyment you seem to get out of thinking about becoming “massive “
    .... holy cow. I can tell just how into that you were. Beautiful and sexy as all hell Gi Gi!! I came, I saw, you conquered.
    This video!!! Wow. I like the tips, seem like they’d work amazingly. Now, any tips on how to actually get a girl friend? Keep them coming
    I’d quit my job and feed you full time. Great video! Your looking super sexy
    ridiculously hot. I drive a van like that for work. How do you expect me to get anything done after seeing what I should be using the van for? Mobile feeding station anyone? Your looking super soft in this video. Keep up the awesome content.
    How could I not get this after watching your other clip?!? I want to tie you up and squeeze you too!! So hot.
    Can I give it ten stars? Seriously??? Amazing! Your like the perfect feedee.
    😍 I could not believe the ingredients in your “cake shake”. You are truly a goddess. Keep the videos coming, I’m sure there’s more of you come. 😍
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