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    Great first video! I loved the outfit you wore and when you showed off your curves in essentially just your underwear after you were done eating. The mac and cheese looked great, you're right, you totally should've gotten a large! My only small gripes are I think the camera was a little up close to you the whole time, making it harder to appreciate your entire body. It's always great to see the belly up close, but further shots where we can see more of you are always more than welcome. Remember, it never hurts to moan or talk about how much you love the food, that takes a video from good to fantastic. Also, would love to see more of your face! If you put it in frame more or showed your eyes while eating, it truly adds a lot to the video. If it's a privacy thing and you'd just rather not, no worries, just my opinion that it always adds a lot to the video All in all, this first video of yours show's we can be expecting great stuff from you in the future!
  1. Wait, you're actually asking $15 for a 4 minute video in which you don't even show you face? HA. Not only do you not gain weight, you're extremely greedy and expect way too much for such a lame and short video. Extremely disappointing considering you used to be my favorite girl on curvage, now you really have no point being here. So, why are you still here?
    Wonderful, sexy video as always. Large amount of belly fondling, jiggly, and belly button play as expected. For only $4, this video is certainly worth your time. I only wish you spoke or moaned more in the video, tho I do appreciate that there's no loud background music to go along with the video. Will be keeping my eye out for future videos, as always!
    Extremely disappointing video. First time I've bought a clip from Dee and can now confidently say I never will again. This video is extremely boring and uneventful, they literally just sit behind a table and stare at the camera while they eat. You barely see their bellies, and they basically never interact with each other aside from basic small talk. Huge waste of potential, time, and money. Don't make my mistake, don't buy this lazy and boring video.
  2. You look simply stunning! Would you ever consider becoming a curvage model and creating curvage clips? You'd surely be great at it!
    Absolutely the hottest video you've posted yet. The way you devoured the cake and messily played with your belly, rubbing frosting all over. Moaning as you stuffed the cake into your face and reveled in being a truly greedy pig. Would love to see more like it, I've never bought a clip this fast before haha.
  3. Looking amazing! Can't wait to see what you'll look like at 150
  4. Wow you look fantastic! Keep it going girl
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