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  1. She looks cute with her chubby face
  2. I think anyone would kill for lucy. She is so attractive at any size it is ridiculous. It is very rare for a woman to keep an hour glass shape when she gains a lot of weight.
  3. The Devils Girlfriend Chapter 1 Introduction Sarah plopped herself down onto a cafeteria bench. It was towards the back where only a few people sat. In front of her was her plate overflowing with assorted food. Sarah pulled a book out of her purse and read it as she ate her meal absentmindedly. She loved reading especially fantasies because they differed from real life. Evil never triumphed and all that was ugly and gross lost. Beauty and goodness won in the end. How it should be in a fair world. Sarah shoved another forkful of mashed potatoes covered in gravy into her mouth. A burp escaped her lips before she quickly moved her hand to cover her lips. Her cherubic cheeks blushed bright pink. Some thin girls sitting two benches away giggled. Sarah pretended not to notice them going back to eating her meal and reading. It was the hobbit and bilbo had just found the ring in gollum's cave. Sarah heard the three girls whispering and casting hurried glances. She lifted her book up enough so that she just barely could see them but they couldn’t see her face as she listened intently. “Sarah has become such a pig,” Said the redhead on the right. “Remember when she came here freshman year? I swear she looked like a supermodel,” The brown haired girl on the right sneered. “Now she’s just a fat bitch no one wants to date.” Said the center one. She was a blond who was the most vain of the group. Sarah turned to her food shoving forkfuls of food into her mouth. They were right she had let herself go. When she came to the college she was 5’ 11” and a thin 115 pounds. She had every boy hitting on her from math in the morning to culinary at noon. Unfortunately she had indulged herself freshman year ballooning her figure. Freshman fifteen was more like the freshman 115. She was undeniably fat. Her belly sat generously on her thick thighs sticking out past her boobs. Now a Sophomore no boy had wanted her since her gain. A single tear slid down her cheek and rolled off her double chin. I just wish I could be loved again I would do anything to get that back. Sarah thought shoving more food into her mouth trying to lesson her emotional pain. A young man strode silently up to Sarah’s table and silently sat beside her. His presence unnoticed by the overfed beauty. He gingerly placed his hand on her wrist startling her into stare him directly in the face. He had a strong angular face pale like snow with curly blond hair framing piercingly bright blue eyes. “You looked miserable alone here Sarah, so I thought you could use some company.” He said in a soothing gentle voice. Sarah stared into his deep yet bright eyes filled with care for several seconds before finding her voice. “Thank you I-I just…” Sarah trailed off unable to express her thanks for company or her sadness. “Sorry, I don’t think we have met before.” “No need to apologize we haven't met before. That is unimportant currently, what is making you so sad?” “I’ve lost all my friends recently and I just want to be loved.” Sarah found it easy to open up to him as he was the first boy in months to even show sympathy for her. “Why?” The man asked tilting his head to the side. “Was it something that you said?” “Because…. Because of this!” Sarah said grabbing her gut jiggling it in her hands. “None of them had loved me for me just for my looks!” Another tear fell down her sweet face her eyes watering. The man stood up and gently cupped her chin with his right hand lifting her face up gently. He then wiped the tear from her face with his left.Illuminated from behind by the cafeteria light it gave the illusion of a halo circling his head. “I could help you, find love if you desired it.” The man said leaning to the side picking up a briefcase Sarah hadn’t noticed him carry over before. “You could do that for me?” “Anything you could desire I can help you with, I know many who would truly care about you, I know several wealthy people if wealth was desired, and some who could get rid of nuisances for you.” The man said glancing with a devilish smile over at the three cruel girls from earlier. “Oh no, I just want someone who cares for me like you nothing more.” Sarah said oblivious to his glance. The suitcase popped open with an audible click. The man pulled a piece of paper from it and a red pen. The paper was yellowed and old hard to read. “I can give you anyone whom cares for you just sign the paper.” He said slyly. Sarah paused as she grabbed her pen “What if I want you?” The man’s heavy brows raised in surprise, No one had ever done this before. “It can be done as long as I am in charge of you it can be arranged.” “Then that’s easy” Sarah said beginning to sign the bottom of the paper. The lettering was hard to read on it as it was worn by time. “ I will ask you this once and only once are you sure you wish to do this?” Said the man with concern stopping her hand before she could finish the last letter of her name. Sarah pondered for a moment. “ You are the only person to show me any kindness in a year I am positive I want this.” With this said she finished her last initial. The ink brightened for a split second before the man began to roll it up and place it back into the suitcase. Sarah realized something nearly jumping to her feet. “I almost forgot what’s your name?” Sarah asked. The man paused a moment then grinned looking at her. He walked around the table wrapped his hands around Sarah’s waist then whispered into her ear. “Lucifer the name is Lucifer.”
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