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    This is a wonderful (and lengthy!) video that does an amazing job of showing off just how fantastic this gaining journey is going to be for all parties involved. It splendidly demonstrates just what this growth looks like with the clothes as comparisons and quite delightfully the effect it's having on her emotionally as well. There is such a beautiful passion in this that really stands out. Highly recommended. Thank you for everything!
    This was a great video. It really showed off just how special and fantastic this gaining journey has been. Her content covers a variety of interests from stuffings and embarrassing stories to empowerment and outgrown clothes, with this being a fine example of that last one. Her natural bright demeanor shines through and brightens your day. I hope to continue checking out great videos like this well into the future. Any which way, it's been a heck of a ride so far. Thank you.
    That was a wonderful little video. You are stunning and splendid, and your fun personality is on display as well. Thank you!
    You have a beautiful body, and it continues to become more and more so. I'd love to see you be able to get nice proper cameras for your videos as well. Keep it up!
    That was a fun and enticing video. It's always nice to see a beautiful body in movement. Thank you!
    You're as beautiful as always and I enjoyed the relaxed vibe of the video. It's wonderful news that you're feeling serious about taking these next steps in your journey, and that you're comfortable and confident moving forward. I enjoy these off the cuff videos as much as the more role play styled ones, but both are good fun, so just roll with whatever you feel like making moving forward! Thank you again for joining this community!
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