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  1. If I release this video would anyone be interested? It’s almost 40 min 🥵🥵
    I love watching Ruby enjoy this big meal - she has such a gorgeous smile and I can tell she loves to stuff herself ❤️ the post meal cigarette is sexy too!! Also very hot how she takes up almost the whole frame of the camera - i know you will enjoy!!
  2. This clip is totally different than @Candii_Kayn’s fitting room video! shot on my iPhone 12 Pro in crisp HD with multiple angles to show our beautiful curves. First we try on matching tops from express - cute and feminine white blouses that hug our similarly sized chests! Then it’s time to swap jeans.. we try on each other’s pants and Candii’s reaction is priceless! I struggle a lot and it’s hopeless to fit into hers. Lastly we try on the same dress in 2 colors - me in the black dress and candii in the white dress and compare our gains - both dresses are so flattering and we look so hot! We both seem to outgrow our guesstimated size… you’ll have to buy this clip to see by how much! Lots of angles to show off our curves in these sexy dresses.
  3. I never posted these adorable pics of me and @Candii_Kayn 💕 I think we’ve both grown since this, what about you?
  4. 40 minute stuffing clip because every bite disappears into my belly on camera! A number of good burps in this one! Have you ever wanted to watch me gorge myself on a ridiculous amount of food or even feed me personally? This clip has BOTH for you! On camera, I devour 15 tacos (3 fish, 2 veggie, 10 steak) along with 1.5 big bottles of mexican coca-cola, a small bottled smoothie, and a bigger bottled smoothie! At the end, I felt like my belly was going to explode from fullness - it was packed HARD. First I devour the fish tacos, then move on to the carne asada (steak), showing my growing belly every few tacos I eat. This is pure stuffing and expansion in my shiny pink dress that rides up my huge gut as I eat. When I start getting full, I ask YOU to help keep filling me - POV stuffing experience! I look into your eyes while taking huge bites of tacos and washing them down with smoothie. Belly is getting huge. I eat 2 veggie tacos, then you feed me the last steak taco. I started with 19 tacos and considering how OVERFILLED they are, I am proud of myself for doing 15! Maybe I can have even more next time. My stomach is bulging out waaay past my tits and ribs at the end, it's been so long since I've been this full! Please leave a review if you enjoyed this huge stuffing!
  5. image.thumb.jpeg.5f6eab2d0f05a8f0bee793ee3ba6c868.jpegnew clip coming out tomorrow! a 40 min huge stuffing because i had to eat it all on camera.. plus lots of full sugar coca cola, and 2 smoothies! who's excited - show of hands! 


  6. Last day to get this clip for the sale price!! ❤️ 

  7. Intro sale price is $7.99 for first 48 hours! Then price will go up to $9.99 💕 this dress is well-known and a crowd favorite because it’s a size LARGE and I first bought it when I was around 150 lbs. now at over 270 lbs (in this video - I weigh even more now!) @kellijellibelli helps me squeeze into it and it is impossibly tight - in fact so tight that last time I wore it, I had to CUT HOLES in the fabric and cut off the sleeves just so I could move my arms and breathe. 🤣 we struggle with the dress for awhile, trying to get it to stretch over my voluptuous belly, hips and ass. Finally when it’s as on as it can be, Kelli lifts and admires how the dress lifts and supports all my fat. It looks amazing even though I can barely move!! Finally Kelli helps release me from the prison of the black dress - freeing all my fat to jiggle and bounce once more 💕
  8. 4XL belly squeezed into a Large dress - it was almost impossible but thanks to @kellijellibelli we pulled it off 😍
  9. I would love to read some reviews of my recent clips!! and I think i'm overdue for a curvage weigh in and measurements ❤️
  10. just had some scarring removed! unfortunately the removal left an even worse scar :s but I hope it will fade in time
  11. INTRO SALE: $14.99 for the next 48 hours then price will go up to $23.99! As part of my stuffing week challenges, I wanted to see how long it would take me to eat 6 hot dogs with mustard, mayo and relish from Sonic! I wash them down with Pepsi and there’s 3 big burps (at least, and a handful of smaller ones)❣️ after the first couple I start eating them 2 AT A TIME taking huge bites - it’s really hot! After a few have been gulped down, POV you give me belly rubs and play with my belly button to make me hungry again and even though they cool off and the texture is slowly not as great, I can’t help but finish a big meal so I let my gut out (about halfway) and keep going until all that’s left is a crumb of bun. I stand up and show how much my belly has grown in size from that big meal!
  12. Which burp face is your favorite? ❤️‍🔥 all burps are from either my latest big pizza stuffing clip or a BRAND NEW hot dog stuffing clip that comes out tomorrow!
  13. I rapid gained again and I’m gonna be posting a new weigh in soon 🤭 long story short I picked a really unfortunate week to do my stuffing 7 day rapid gain challenge.. I still ended up gaining a ton and I look visibly fatter but yesterday my kitty of 10 years who I adopted with my ex passed away, I was taking care of her because she was very very sick and needed special care while he was out of town and she passed the day he was flying home. despite the grief of losing our sweet girl and my family’s dog/my childhood pet passing last week (both these animals had cancer) I’ve been doing my damn best to just keep my head down and focus on work while I heal. Had to take a mental health day yesterday. there are gonna be 6 or 7 new clips from the stuffing week that I’ll be uploading here - the first 3 are already out! I also have 2 huge solo stuffings to upload here and a boatload of collabs. Basically be patient w/ me because I’m going through a LOT but I will deliver on the fat hottie goods!
  14. This clip is part of a week-long stuffing food challenge! Discounted so you can see my rapid weight gain with every challenge day 💞 Are you a fan of big, LOUD and interrupting burps? I really let them rip in this one! I can’t help myself, eating so much pizza makes me SO gassy. I was so ravenous all day that I couldn’t wait until filming to feed this greedy gut, so I already ate two slices before filming. I waste no time scarfing down another 3 slices in this clip, deep dish is my favorite!! 5 slices of pizza and a lot of soda end up making me super burpy. There’s some LOUD ones mid-speaking, I sound like such a fat pig! I end up finishing the pizza off-camera and showing you all the aftermath of my tight, MASSIVE belly stuffed with all that food and drink. Thousands of calories for me to digest down into more curves for you all to enjoy! heres days 1 and 2!
  15. Day 2 of my weight gain challenge week! Clip is discounted so you can afford to watch all the challenge updates and the big weigh in at the end 🥰🥳 Ever wondered how fast I can stuff Big Mac burgers into my growing BBW belly? The answer is a lot faster than I thought! Compare the time with my Kawakami cosplay burger stuffing where I eat the same amount - my appetite has grown with my belly and I aggressively devour the first 2 burgers in record time, dropping food on my tits and getting sauce on my face and burping like a pig. There may even be some audible stomach gurgles and groans in this one if you listen close! We heard them so the mic probably did too 😳 I eat the third burger a little slower so I can keep all the food in my belly and not get nauseous. I show off all the empty boxes at the end, satisfied and visibly rounder and bigger. There’s no cuts in this video! I really devour it all. Watch day 1 of my weight gain challenge here:
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