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  1. crazy how gaining weight is almost infinitely easier to do by accident.. in the week leading up to thanksgiving break, I put on 5 lbs (final exams are approaching and i'm a stress eater). over thanksgiving break I managed to gain almost an additional 11 lbs (10.8 to be exact) and ALL of the weight stuck to my belly, thighs and face. 

    i filmed a weight reveal video where I talk all about how someone "accidentally" gains 15 lbs in less than a month, and I try on two pairs of jeans that fit me only 2 weeks ago! I also talk about what the rest of the month has in store for me, future videos and more. 

    before all the comments come, i do not have plans to intentionally gain more weight. if it happens doing the occasional food challenge video that would be neat! as you can see I gain super easily :'D 

    in 2 days I have an all day stuffing planned with a friend, and I will be filming part of it! but nothing else for the rest of the month besides christmas. open to whatever the future holds I guess~



    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. reiinapop


      @ButtonBuster ice cream mostly!! :P 

    3. berserker1


      Dont worry, I know you wont, but, ma'am! It would be so fucking incredible if you start gaining again. We can always dream, right?

      Glad to ser you doing great

    4. user2012


      15 lbs!! Wow you are the champ. And christmas yet to come.😍

    5. brock.9000


      You got my support if you gain again baby

    6. WGCompilationVideos


      This is awesome to see! It's good that you're not compromising your health to go through the same process as before, but seeing you with even a little bit of extra weight is always a treat.

      I'm kind of curious if you'll intentionally lose the weight or just see what happens naturally. Whichever choice you make, you're bound to look great doing it.

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