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  1. finally breaking through this plateau! i have a buttload of vids to upload here, haven’t had a chance to in a bit bc I’ve been so busy unpacking at the new house! Should I try to do one a day or just dump a couple on one day? i guess idk if it’s worth spacing them out or not ☺️😅
  2. update!! sorry it’s been a bit 😅 as per usual I have a ton of new clips to upload here just a matter of posting them 🥵 been busy unpacking bc my fiancé and I moved - we finally live together! moving cross country has been stressful tho and helping my kitty adjust to the new zone.. once everything settles down I’m sure the pounds will start piling on again 😍 I’m in the 270s - hit a plateau so I wanna try some fun challenges to break thru! i think I look fatter bc the weight is settling - my belly hangs lower, my face is rounder and my fat feels softer and squishier 🥰
  3. I really overdid it.. some friends were coming over for a party tomorrow so the house was stocked full of food. My fiancé went to work and I accidentally ate all of it!! I eat a lot of food super quick. 3 hours later, they come home to find me pinned down on the floor under my massive overstuffed gut, unable to move but still hungry?? My stomach growls LOUDLY (real, not SFX) before yielding a little burp.. I guess I’ll be stuck here digesting everything for awhile unless you forklift me upstairs ** uses practical effects


  4. Popstar Britney is all ready to shoot a music video for her new song “Toxic” but she’s been stuffing in between music videos and the fat is spilling out of her costume! They left a box of donuts in the green room for her and her staff, and she decides to eat them all (roleplay w/ some eating) while waiting to shoot her video and talking about her weight gain. What’s taking so long?!! Finally she finds out they replaced her w/ a smaller body double, oh well.. their loss! At least now she doesn’t have to worry about stuffing herself the whole rest of the day.


  5. I’m so excited about my new Halloween themed curvage clip 😍 POV - you feed me a whole family size tiramisu in under 10 minutes and play with my fat belly 💕









    1. Celandine


      'x'! 'X'! 'X'! Heheh. Always so fun, y'are.

  6. Your fat succubus demands more food for her growing belly! You feed her a whole tiramisu cake and rub her swollen belly as it jiggles and bounces with more and more swelling fat 💞 this is POV but the only dialogue is from me :3 I hope you guys enjoy!!


  7. A fat cyberpunk erotic dancer entertains your belly expansion fantasy.. she may not be fully human but her pudgy belly can stretch to accommodate a lot of air! She entices you with her growing curves, and brattily demands you pay up teasing that you might end up a part of her belly if you don’t! (This is not a vore clip, but there’s one line at the end with a vore undertone)


  8. Watch me and @Ero-hime struggle to squeeze into 2 extremely tight forever 21 dresses.. one is a large and the other is a medium! I think you’ll be shocked and amazed at how hot it is to watch two BBW besties help each other cram all their fat into the tightest dresses ever 💗


  9. hostage and force-fed!! 26 MINUTES of gluttony, near constant being stuffed, food shoved in my mouth while I’m tied up. My captors ( @Ero-hime & my fiancé) tease me and squeeze my fat reminding me they’ll keep me until I’m too fat to fit out the door. I get lost in the pleasure of the food and give up on being a skinny bimbo, and succumb to my fate as a fat cow 💜💞 I’m fed creamy pasta, egg rolls with avocado ranch, whipped cream, mini eclairs, cheesecake, and soda, sparkling water and tea.


  10. Me and TianasTummy both wanna gain a ton this year! We talk about the FATTENING time we spent together, our favorite meals, how getting fatter has affected our fitness, and our big feedee goals for the year while comparing and checking out each other’s fattening bodies and encouraging each other to get even bigger! Lots of laughs, belly jiggling and fatness all around!


  11. I dream about weighing twice as much as my fiancé which would make me about 340! And I’d probably round it up to 350 just for an even number 🥰 I wasn’t considering getting pregnant until I’m 29 or 30, so that gives me another almost year to hit my gaining goal, and even more time to gradually lose it in a healthy way (while still making fat content of course) until it’s time for pregnancy content!
  12. before and after doing a super messy force feeding with @Ero-hime and my fiancé, I got fed so much SO quickly! Also here’s some pics from my newest curvage video - POV speed feeding a bunch of tacos with pov belly play after 🥵💞 none of my newest videos have reviews - if any of y’all have bought one lately please rate and leave a little review (even super short!!) if I see some ratings on them tonight, I’ll upload a handful of screenshots from the actual feeding video.. it was hot as fuck, getting fed by 2 people, skinny to fat hostage/Stockholm syndrome roleplay, ate 5 different foods 🥵
  13. Exactly this!! I actually paid for my XL breast implants already and a Dr. is holding them for me. When I ordered them, I had just become a normal BMI (on the high end). I was in school full time and wanted to have my surgery after the end of the year but by the end of 2 semesters, I had lost too much weight to have enough skin to cover bigger implants if that makes sense, the skin around my implants felt really tight and thin. I was not doing so hot mentally, so I decided to wait on the surgery and kept paying off the medical loan. A couple years later and I start gaining again, right around the time I would have been ideal to get the surgery I met my fiancé and wanted to invest more time developing my relationship and making content, focusing on gaining weight full time. We’re long distance, so I flew to see them every month and the visits gradually got longer. 😅 i would still love to get bigger boobs, but im too fat for a surgeon to be able to safely perform the surgery (more fat - deeper layer to cut through - harder to heal). My best bet is to wait until i’m back around 170-190 lbs and then get the bigger implants! Losing weight will prob make them sag a bit so the fake boobs will look good 😊 I am super happy with my size and want to gain a lot more, but I also want to have kids someday and I want to be at a healthier (in the overweight range) weight to have a healthy pregnancy haha. For everyone who will tell me that it’s possible to be obese and have a baby - yes I know, but my body’s been through a lot and I don’t want to make the whole process any harder for me than it already will be. I’ll definitely gain during the pregnancy too haha!
  14. We actually made a stretchmark tour video together!! I can’t wait for you to see it when we upload it!!
  15. POV - I’m ravenous and you feed me 6 big tacos! I take massive bites, stuffing my mouth totally full and burping as I eat them as fast as I can. After I’ve eaten them all and chugged a huge can of tea, I let you rub my massive bloated gut.


  16. I’ll be posting that video w/ @bigbellybenni on here tomorrow! ^.^ in the meantime if any of y’all have seen any of my 4 most recent clips, it would be legend behavior to leave some short & sweet reviews! PS - that is a Porter Robinson tattoo ✨🥰
  17. @goodgirlgrow just got a big promotion in the office, so her bestie Reina decides to throw her a pizza party in Vegas! They chat about how much weight they’ve both gained in their office jobs, their snacking habits, and quickly become horny as they start eating the pizza and milkshakes. Stripping each other’s little shorts off, touching butts and boobs, kissing, squashing and feeding each other! After getting stuffed and burping from all the soda and pizza, they sit on the balcony for everyone to see and take sexy videos for Snapchat twerking and booty shaking, and making out while feeling each other’s curvy bodies.


  18. treat yourself this Sunday with a big, round fat gut to appreciate 😍🥰





    1. Wime


      You are so sexy!!

    2. peachysummers


      One of my biggest inspirations!!!  

    3. 2bitlover


       Christ 🥵

    4. Guest


      So fucking huge and round! 😍

  19. Nothing but belly (except for a bit when you can see my face) 😛 showing off how round and fat I am during a massive stuffing, after the stuffing, and then the morning after when my gut looks even fatter and my partner jiggles and plays with it 💞 this is pure belly worship - nothing but fat belly fetish for you to nut to 💦


  20. this clip is so hot!! me and Tiana try to guess what sexy feedee words we paint on each other with chocolate sauce and then lick them off, rub our chocolate covered butts together and make out (with hella tongue) 😋 if you love watching 2 feedees get wet and messy with each other this is the clip for you!! please leave a review if you enjoyed it 💞


  21. Happy vore day (8/8) 💜😋 I hope you guys love this new video of me & @Vore-acious !!







    1. Weightgaincheck


      DAMN! You got enormous! Not only did your face puff up like crazy, it seems like your whole frame is expanding to help hold all that soft wonderful fat

    2. faneo500


      More beautiful day by day

    3. Raddy768


      rate me 1-10

  22. Me and @Vore-acious torment a LOT of tiny men - squishing in cleavage, belly button, teeth crunching, squashing under our fat asses before we gulp them down. We know how to enjoy a meal of LOTS of tinies in the meanest way possible 💞💞 Please review after downloading - I read them all!! 🥰💞


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